Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Holiday Shopping Amid Supply Chain Problems: Things to Consider

If you have been stressing out about holiday shopping amid the current serious supply chain issues, and have been trying to figure out how to make a meaningful holiday this year, here are a few things that I have been thinking about as the holiday season is rapidly approaching. 

1) Consider making this a far less commercial and gift-oriented holiday. This is the first year that many people will be having family gatherings for the holidays because of the pandemic, and my guess is most of them will care less about presents and more about seeing the people they love in-person.

2) Buy less, but if you are shopping online consider shopping really early. Retailers and e-tailers are anticipating long delays, and really popular items may not arrive until after the holidays. If you are trying to buy this year's it-toys, for instance, then order them early. Less popular items will be more widely available.

3) Shop locally. This way you can support your local businesses and economy, and you don't have to worry about the gifts arriving on time.

4) Instead of purchasing things, purchase or create experiences. Making memories that last a very long time can easily be achieved if you buy tickets to a museum exhibition, concert, play, musical etc. That way you can spend the day with your loved one and treat them to something that they might not do for themselves.

5) Purchase a subscription or membership. If you know this person would love a subscription to the New York Times, Spotify, Netflix, to a museum etc., then this is the type of gift that they can enjoy all year long.

6) DIY gifts. Making DIY gifts can be a very thoughtful and meaningful way to give gifts. It can be expensive, but there are also affordable ways to make things that the people on your list will enjoy.

7) Gift Cards. I usually don't buy them because they aren't very personal, but truth be told a lot of recipients prefer them since they can get just what they want or need.

What ideas do you have for your holiday gift-giving this year?


  1. Great tips! I try to shop early when I can to avoid shipping delays and products going out of stock.

    1. Thanks, Anastasia! It will definitely pay off to shop early this year because of all of the shipping delays!


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