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IKARIA Beauty Ageless Beauty Balm Review

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IKARIA Beauty Ageless Beauty Balm is a recent discovery that I am very excited to share with you. IKARIA Beauty is a cruelty-free brand that I have just started exploring, and this product is so impressive that I decided to share it first. 

About IKARIA Beauty,

The Greek island of Ikaria is a fascinating place where people remain youthful, active, and vivacious well beyond their years — and living past 100 is considered perfectly normal.

The secret to their longevity is believed to stem from their clean lifestyle, natural diet, and holistic approach to both beauty and wellness.

So now, we harness these same principles into every formula we develop, to make the age-defying power of Mediterranean living available to people all around the world…. To learn all about the founder, Debbie Matenopoulos, click HERE.

IKARIA Beauty Ageless Beauty Balm is an extraordinarily lightweight antioxidant-rich balm that is formulated to plump the skin while simultaneously offering it luscious all-day hydration. Additionally, skin is left soft, smooth and nourished. I like to apply it to warm and freshly cleansed skin that is still a little damp, and it just melts into the skin in the most delightful way. It doesn't have a strong scent, but instead a very faint aroma that leans herbal because of the ingredients, not artificial fragrances.

Claims and Benefits:

- Helps make skin feel youthfully plump

- Provides long-lasting hydration

- “Fills” the look of fine lines

- Helps defend against environmental damage

According to IKARIA Beauty,

This weightless 'plumping' balm helps visibly diminish the look of wrinkles, volumize skin’s appearance, and promote firmer, more contoured-looking features. Think of it as a supportive topical ‘base’ for your face.

Ageless Beauty Balm is a highly versatile product that can be used alone, or layered over thinner skincare products, such as serums and facial oils. You can also apply makeup and SPF products overtop to complete your look.

To get started, simply warm a small amount between your fingers and smooth it onto your face using upward and outward strokes, like you would a moisturizer — then gently press or pat it into your skin with your fingertips to help its ingredients penetrate even deeper.

Directions: Ageless Beauty Balm can be applied directly to clean skin, or overtop other skincare products (such as serums). For maximum anti-aging effects, use AM and PM daily. Warm a dime-sized amount between your fingers and smooth evenly over your face using upward and outward strokes. Finish by gently “pressing” the product into your skin for optimal absorption.

Key Ingredients:

Holy Basil - One of nature’s most potent antioxidant sources, Holy Basil helps your skin combat signs of premature aging and environmental damage, while enhancing your skin’s youthful-looking radiance.

Volpura EP - Made from natural Purple Coneflower extract, this breakthrough volumizing compound helps visibly plump and contour skin’s appearance to give your face a more sculpted look.

Royal Jelly - Known for its rejuvenating blend of vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals, this luxurious ingredient acts as a topical “wrinkle filler,” helps support the skin’s protective barrier, and promotes firmer and, more lifted-looking skin.

Olive Oil + Honey Complex - This ultra-hydrating duo helps boost dermal moisture and elasticity, to give skin a youthfully “springy” feel, smooth appearance, and luminous, healthy glow.

Overall Assessment: This is a really lovely beauty balm that is worthy of your consideration. I have no doubt that I will make a sizable dent in this jar this fall and winter.

$89.00 for 1.7 oz. from IKARIA Beauty (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.


  1. It's sounds divine for dry skin. How lovely!

    1. It really is a lovely balm, Allison! I have only tried two of their products so far, but I really like them both a lot. I definitely want to try more from this brand!

  2. This is a great cool weather moisturizer. Very rich without being too thick.

    1. It really is, Marcia! Given that you have cold winters in Michigan, I imagine that you will get a lot of use from this!

  3. Extremely impractical-thick and greasy--stains bedsheets and too sticky be worn under makeup--Very disappointed. Product is misrepresented--this is not lightweight!

    1. It doesn't sound as though you had a good experience with your jar. I wonder if your jar had changed consistency, or had gone bad before you received it. Mine is lightweight and it melts into the skin. It isn't too thick, and it doesn't leave a stain on my sheets. I also use a very tiny amount and then warm it into my hands before pressing into my freshly washed skin. It even works better if my skin is still warm and a little damp. I do this with face oils and balms, and it really works beautifully. If there is something wrong with your jar, you should contact the company directly. Perhaps they will replace yours.

  4. Horrible cream, very heavy, does not absorb well into your skin leaving your face oily… Also 90 days money back guarantee…Not true they start counting from the day they ship the product, so it is not 90 days… How about if the mail is backed up and it takes 6 to 10 days to get to you… It my case I am stuck with a cream that I will not be using… Very disappointed and dissatisfied with the company and the product..

    1. It really sounds as though you had a horrible experience with the cream itself, and then with the company when you tried to return it. If this had happened to me, I would contact them again and say that you tried to return it within the time frame, but that it's not fair for them to include the shipping time. I used up this balm long ago, and no longer have any left, but I had a very different experience with my jar. I didn't use it as a cream, but as a balm since it is a balm instead of a cream. I warmed up a tiny amount in my hands and then massaged it into my skin. It melted into my skin and it didn't leave behind a greasy or oily residue. I use this method with all balms and face oils, and it works even better if skin is skin slightly damp and warm after washing the face. I hope that you are able to resolve this issue with them and get a refund.


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