Thursday, February 11, 2021

CHI Footwear Supernova Sneakers are Truly Covet-Worthy

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I recently discovered, and have become thoroughly obsessed with, CHI Footwear in Supernova from their Graphene Shoes Collection. These are not your average run-of-the-mill sneakers, but instead the most comfortable shoes imaginable. Made for women and men, "utilizing Graphene Technology, this sneaker collection comes in a variety of attractive colors with many of the designs inspired by the Eye of Horus." From ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus is a symbol that represents protection, health, and restoration, and it seems to be an apt emblem for shoes that protect, rejuvenate and restore a sense of wellbeing to your feet. 

Graphene Technology employs the use of a "razor-thin honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms that is 200 times stronger than steel, but extremely lightweight." This material is stronger, harder as well as more flexible than the normal sneaker materials, and will therefore last longer.

While durable materials lend themselves to greater longevity– and having to replace your shoes less often– CHI Footwear protects the feet from a whole host of issues and conditions. In addition to the insoles found in the shoes themselves, they also come with a set of arch support soles that offer the feet more support and comfort. Truth be told, these shoes feel dreamy, soft and light on the feet– almost as though you are walking on fluffy magical clouds. They are also very attractive shoes, and the quality is first rate. You will also note that the Eye of Horus is actually stitched into the leather rather than a cheap decal or stamp that will wear away as the shoes age. 

According to CHI,

This material protects consumers from a host of foot problems including bacteria, poor circulation, sweat, odor and foot fatigue. The GraphTech Foam also contains acupoints to help massage the foot while walking providing energy and good circulation and fighting fatigue.

CHI Footwear in Supernova insoles impact acupoints in the following ways:

- Acupoints massage the foot while you walk giving you more energy and good circulation.

- Experiments have proved that the acupoints on foot are very weak, but sufficient acupoints circulation will make a lot of beneficial effects on the body, as well as for people with hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

- Helps eliminate fatigue

CHI Footwear Supernova Features:

- Fabric Top Layer + Cowhide + Graphene

- Insole Graphene + Hightech Foam

- Outsole Rubber Wear-Resistant & Good Flexibility

- Last 2X longer than a regular shoe!

These wonderful shoes are as attractive as they are comfortable!
Acupoints massage the foot while you walk giving you more energy and good circulation.
 Insole Graphene + Hightech Foam
Overall Assessment: These shoes are just dreamy to wear, and make you feel as though you are walking on clouds. They are truly covet-worthy! A+

Regular Price $259.00 on Sale for $169.00 from Chi (Affiliate Links). Press Sample all views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.


  1. Wow, it would be wonderful to have a pair of CHI shoes for travel, one day when we can travel again! They sound so delightfully comfortable!

    1. YES! These are perfect for all of the walking one does while traveling! One day! They are unbelievably comfy!

  2. Wow! When did they start making shoes too!? Im all about comfort these days!

    1. I just recently made this discovery, and I was pretty shocked, actually! They are incredibly comfortable, and such a joy to wear! It doesn't hurt that they are super cute on!

  3. I want to show my podiatrist your review. I have no arch at all and have a hard time finding shoes I can comfortably wear. I bet he could tell from the illustrations if they'd work for me.

    1. I am so flattered, Marcia! I think that you would love the way that these feel on the feet.

  4. That's so neat! I had no idea that the soles can do an acupuncture massage!

    1. I completely agree, Anastasia! They are the most comfortable shoes, and I feel a sense of overall wellbeing wearing them!


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