Thursday, March 18, 2021

Boxwalla Limited Edition Beauty Box: Fifty Seven Kinds of Love

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Boxwalla's eco-luxe beauty boxes are an extraordinary value, and the products themselves are nothing short of spectacular. Their carefully curated cruelty-free green beauty boxes are a tremendous value, with steep discounts, and they feature truly covet-worthy luxurious, and sustainably crafted beauty products. 

The April Limited Edition Beauty Box: Fifty Seven Kinds of Love | $64.95 ($181.00 value): A Beauty Box for the luxury loving skincare nerd, this box lets you experience the most effective and exquisite beauty products that harness the potency of plant-based ingredients. 

- Free U.S. Shipping
- Effective Plant-based Ingredients
- Always Cruelty-Free

The Boxwalla April Beauty Box (Limited Edition) is themed: Fifty Seven Kinds of Love. The box contains two products from Fifty7Kind, with a retail value of $181.00. this incredibly special limited edition box featuring an artisanal brand: Fifty7Kind. This box has taken us close to a year to dream up and now it is here! The products are so fresh and vibrant and work beautifully!

1) Fifty Seven Kinds of Love Nadi Innate Flow Quell Balsam (full size, $118.00 value): Nadi is a gorgeous, soft, melty balm formulated to be multi-correctional and to calm stressed, irritated, acneic, inflamed, dry, flaky, or itchy skin from over-exfoliation chemical or mechanical, environmental aggressors, pollution, or UV damage. Nadi contains two separate infusions that take at least 3 months to prepare. Among other gorgeous ingredients, it contains Murumuru & Kokum butters, Tamanu & Black Cumin oils, Ashwagandha, Hawthorne Berry, vegan Ceramides, Copaiba resin. 

2) Fifty Seven Kinds of Love Tanu Cell Affinity Coactive Serum (5ml, $63.00 value): Tanu is a beautiful oil serum formulated to protect, calm, and heal the skin, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It is made in a base of Prickly Pear and Camellia Oleifera Seed Oils. A blend of 8 plants are directly infused, for 12 weeks, into the Camellia seed oil. These herbs include Astragalus, Dandelion, Angelica Root, Marshmallow and Nettle leaf and more!

About Fifty7Kind,

Meet Gabrielle, the creator of Fifty7Kind. Here she is all all glow-y (wearing no makeup - just the two products that are in this box). Gabrielle was raised an ‘organic’ child, in the English countryside. She says, "vegetables and fruit were grown at home and mum cooked with raw ingredients, from scratch, she taught me how to grow and gather herbs and use them as skin and hair care products".

Before Fifty7Kind, Gabrielle was a professional, sponsored athlete (Mountain Biking & Adventure multi-sport racing) and also worked full time in a Design Studio for a publishing company. After she retired, while training for Triathlons for fun, she was unfortunately hit by a car and fractured her lower back, and sustained other injuries. This lead to a long road to recovery, that culminated in the creation of Fifty7kind.


  1. Boxwalla really knows the best brands. These wouldn't work for my skin but I'm so impressed with what they've chosen.

    1. You are so right, Marcia! They are able to find so many wonderful brands that I have never even heard of, and I have yet to be anything but delighted by their offerings!

  2. Both products interest me since my skin is so dry right now. I've used Prickly Pear oil with good results so I would be most interested in the serum.

    1. I think that you would be quite delighted by these products, they are both lovely. I am a big fan of Prickly Peal oil as well, and have had good luck using it. I think that you would really approve of this serum, Cindy.


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