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GYV Mesoamerican Beauty Hand Creams & Candles are Obsession-Worthy

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I am so thrilled to have discovered GYV Mesoamerican Beauty, a breathtakingly beautiful cruelty-free brand, that creates the most divine self-care products that indulge the spirit and the senses. GYV's delectably aromatic candles and hand creams, which celebrate Mesoamerican culture and heritage, are intended to make you feel good and to enhance and refresh your physical environment. Founded by a husband and wife team, they donate a portion of their proceeds of every purchase to charity. Learn more HERE.

(verb \ˆgiv\)

GYV is about more than just giving, it is more than a verb, more than an acronym.

The sophistication and strength of the Mesoamerican culture are infused into every luxurious fragrance and personal care product designed by GYV Mesoamerican Beauty. Our company’s mission is to celebrate the rich history of the land, spanning from Central America to Mexico, by showcasing the voices, scents, flavors, and places of this historic region. Mesoamerica is the cradle of civilization in the Americas, and the rich culture continues to flourish in the 21st century. The deeply rooted knowledge of the ingredients that define Mesoamerica has flourished for centuries, and GYV is here to share that beautiful story with the rest of the world through our diverse line of proprietary formulas.

The inspiration for the name GYV is simple: Gabrielle y Victor, my daughter, and my son. When you read GYV out loud, it sounds like give, the perfect word to inspire positive change in our families, our communities, and the world. To us, GYV is more than just a name. We want our brand to inspire people to GYV love to the people who feel forgotten, hope to those who are too afraid to dream, and freedom to those who feel confined by their circumstances. We want to JUST GYV to make a difference in the hearts of people across the globe.

GYV Love, GYV Hope, GYV Freedom.  JUST GYV
How it all began:

The inspiration for GYV came to me on one sunny afternoon while I was enjoying a Raspado de Mango, a sweet, tangy treat of shaved ice with mango, lime, and a hint of chile.  At that moment, I reflected on how the flavors and fragrances that are so prevalent in my life have become global trends, disconnected from the people and land that first cultivated them in Mesoamerica.  Ingredients like vainilla, maìz, and calabaza are sold in products across the globe but are only known as vanilla, corn, and pumpkin, with little or no mention of their origin.  

I started thinking about my experience in beauty, personal care, and fragrance, and how Mesoamerican staples are key ingredients in today’s formulas.  After taking a closer look at the industry, it was disheartening to realize that the staples that our ancestors used to create entire civilizations were being blended into products that are no longer relatable to the very cultures that introduced them.  

GYV strives to be a prestige brand for all.  We want everyone to reap the benefits of the lush botanical ingredients born from Mesoamerica and to collectively celebrate the history of the cultures who introduced these rich ingredients to the world.
- Horacio Portillo, Founder
GYV Agua Fresca Papaya Scented Candle ($28.00 for 6 oz. from GYV): GYV partnered with five Latin graphic designers worldwide to create the Aqua Fresca Candles that benefit a non-profit of the artists choice. Each of these 5 candles has a different fragrance, gorgeous packaging created by a different artist, and benefits a different organization.
The Papaya Candle is quite possibly the loveliest permutation of papaya in which I have indulged. The papaya is tempered by the spiciness of the black currant, with a hint of raspberry, and warmed up by the vanilla. It is a true treat to the senses. When lit, this gorgeous candle fills the room with its beautiful aroma, and it creates a sense of wellbeing. The stunning glass vessel, in which the candle is housed, is elegant and ethereal, and it will be a keepsake to hold makeup brushes or pens and pencils long after I have finished enjoying the candle.
  • Scent Notes: Papaya, Raspberry, Vainilla, Grosella (Black Currant)
  • Artist: Fiorella Martinez
  • Organization: Cuidando a las que nos cuidan
  • Wax: Coconut natural blend
  • Burn Time: Approximately 40-50 hours
  • GYV Mesoamerican Beauty Jamaica Hand Cream ($25.00 for 3.5 oz. from GYV): This beautiifully aromatic hand cream is nourishing and ultra-hydrating. It is lightweight and emollient and it melts into the skin leaving it soft, smooth and luminous. The scent is a luscious amalgam of Orange, Oaxacan Pineapple, Guava, Hibiscus flower, Caramel and Oak Moss. It is neither too sweet, nor woodsy, but instead it is a perfect balance of notes.  
    According to GYV,

    Rich in moisturizing botanicals using our proprietary formula and our signature fragrance Jamaica to leave your hands feeling beautifully soft and smooth.
    Our four-staples enriched hand cream leaves your hands feeling softer and smoother after each use. Jamaica, pays homage to one of our favorite agua fresca. This scent is a luxurious mix of Orange, Oaxacan Pineapple, Guava, Hibiscus flower, Caramel and Oak Moss.
    Directions: Apply a small amount to hands, and massage into hands until fully absorbed. Reapply as required throughout the day.                

    This cream is Paraben Free, No testing on animals was done.
    Overall Assessment: GYV Mesoamerican Beauty is an extraordinary discovery for me, and their products need to be on your wishlist! 

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    1. You're not kidding! Every piece is gorgeous! I am especially drawn to the papaya candle and it's eye-catching packaging! This is gift-worthy as well as a wonderful treat for me!

      1. These are seriously gorgeous! You are so right that they are gift-worthy, and definitely wonderful treat for oneself!

    2. That hand cream sounds divine! Everything about it appealing!!

      1. It truly is divine, Claudia! The candle is amazing as well! I am so happy to have discovered their products!

    3. I’d love to get that papaya candle! I’m sure it smells so good.

      1. The candle smells absolutely heavenly! I really think that you would love it!


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