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Westman Atelier Eye Shadow I Brush Review

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Westman Atelier Eye Shadow I Brush is my latest splurge from this ultra-luxe brand, and I am utterly smitten. Westman Atelier is a cruelty-free eco-luxe line, from celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman, that offers experiential makeup brushes that are handcrafted in Japan. The luxurious nylon fibers are soft, without sacrificing efficacy, and the sustainable hardwood birch handles are from a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe. Each brush is perfectly balanced, boasting shorter handles for ease of use, and they are very comfortable in the hand.

Westman Atelier Eye Shadow I Brush works exceptionally well for cream, liquid and powder shadows alike, and it picks up, deposits and blends beautifully, and it does so without absorbing your shadows. The tapered tip of the brush allows one to smudge shadow into the lashline, and apply lighter shadows to the inner corners of the eyes.

The flat surface of the brush deposits and spreads shadow across the lid perfectly, and it blends without any streakiness. It truly is an innovative multipurpose brush that is versatile and a true pleasure to use. Since I purchased it, I have been reaching for it every single day that I wear makeup, and this workhorse of a brush is now one of my favorite purchases this year. I have washed it numerous times and it retains it shape perfectly, and it has not shed a single bristle.
According to Westman Atelier,

This multi-tasking eye shadow brush with tapered, flat bristles is made for effortless color application. Smooths cream shadow onto lids and adds subtle definition to lashlines


Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers. Our brush-making process is cruelty-free.

Artisan Design: Handmade in Kumano, Japan using traditional techniques from the most prestigious brush maker in the world. 

Lacquered Handles: Crafted with the finest sustainable hardwood birch from a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe. 

High Performance: Luxurious and durable. Cruelty-free nylon fibers feel ultra-smooth with optimal density, softness and function. 
According to Gucci Westman,

Brushes are my most important tool. For the eyes, I focused on two favorites in my kit: A flat tapered brush that makes color glide on flawlessly and a rounder, fluffier one for the most beautiful blend.
Directions: With a gentle sweeping motion, layer color onto lids and build up to the desired intensity. Using the tapered tip of the brush, stroke shadow along the lashlines for a soft alternative to eyeliner. Dab highlighter or subtly iridescent shadow at the inner corners, just above the tear ducts, using this brush to make eyes look open and bright.
The tapered tip allows this brush to smudge in the lashline with ease.
After multiple washes, this brush has yet to shed a single bristle.
Made with cruelty-free, super soft nylon fibers.
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Overall Assessment: This is definitely a luxury splurge, but for me it was worth every single cent. Plus, I picked mine up during the last Sephora VIB sales event, and therefore didn't pay full price. I just purchased another Westman Atelier brush, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

$58.00 from Sephora, Credo Beauty, Violet Grey, Cult Beauty (£54.00), Cos Bar and Harrods (Affiliate Links). Purchased. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. Wow, it does sound like another luxurious Westman brush, but I'm glad you got it during the Sephora sale. I didn't realize that Sephora carried this brand. Enjoy it!!

    1. It really is, Allison! Gucci Westman is such a visionary, and her brushes are exceptional! So far, I have purchased 4 of them, and I reach for them the most! It is definitely worth shopping her products when Sephora has their VIB Sales!

  2. I think you just cost me $58. This looks and sounds magnificent. You really should be their PR person.

    1. You love brushes as much as I do, Marcia, and this one is definitely worth having! I wish that I was their PR person, then they would send me the brushes and makeup! LOL!


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