Friday, April 22, 2022

Demeter Fragrance Library Rice Flower & Watermelon Blossom Cologne Sprays

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DEMETER Fragrance Library Cologne Sprays are affordable, fun and come in a wide array of scents that are sure to find a wide audience. DEMETER Fragrance Library Rice Flower & Watermelon Blossom Cologne Sprays are the two scents that I have, and they are perfect for the season. Both smell like, and allude to, being outdoors in the spring and summer months. The former smells like a walk through a meadow on a warm day, and it captures woodsy and spicy aromas. The latter, is a sweet fruity floral that smells like the feeling evoked by a warm summer freeze filled with fruity floral aromas.

Demeter Fragrance products are available as cologne sprays, atmosphere diffusers, bath & body oils, shower gels as well as body lotions and start at just $5.50.
Demeter Rice Flower is described as, "Crisp and clean, yet warm and inviting, this is the rice accord you have been waiting for. Laid on a bed of oak moss, embellished with exotic spices and herbs, this is wearable 24/7/365. It is hard to describe in terms that we are comfortable with at Demeter, because there is nothing quite like it..."

Demeter Watermelon Blossom is described as "..the freshest, most perfect watermelon, on a perfect summer’s day, and you can imagine the opening notes of Watermelon Blossom. That should be enough to make you smile, but because Watermelon Blossom is an Imaginary Flower, the perfect watermelon on the perfect summer’s day is not enough. It is just the start."

Overall Assessment: These are just two of many lovely and fun scents by Demeter, and it is even better that they are affordable!

From $4.95-$36.00 for .17oz. to 3.4 oz. from Demeter and their Amazon Store. (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved.


  1. They both sound delightful! Perfect for right now

    1. They are delightful, and perfect for the warm weather, Allison!

  2. These sound absolutely wonderful! I would love to add a fun scent by Demeter to my collection. Thanks for letting us know about cool stuff - Angie,

    1. I really like these fragrances, and they are both perfect for the warm weather! It's also nice that they are quite affordable!


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