Thursday, July 1, 2021

Westman Atelier Powder Brush Review

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The Westman Atelier Powder Brush is the one brush from Gucci Westman's collection that I wasn't sure that I would like, let alone buy. I thought that the bristles might be too long and fluffy for blush application, and better suited for bronzer (which I do not wear). I thought that it looked lovely, but that it simply wasn't a good fit for me. However, the more that I used all of my Westman Atelier brushes, the more curious I became about the Powder Brush. I also watched a few videos in which the ever-charming Gucci Westman used this brush, and I began thinking that it might be a good fit for me after all.

While the bristles are a bit longer and fluffier, as I had observed, it became clear after a single use that this was an extraordinary, and covet-worthy, brush for the perfect application of blush.The synthetic vegan, and cruelty-free, bristles pick up just enough blush for the perfect natural flushed look, but not too much to require excessive blending. You can certainly add more blush, but I have found it unnecessary. This brush is pure magic, and it is unbelievably soft and gentle as it glides across the face.

The shorter, and beautifully balanced, handle offers maximum control as one applies powder products to the face. This brush is unmitigated perfection. 

According to Westman Atelier,

Universal powder brush for precise applications. Oval brush head picks up the perfect amount of product while the bristles offer the right density and softness for an even deposit of color. Use with Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer for an authentically warm, beachy flush of color


- Artisan Design: Handmade in Kumano, Japan using traditional techniques from the most prestigious brush maker in the world. 

- Lacquered Handles: Crafted with the finest sustainable hardwood birch from a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe. 

- High Performance: Luxurious and durable. Cruelty-free nylon fibers feel ultra-smooth with optimal density, softness and function. 

- Cruelty-free brush-making process.

Gucci's Notes:

Brushes are my most important tools. I think of them as an extension of myself, and it’s an absolute luxury to work with an extraordinary brush.

Sweep the brush in your compact to pick up product, tap once or twice, then apply under the eye and across cheekbones to gauge your desired effect. As always, start slow and build. Powder glides on for a buildable and blotch-free finish.

Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.
I have washed this brush numerous times already, and it has not shed a single fiber.
Gucci Westman suggests washing her brushes with a dye-free soap to avoid staining the bristles.
Crafted with the finest sustainable hardwood birch from a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe. 

This is the entire collection of Westman Atelier makeup brushes.
Size comparison top to bottomWestman Atelier Blender BrushWestman Atelier Powder BrushWestman Atelier Foundation BrushWestman Atelier Baby Blender Brush, Westman Atelier Spot Check BrushWestman Atelier Eye Shadow II BrushWestman Atelier Eye Shadow I Brush and Westman Atelier Lip Brush.
This brush is just under 6" in length.
Overall Assessment: I am surprised that my reluctance about purchasing this brush nearly prevented me from its purchase. More interesting still, this has become my most reached for brush for the application of blush! A+

$85.00 from Sephora, Credo Beauty, Violet Grey, Net-A-Porter, HarrodsBergdorf Goodman and Cos Bar (Affiliate Links). Purchased. All Views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.


  1. Their brushes look fantastic! I've been so curious about their foundation.

    1. All of their brushes are absolutely extraordinary, Courtney! I am really curious about their foundation too!

  2. These brushes sound really, really nice. I've never tried true high end except for maybe Artis? If thats high end? maybe? I usually use my IT cosmetics ones!

    1. OMG, they really are extraordinary, Claudia! I have now collected all of them, and am thoroughly obsessed with the quality. Plus they are really so divine to use. I have several of the Artis brushes, and the Westman Atelier brushes offer greater precision and maneuverability!

    2. are they better or worse than the artis

    3. I now have all of the Westman Atelier brushes, and a good number of the Artis Brushes, and I prefer Westman Atelier. They apply and blend so effortlessly, and I love the beautifully balanced handles. I still use several of by Artis Brushes especially the huge blenders. I am just obsessed with the quality, efficacy and the pleasure I take in these brushes. I also purchased every last one of them, and plan to get a couple of doubles when they are on sale and I have a little extra discretionary dollars to splurge on myself!

  3. You did it...the whole collection! You can see just by looking at it how soft and fluffy your new powder brush is. Enjoy it!

    1. I did! Only the Spot Check Brush left to review, and it is AMAZING and affordable! I need to try her makeup next!

  4. What a beautiful brush. It sounds like one for a true artist.

    1. It really is a stunning brush, and it is amazing to use!


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