Friday, June 24, 2022

OSD BEAUTY Body Scrubs and Body Mitt for Perfect Exfoliation

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As you all know, I am a big fan of exfoliation, and body scrubs are a regular part of my shower routine. I only tend to exfoliate my body once a week, and one of the key benefits of removing excess dead skin cells is that it allows your moisturizers and serums to sink in more easily and you can use less product. I just discovered a new-to-me-brand, OSD BEAUTY, and they make wonderful body scrubs and a very effective exfoliating body mitt.
OSD Beauty Exfoliating Mitt ($6.50 from OSD Beauty): This exfoliating mitt can either be paired with their body scrubs or used with your favorite soaps and body washes. I personally use it with my body washes since I think that their scrubs effectively exfoliate my skin, and the mitt simply isn't necessary. This mitt, which is two-sided (micro-fiber on one side and the exfoliating fiber side on the other), is highly effective in its ability to clean and exfoliate the skin.

According to OSD Beauty,

Our exfoliating glove gently scrubs away dead skin cells revealing soft, smooth, and beautiful skin. Pair with one of our body scrubs for an experience like no other! 

If you only need a gentle cleanse, use the micro-fiber side. Need a deeper cleanse that day, go for the exfoliating side!


Get ready for more sunny days and all your beach trips with the luxurious body scrubs from OSD Beauty! Created with simple self-care in mind by the founders of Icon Swim, OSD Beauty empowers you to feel good in every way. By giving you the tools to pamper yourself and give your body gentle and loving attention, you’ll start to feel good inside and out. “OSD” stands for “Only Skin Deep” and is the core of what this beauty brand is all about. OSD encourages all women to also believe in an all-encompassing beauty and not just a superficial or subjective one. By taking care of your outer beauty in a way that feels good, you’ll also be giving care to your emotional and mental health too.

OSD Beauty Coconut Body Scrub ($24.00 for 9.87 oz. from OSD Beauty): This deliciously tropical scented body scrub is filled with Maris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), and it effectively and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. This hydrating scrub rinses clean, and neither leaves an oily residue on the skin, nor on the floor of the shower. Skin is left soft, smooth and supple.

According to OSD Beauty,

Coconut body scrub exfoliates your skin, promoting better metabolism, and cell regeneration. Coconut rich in antioxidants moisturizes dry skin and helps keep skin flexible.

Calendula and other plant extracts promote skin tightness, which reduces day-to-day damage, and it increases hydration within the skin which soothe the look of skin. Gently exfoliate, removing dry and dead skin cells while promoting fresh, healthier, and younger looking skin.

OSD Beauty Blueberry Body Scrub ($24.00 for 9.87 oz. from OSD Beauty): Like the Coconut Body Scrub, this body scrub is filled with Maris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), and it effectively and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. The lusciously lavender scented scrub is hydrating scrub, and it also rinses clean, and without an oily residue on the skin, or on the floor of the shower. Skin is left soft, smooth and supple.

According to OSD,

Our Blueberry Body Scrub has an invigorating mix of sea salt and nourishing oils to boost skin luminosity and smoothness. Antioxidant-rich blueberries can help soothe damaging inflammation, preserve skin health, and prevent the signs of skin aging.

The rich, precious oils such as blueberry seed oil and jojoba oil make it perfect to nourish and soften skin. Leaves your body looking and feeling younger and fresher than ever before.

Overall Assessment: What a lovely way to exfoliate my body!

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