Thursday, September 30, 2021

September Empties 2021

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I somehow thought that I would have used up more products in September, but it has been a long and stressful month at work, and I have been a bit too tired and overworked to do much in the way of pampering. I managed to finish up a couple of facial sprays, but the remainder of the products were related to washing, sanitizing and moisturizing my hands.

Here is what I manages to finish in September:

Farmhouse Fresh Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic ($36.00 for 3.5 oz. from Farmhouse Fresh): is an alcohol-free facial tonic with, "an instant natural filter effect that makes pores appear as if they never existed at all." Additionally, this antioxidant-rich tonic remarkably boosts the moisture content of the skin, smooths it, and provides "vital nourishment from aronia berries." I love using facial mists, and this one is not only incredibly refreshing, and appropriate to use when I need a little pick-me-up, but it also does an enviable job setting my makeup during the day, or enhancing the absorption of my face oils a face creams during the morning and evening. It is soothing and such a pleasure to use, and the delectable berry aroma is such a treat to the senses. Purchase Again? While I thoroughly enjoyed this, and would happily use it again, it will be quite a while before I need to purchase any more products of this sort.

This beautiful toner, which contains distilled water and Rose Flower Oil, hydrates and nourishes the skin and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. The fine mist, which has the most delectable rose aroma, refreshes the skin and leaves it dewy and luminous. This spray also can be used to help set your makeup, and when refrigerated it gives skin a nice pick-me-up throughout the day! Purchase Again? I think that I have one unopened bottle left!
Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Sanitizer Sea Salt Rose ($12.00 from Spongellé): Rather than drying out the hands, as many hand sanitizers do, this one moisturizes and protects the skin as it kills germs with its 70% alcohol formulation. Vitamin E and Glycerine moisturize and protect the skin, while the complex rose aroma delights the senses, and these are such uncustomary attributes for a hand sanitizer. It has a wonderful light gel consistency that melts into the skin immediately– leaving behind a truly lovely veil of fragrance. Purchase Again? ABSOLUTELY!

Molton Brown Comice Pear & Wild Honey Hand Cream: Molton Brown is unquestionably one of my favorite luxury body care brands, and their hand creams have long ranked among my all-time favorites. Their limited edition Comice Pear & Wild Honey Hand Cream has an utterly delectable aroma of honeyed pears that is otherworldly, and perfect for the season. The nourishing formula deeply moisturizes, conditions and soothes dry skin– leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Purchase Again? I would, but it is no longer available since it was limited edition.

Baylis & Harding Elements Hand Washes are new gorgeously aromatic hand soaps that are sumptuous, luxurious and incredibly affordable. At a mere $3.97 for 16.9 oz. bottles, you will feel as though you are using extremely pricy luxe soaps that should be reserved for only the most special occasions. Each Hand Wash has a complex fragrance profile, and each one is striking and lovely. The formula thoroughly cleans the skin without ever stripping it, and the aroma delights the senses.

Baylis & Harding Fresh Lemon and Mint Luxury Hand Wash ($3.97 for 16.9 oz. from Walmart): "This citrus herbal creation features orange, lemon and lime in the top and leads to orange flower, basil and fresh herbal accords. This luxurious hand wash will leave your hands feeling invigorated and beautifully fragranced." Purchase Again? Without a doubt!

Baylis & Harding Dark Amber & Fig Luxury Hand Wash ($3.97 for 16.9 oz. from Walmart): "A blend of deep amber, cedar and fig notes infused with nourishing Vitamin E. This luxurious hand wash will leave your hands feeling invigorated and beautifully fragranced." Purchase Again? Absolutely!

Overall Assessment: Not an impressive month for skincare product use, but I definitely finished up lots of products to keep my hands clean, sanitized and moisturized! What did you use up, toss out, give away or return in September? Any great finds, or total duds to report?

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  1. You still finished a good amount of products and they are all winners. Great job.

    1. Thanks, Marcia! I definitely didn't use up much in the way of skincare though!

  2. Well done finishing all of these! I love Baylis & Harding!

    1. Thanks, Anastasia! I really LOVE Baylis & Harding as well. Their products are so amazing, and they are unbelievably affordable!


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