Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Nectar Bath Treats Coconut Wax Candles Will Make You Smile

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Nectar Bath Treats recently launched the most amazing candles, and I just couldn't wait until next year to share them with you! They are available in six mouthwatering aromas– of which I have three to share with you. These are the most whimsical and delectably scented candles that are sure to delight you.
Available scents: Vanilla Peppermint, Fruit Smoothie, Cotton Candy, Pinkberry Marmalade, Maple Sugar and Holiday Cookie.
Coconut wax is one of the most eco-friendly candle waxes on the market! 🌱Approximate Burn Time: 50 hours.

Nectar Treats Fruit Smoothie Coconut Wax Candle ($38.00 for 14 oz. from Nectar Treats): The fruit and whipped cream wax embellishments on top of this whimsical candle are sure to put a smile on your face. The fruity aroma smells good enough to eat, and it fills the room with its warm and fruity aroma as it burns.

According to Nectar Treats,

Get our most popular Fruit Smoothie in our new coconut wax, slow burn candle! Simply light the wick and allow the fragrance to fill the air with the sweet smell of a fresh fruit smoothie! Each handmade candle weighs 14oz and is perfect for those that love our wildly popular fruit smoothie sugar scrubs! 

Nectar Treats Cotton Candy Coconut Wax Candle ($38.00 for 14 oz. from Nectar Treats): This really does smell like cotton candy, and it reminds me of being a kid! It is sweet, but not too sweet, and it is utterly delectable! 

According to Nectar Treats,

Get our brand new Cotton Candy coconut wax candle and bring the sweet smell of light and fluffy cotton candy to your home! Simply light the wick let your room fill with the delicious aroma of cotton candy.

Nectar Treats Vanilla Peppermint Coconut Wax Candle ($38.00 for 14 oz. from Nectar Treats): If you love peppermint, then you will fall madly in love with this candle. The peppermint is tempered by the warm and creamy vanilla scent, and together this blissful combination fills the room with its exhilarating aroma.

According to Nectar Treats,

Get our brand new Vanilla Peppermint coconut wax candle and bring the holiday scents of peppermint and vanilla to your home! Simply light the wick let your room fill with the smell of vanilla peppermint.

Overall Assessment: I am just so enchanted by the magnificence of these candles, and I recommend them without hesitation! 

$38.00 each for 14 oz. from Nectar Treats (Affiliate Links).
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  1. These candles look so fun! my daughter would get a kick out of these! Not sure I would want to burn them and mess them up, haha!

    1. I think that your daughter would love them, Claudia! Not only are they super cute and fun to watch burn, but they also smell so good (and make the room smell delicious).

  2. Those candles are absolutely adorable. Maple Sugar is my jam!

    1. They really ar adorable! Plus they smell absolutely amazing!

  3. These are so adorable! I want the cotton candy one!

    1. You would love it, Jamie! They all smell so good, and they are fun to watch!


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