Friday, March 26, 2021

Boxwalla is Launching an Online Store

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I wanted to share the exciting news that Boxwalla is just about to launch an online store, and it is going to be sensational!

According to Boxwalla,

"...With this shop, we have tried to create a space where we gather all the most wonderful things we have experienced, painstakingly curating to only include the very best. We will have multiple shops. We view each of our shops as a different way to experience our rich, complex world. Every culture, every language, has beautiful and multiple things to offer and we want to ensure that we capture this multilayered, complexity of every culture or country we interact with, so they are not reduced to a 'single story' or stereotype.

We will also have some RIDICULOUSLY DETAILED skincare and book quizzes to help you navigate the shops and find the right things for you. So if you were trying to build a reliable skincare routine or find your next mystery read - you are going to love this (I hope!)."

  • Beauty Shop
  • Book Shop (fiction, non-fiction & kids books!)
  • Food Shop
  • Film Shop
  • Ethical Fashion Shop
  • Music Shop (Coming a bit later)

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