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Boxwalla October Beauty Box: When Time Stood Still Featuring Lepaar

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Boxwalla's eco-luxe beauty boxes are an extraordinary value, and the products themselves are nothing short of spectacular. Their carefully curated cruelty-free green beauty boxes are a tremendous value, with steep discounts, and they feature truly covet-worthy luxurious, and sustainably crafted beauty products. 

The October Beauty BoxWhen Time Stood Still Featuring Lepaar, costs $49.95: A Beauty Box for the luxury loving skincare nerd, this box lets you experience the most effective and exquisite beauty products that harness the potency of plant-based ingredients. 

The October Beauty Box contains two full-sized products from the Australian brand Lepaar. October Subscriptions are currently open and will close on October 25 (or when we sell out, whichever happens first).

- Bi-Monthly Delivery
- Free U.S. Shipping
- Effective Plant-based Ingredients
- Always Cruelty-Free

The Boxwalla October Beauty Box is themed: When Time Stood Still The box contains three products (2 full size. From Lepaar Skincare  with a retail value of $187.00.

About the October Beauty Box,

In the October Beauty Box, themed, 'When Time Stood Still, we showcase the cult-favorite Australian brand Lepaar, with three exquisite products that complement each other to smooth, firm, protect from free radical damage, & brighten the skin.

Lepaar was founded by Johanna & Christo Everingham. Johanna was introduced to organic cosmetic crafting from her alchemist mother, and has been making her own compositions for over 20 years. Johanna & Christo combine their shared passion for exceptional quality & the revival of nurturing practices & lost widsom, to create ‘living objects’ be they skincare, clothing or even garden hoses. Their skincare line exemplifies the magic of slow whole-plant beauty.

The October Beauty Box Includes ($187.00 retail value):
Lepaar Summer Wine Even Tone Antioxidant Shield ($62.00)
Lepaar Smooth Operator Unfolding Balsam ($62.50)
Lepaar Elastic Love Firming Face & Neck Oil ($62.50)

Lepaar Elastic Love Firming Face & Neck Oil ($62.50): This lovely face and neck oil is lightweight and fast absorbing and it tones, tightens and hydrates the skin leaving it soft, smooth and luminous. It has the delectable scent of berries, and it includes nourishing ingredients such as quince fruit extract, kangaroo flower extract, artichoke, bamboo & horsetail extracts that tone, tighten & strengthen skin. Tip: This oil-based serum layers with both Summer Wine and Smooth Operator, but it can be used alone.

According to Lepaar,

Juicy tension and lingering affirmation come knocking with this sparkly oil that rapidly tightens, powers up tensile strength, and bestows buoyant resilience – especially on neck and around jowls.

This composition is reminder to myself of the tender strength and infinite elasticity of love between people near and far. A reminder, too, of love’s resilience and beauty in the face of separation, loss and time. And it is also an invitation to travel with me through time and space: from our garden in Kangaroo Valley where the Kangaroo Paw Flower, Artichoke, Red Clover and Quince grows, to the European Summer gardens of my childhood picking Black currants and Blackberries, and on to places I long to go. Time is elastic.

ELASTIC LOVE symbolizes the invisible ties that forever connect the hearts and souls of lovers, family and friends, the magic glue that holds us together, forever. ZERO ESSENTIAL OILS.
Ingredients and Their Attributes:

EVENING PRIMROSE*: Helps improve skin texture + elasticity. Deeply hydrates. Antioxidant.

KALAHARI MELON*: Restores elasticity. Balances sebum + treats blemishes. Soothes inflammation.

BLACK CURRANT*: Tightens + increases elasticity. Rejuvenates mature, sagging skin. Deeply hydrates.

PEQUI^: Recovers elasticity. Evens complexion, fades spots. Deep hydration.

QUINCE**^: Tones, tightens + strengthens structural integrity. Stimulates metabolism + circulation. Optimizes PH balance.

KANGAROO PAW^: Rapidly tightens +restore elasticity. Replenishes moisture. Strengthens barrier function + stimulates metabolism.

RED CLOVER^: Increases and maintains collagen. Improves thickness and elasticity.
Stimulates lymphatic flow.

PRICKLY PEAR: Restores elasticity. Refines skin surface. Brightens + evens complexion.

BAMBOO*: Improves elasticity. Antioxidant. Maintains collagen.

RICE: Maintains collagen. Evens complexion. Antioxidant.

HORSETAIL^. Maintains collagen. Improves texture. Tightens + minimizes pores.

ARTICHOKE^: Improves elasticity. Softens fine lines. Prevents photo-aging.

OLIVE**: Cell regeneration. Antioxidant. Maintains moisture + elasticity.

VANILLA*: Neutralizes free radicals. Cell regeneration. Antioxidant.

