Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Staying Grounded in Precarious Times

The other day I was feeling pretty stressed out between work and the Covid-19 spikes that are currently wreaking havoc worldwide. I do what I can to stay grounded, but a few days ago the most simple act delivered extraordinary results. I was sitting outside enjoying the lovely weather, and I decided to lie down under a huge Jacaranda tree and watch the birds and squirrels. This simple act put me in a meditative state and radically reduced my stress, and gave me an overall sense of wellbeing. Sometimes a very small act delivers such tangible results, and it can really put things into perspective. What do you do to stay grounded these days?


  1. Jacaranda trees are one of my favorite things about Los Angeles. How lucky you are to have one in your yard! Typically, I would be jogging or hiking to reduce my stress level but my fractured metatarsals are still not healed, so I have been baking braided round challot for Rosh Hashona!

    1. I love Jacaranda trees too, Allison. This is not in my yard, but we are actually thinking about planting one! I hope that your fractured metatarsals heal soon so that you can get back to jogging and hiking, but baking is a great stress reliever too!


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