Thursday, August 5, 2021

Nick Stenson CURIOUS Round Brush Extra Large

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If you are looking for a great hair brush that gives you control, volume and boosts shine, then Nick Stenson CURIOUS Round Brush Extra Large is wonderful choice. The natural fiber bristles and ceramic ion barrel allow for the easy circulation of air while you blow dry your hair, and the natural bristles smooth the cuticles and enhance shine. Furthermore, the bristles are gentle on the scalp, while remaining very effective.

According to Nick Stenson,

The Round Brushes combination of natural fiber bristles and ceramic ionic barrel promotes shine and faster blowdries. Our patented configuration creates tension and control to enhance styling and finishing techniques.

Brush Features:

- Extreme Control & Volume

- Volume where you want it. Tension where you need it.

- 100% natural fiber bristles

- Weight: 5.6 oz (160 grams)

- Dimensions: 10.5” x 2.75” x 3” 

- Patented configuration of nylon and natural fiber bristles gives better control.

- Specialized fiber channel design directs the hair to create movement.

- Natural fiber bristles keep the cuticle smooth for maximum shine.

- Natural fiber bristles absorb and redistribute hair oils from the root to smooth the hair.

- Nylon bristles penetrate for detangling.

- Ceramic ionic barrel promotes shine and faster blowdries.

- Center channel creates movement and airflow for faster blowdries.

- Easy to hold, lightweight design with a soft-touch grip and a seamless handle.

Nick Stenson also partnered with Pink Pewter to co-create these really fun hair clips!

The set features four carefully selected clips to adorn any finished style. From top to bottom:

Rose Tint Beaded Snap Clip: Easily placed in the hair with its perfectly fitted strings of translucent beads. The clip is 3" in length, 0.5" wide on the small end, and 1" wide on the large end.

Bursting Crystal Rounded Metal Bobby Pin: A unique and stylish bobby pin makes it easy to wear with its' rounded design. The bobby pin is 2.75" in width.

Rose Gold Rounded Metal Bobby Pin: Rounded and metal oversized bobby pin precisely lined with two rows of rhinestones. The bobby pin is 3.7" in length.

Pearl Accent Metal Hair Clip: A pearl encrusted metal hair clip, using multi sized pearls to add that extra character. The clip is 2.6" L x .5" W.

Overall Assessment: This brush is a dream to work with, and the the clips are gorgeous! A+

Brushes from $39.00-$59.99 from Nick Stenson and Ulta (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.


  1. I adore those hair clips! Glad to hear they're at Ulta so I can check them out!

    1. Me too, they no longer have them at Ulta, but you can definitely find them on the Pink Pewter website.

  2. That looks wonderful. I like the size of it. My last round brush didn't hold up but this one surely would. Great barrettes too, so cute.

    1. It's a really well made brush, and I am certain that it will last a long time!


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