SAFFRON*: Increases oxygen flow, Neuro-protective. Antioxidant.

MYRRH*: Rejuvenates. Fades pigmentation. Heals wounds + hearts.

FRANKINCENSE*: Tones + firms. Fades pigmentation. Lifts anxiety. 

24 KARAT GOLD: Improves circulation. Boosts collagen integrity. Receives sun energy, grounds intentions.

*Certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted “non-nano.

Directions: Use daily or alternate with any other composition from the KAIROS collection. Massage a small amount into still damp face and neck every morning. Layer under PRECIOUS FACE ELIXIR and/or ELEMENTAL DAY SILK. Boxwalla Tip: Cleanse, Mist, water-based serum, 2 drops of Smooth Operator (or Summer Wine) and 2 drops of Elastic Love. Optional: seal in with a cream (I typically use cream over an oil  serum as the oil serums I showcase tend to be light and not really occlusive, but you can try oil over cream as well, if you prefer).
Lepaar Summer Wine Even Tone Antioxidant Shield ($62): This is an antioxidant rich oil-based serum, which is made from leftover grapes from the wine-making process, and therefore it is very rich in resveratrol. It is lightweight and it melts into the skin leaving it soft, smooth, supple, luminous and lusciously hydrated. It has a light fruity aroma that is a treat to the senses.

According to Lepaar,

Hours spend gardening under the sun, late nights sipping natural wine under the stars – this antioxidant cocktail infuses my skin with everything it needs to protect and recover. Sits sweetly under sunscreen, and is the perfect after sun rescue.

In 2020, Christo made natural wine with Brendon Carto, from Carto Wines, macerated moonshine bottles of Gentian bitters, and crafted wild beer with our friend Tim using our Kangaroo Valley spring water. Me, I sun-infused all their leftover plant matter into biodynamic Olive oil, until the extracts sang of warm, boozy Summer days spend with friends who’ve all had to change their lives last year.

SUMMER WINE is a collection of the good 2020 moments we seized and the beautiful things we did. Time stood still and it opened a world of beauty. ZERO ESSENTIAL OILS.
Ingredients and Their Attributes:

FERMENTED GRAPE*: Reverses elemental damage, Improves skin texture, firmness, and density
Strengthens the skins natural antioxidant defense.

SHIRAZ*: Neutralises free radicals. Improves circulation, reduces swelling, minimises pores, Stimulates collagen production.

STRAWBERRY*: Preserves collagen. Helps even skin tone + correct discoloration. Protects + stabilizes the skin's acid mantle.

MULLBERRY^: Helps reduce dark spots + improve complexion. Protect from environmental damage.
Deeply hydrates + bestows radiance.

BLACKBERRY*: Antioxidant. Soothes inflammation + redness. Rejuvenates dry skin + retains moisture.

GRAPE*: Superior antioxidant activity and UV damage repair. Strengthens cell membranes to maintain elastin. Controls and balances sebum.

GENTIAN: Helps improve complexion and helps correct discoloration. Soothes acne and cools inflamed, irritated, weather-beaten skin. Scavenges free radicals.

HOP*: Reduces heat. Deeply moisturizes. Corrects discoloration.

DRAGONS BLOOD*: Protects from elemental damage. Retains moisture. Calms + increases cell turnover.

GINGKO*: Balances oily skin + unclogs pores. Helps protect from UV exposure. Helps repair oxidative damage.

BURITI*: Fades pigmentation. Stimulates collagen production + locks in moisture. Absorbs free radicals.

STRAWBERRY GUM^: Strengthens barrier function. Protects from environmental stressors. Maintains moisture.

OLIVE*: Stimulates new cell growth. Guards against free radical damage. Maintains moisture balance + elasticity.

VANILLA*: Neutralizes free radicals. Cell regeneration. Antioxidant.

SAFFRON*: Increases oxygen flow. Neuro-protective. Antioxidant.

MYRRH*: Rejuvenates. Fades pigmentation. Heals wounds + hearts.

FRANKINCENSE*: Tones + firms. Fades pigmentation. Lifts anxiety.

24 KARAT GOLD: Improves circulation. Boosts collagen integrity. Receives sun energy, grounds intentions.

*Certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted “non-nano.

Directions: Use in the morning and again after sun exposure. Can be used at night as an intensive restore serum. Mix or alternate with any KAIROS composition.
Lepaar Smooth Operator Unfolding Balsam ($62.50): This moisture-rich balsam is Lepaar's "ode to coffee"– and it smells utterly delicious! It is ultra-hydrating and it smoothes, softens and repairs skin while it softens the appearance of fine lines and fades hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production and leaves skin supple and luminous.

According to Lepaar,

Time slows right down with this sultry balsam that softens everything: folds, lines, edges, cracks, tension, temper...

