Saturday, December 19, 2020

HOURGLASS Ambient Powder Brush Review

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HOURGLASS Ambient Powder Brush is not something that I needed, in the least bit, but I bought it anyway. There were two primary reasons: First, I wanted it for a long time and every time the I stopped at an HOURGLASS display it was the first thing that I picked up and contemplated purchasing. Second, I was about to lose my VIB status at Sephora because the pandemic this year resulted in far lower spending. However, I finally purchased this brush since I wanted it for so many years, and now I am just wondering why I waited so long.

While it was conceived for use with the Ambient Lighting Powder, it is also great brush for applying face powder, blush, and bronzer. It also does an enviable job blending powders, and I have successfully used it for blending liquid foundations. The short plastic handle offers maximum control, it fits in the hand comfortably and the  Taklon bristles are soft and feel great against the skin. While the bristles are soft, they are not too soft to be ineffective at picking up and laying down powder. I should note that I have washed my brush twice, and neither time did it shed a single bristle.

According to HOURGLASS,

A synthetic-bristle brush with a full, slightly rounded head and a short handle. Designed for use with liquid, cream or powder products, this brush is made from high-grade ultrasoft Taklon bristles and features a weighted metal handle that provides control for effortless blending and application. The Hourglass Ambient® Powder Brush is ideal for evenly dispersing Ambient® Lighting Powder all over the face.


• Features PETA-approved, high-grade, ultra-soft Taklon bristle 

• Taklon is a more hygienic alternative to animal hair and an excellent alternative for those who suffer from animal hair allergies 

• May be used to apply liquid, cream or powder products 

• Vegan and cruelty free

The size of the brush is perfect for sweeping across the Ambient Lighting Powder palette, but it is good for far more than this alone!
Overall Assessment: This was such a worthwhile purchase, and I highly recommend this brush.

$38.00 from HOURGLASS, Nordstrom, Sephora, Space NK, Beautylish, Ulta and Cult Beauty (Affiliate Links).

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  1. The ambient powder brush looks so soft just from your photos! I need to find my ambient powders and use them one of these days! Thank you for the reminder :)

    1. It really is super soft, but without sacrificing any efficacy, whatsoever! It is such a treat to use, and it feels incredible against the skin!

  2. I had a BECCA brush that was similar to this but I haven't seen it for a while. Maybe I need to purchase the Hourglass one!

    1. I remember looking at that Becca brush years ago at Sephora, and I contemplated buying it, but never did. This one is so soft and effective! I am really happy that I bought it!


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