Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Rahua Launches a New Loyalty Program

Press Release (Unaffiliated Links)

(New York, NY, June 8, 2020) Rahua, Beauty’s Ultimate Wellness Brand, will debut a new Loyalty Program - BEAUTY IS POWER! this Friday, June 12th on Rahua.com that helps customers become aware that they are part of the CO2 solution. Now Rahua customers and its stakeholders will be able to see the impact of their support of Rahua through simple metrics in real time and how each purchase helps sequester CO2 in the Amazon Rainforest as well as protect endemic species in the Galapagos Islands.

With our customers' support, every one bottle purchased is helping to preserve one acre of pristine rainforest. We want to make sure that our customers are aware of their impact and contribution to the environment and that their beauty routines hold weight and contribute to the big picture and solution for our plant. We want our customers to feel empowered when using Rahua products – that they connect with nature and become inspired to make other sustainable choices in their lives.

The BEAUTY IS POWER LOYALTY PROGRAM is something that Rahua customers have asked for. By introducing this new loyalty program, we will celebrate our achievements and reward our valued customers with special gifts and discounts as well as build a community of beauty environmentalists. After becoming a Rahua Insider, customers have the opportunity to move up program tiers; starting with Green Guardian, next Beauty Warrior and ultimately achieve Ecoagent status!  Rahua founders, Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers, have created a sustainable economy for the Indigenous people, the guardians of the forest, thereby protecting oxygen producing trees, and now our customers can see how they themselves are also guardians of the forests by choosing Rahua.

The Amazon Rainforest is the world's most important ecosystem and contributes to more than 20% of the world's oxygen, and at least 10% of the world's biodiversity. Rahua customers can feel good knowing how their support of the brand directly impacts our efforts to preserve our precious planet starting in the Amazon Rainforest.


  1. This is a great bonus to Rahua customers. I know they are loyal to them.

    1. It really is a great idea, and from such an amazing brand!

  2. That conservation oriented loyalty program makes so much sense for Rahua. Great idea!

  3. Such a nice bonus for loyal customers!

  4. I love that Rahua is offering this.


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