Our Ode to coffee and it’s incredible contributions to smooth, unfolded skin. And an homage to our friend Paul Geshos of Mecca Coffee and his beautiful work with small ethical coffee farmers and sustainable collectives around the world. Both the ‘silver skin’ coffee husk and dried ‘Cascara’ coffee cherry are by-products of Paul's artisanal coffee creation, and we’re thrilled to phoenix them as SMOOTH OPERATOR.

Paired with green + roasted coffee seed oil they deliver the whole spectrum of this magical fruit most of us consume daily – a simply habitual moment for some, a deeply ritualistic moment for others. For Christo and I, having coffee together every morning is a moment when time stands still, surfaces become smooth, edges soften, and infinite possibilities unfold.

Fragrance Profile: Complex, aromatic layers of Coffee: Chocolate. Mocca. Chai. Vanilla. Sweet. Spicy. Fruity. A rich, sultry, seductive perfume, smoothly transporting your senses to another realm, another headspace – for a moment, everything softens. And the radio plays muted, funky soul.

Ingredients and Their Attributes:

GREEN COFFEE*: Stimulates collagen. Maintains hydration, Minimizes puffiness, fine lines + wrinkles

ROASTED COFFEE*: Stimulates collagen. Moisture retention. Stimulate cell detoxification and turnover.

'SILVER SKIN' COFFEE HUSK^: Increases hydration. Diminishes redness and inflammation. Antioxidant.

'CASCARA' COFFEE CHERRY^: Reduces fine lines. Prevents cellular damage. Eliminates blemishes + acne.

CHIA*: Richest botanical source of Omega-3 fatty acid. Plumps + maintains moisture. Reduces lines + dryness.

MARACUJA*: Ultra hydrating. Minimises wrinkles + age spots. Increases elasticity.

CRANBERRY*: The only oil with a perfect ratio of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Stabilizes lipid barrier. Intense hydration and moisture retention.

PASSIONFLOWER*: Softens lines + cracks. Repairs + maintain barrier function. Neutralizes free radicals.

MARSHMALLOW*: Softens. Maintains hyaluronic acid levels. Soothes inflamed + sensitive skin.

VANILLA*: Neutralises free radicals. Cell regeneration, Antioxidant.

OLIVE*: Stimulates new cell growth. Guards against free radical damage. Maintains moisture balance and elasticity.

BACURI BUTTER*: Stabilizes collagen. Strengthens skin tissue. Soothes inflammation.

BEESWAX^: Promotes the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid. Locks in Moisture. Soothes element beaten skin.

SAFFRON STIGMA EXTRACT*SAFFRON*: Increases oxygen flow. Neuro-protective. Antioxidant.

MYRRH*: Rejuvenates. Fades pigmentation. Heals wounds + hearts.

FRANKINCENSE*: Tones + firms. Fades pigmentation. Lifts anxiety.

24 KARAT GOLD: Improves circulation. Boosts collagen integrity. Receives sun energy, grounds intentions.

*Certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted “non-nano.

Directions: Great to use daily or alternate with any other composition from the KAIROS collection. Or mix and match - this is your moment! Massage a few drops into still damp face every morning. Very effective to use as an under eye intensive to remove bags and dark circle: Gently massage 1 drop into teh skin under each eye, leave for 10-15 minutes, dab off.

Overall Assessment: Not only is this a spectacularly curated box, which is a great value, but these products are effective and a great joy to use. A+

*THIS IS A SUBSCRIPTION* You will be charged immediately when you purchase. Automatic renewal occurs every two months until you cancel. Last Day to Subscribe is October 25, 11:59 p.m. PST., or until they run out, whichever happens first. The October Box will ship in October. 

$49.95 ($187.00 value) from Boxwalla (Affiliate Links).
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  1. I love Boxwalla. I've never received a product from them that I didn't love.

    1. Me too, Velvetwhip! In all of the years that I have been receiving their boxes, I have never tried a single product that I didn't love as well! Lavanya has a magical approach to her beautifully curated boxes!

  2. As usual their choices are outstanding. Other than the coffee one I'd probably enjoy using these. I'm sure they are wonderful additions to your skincare life.

    1. I completely agree with you, Marcia! Their selections are always incredible! I definitely think hat you would love this brand, but since you aren't a fan of coffee you definitely wouldn't want to use that one product.

  3. More excellent skincare from Boxwalla. The Elastic Love Face & Neck Oil is just what I need, but it is such a great value to buy the box and get all three for less than the price of one!!

    1. Indeed, Allison! Their boxes are just breathtaking! I have never tried any products from their skillfully curated boxes that I didn't genuinely love! Yes, Elastic Love Face & Neck Oil is incredible, and I think that you would really love it. The value in each of their boxes is always amazing! It is such an affordable way to try luxurious cruelty-free green beauty brands!


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