Thursday, April 22, 2021

The A-Method Protection Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 30

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The A-Method Protection Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 30 was created by celebrity dermatologist Tina Alster, and this incredible 100% mineral powder sunscreen/foundation is reef safe and free of nano particles. Made from a mere 4 ingredients, this brush-on powder offers a fuss-free and self-dispensing mineral formula that is easy to use, and effective. I selected Fair and Light Gold, but I have to say that the pigmentation is translucent enough that it blends with my skin and imparts little pigmentation. I simply brush it on my face, after my skincare, and apply it  in a circular motion. It can be applied alone, or over your makeup, and I find it non-drying and comfortable on the skin.


- 100% mineral-based foundation + sunscreen provides a fuss-free, self-dispensing alternative to dangerous chemical filled sunscreen

- Formulated with only FOUR ingredients, they were developed to provide a fuss-free, self-dispensing alternative to dangerous chemical filled sunscreens.

- Reef safe and non-nano

- They are ideal for hot and humid climates providing a lightweight and crease-proof finish that is water-resistant!

- Each Protection Powder creates a barrier against the harmful rays of the sun and pollution.

- They are easy to apply, lightweight and can be used alone or over foundation for a flawless look. 
There are 7 shades available with an SPF of 30 and one clear shade with an SPF of 50. Left to Right: Clear, Fair, Light Gold, Medium Gold, Medium Tan, Medium Dark Tan, Mocha and Expresso.

Paraben-free • Dermatologist tested • Non-comedogenic • Cruelty-free • Fragrance-free • Gluten-free • Vegan • Non-nano • Reef safe • Water-resistant.
Ingredients (above)
Overall Assessment: This is a wonderful fuss-free mineral sunscreen that is both convenient and effective.
$44.00-$49.00 each from The A-Method and Amazon (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.


  1. I joust started using this and it's great. I was going to buy a new SPF during the Sephora sale so I'm really glad I've got this instead. I have Clear and Fair. Makes me happy when companies are free of fragrance!

    1. I am so glad that you have these, Marcia. The formula is fantastic, and it would be a shame if it contained fragrance!

  2. My brush-on SPF powders are a couple of years old. I love the fact that A Method comes in different shades, but I am most interested in the clear SPF 50

    1. Brush on sunscreen powders are just so practical and easy to use and reapply!

  3. I'm here for good sunscreen! These powder formulas are so easy to reapply, there's no excuse not to.

    1. Powder sunscreens definitely are the easiest to reapply!


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