Thursday, May 28, 2020

May Empties 2020

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The months seem to be blurring together since we have been under a stay-at-home order, and it really seems as though I just did an empties post for April! As you can clearly see, I am using up a lot of bars of soap each month with all of the necessary hand-washing, and the other products just tend to be daily use items.

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant ($14.00 for 1.7 oz. from LAVANILA, Amazon and Ulta): LAVANILA makes wonderful healthy deodorants that are effective and smell wonderful (though they also make an unscented variant for sensitive skin). Their Vanilla Grapefruit scent is probably my favorite because it smells utterly scrumptious, and offers long-lasting protection. Purchase Again? I already have a replacement!

Fleur's Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist ($53.50 for 3.3 oz. from LeSpa USA): I am thoroughly obsessed with this exfoliating body mist– it is unlike anything else that I have tried. It has the most gorgeous floral aroma, it hydrates and refreshes the skin, and it effectively exfoliates dead skin cells. Simply spray it on your body, gently massage the skin and let it do the rest. Purchase Again? Maybe eventually, but I already have a couple of foaming and gel body exfoliants that I need to use up first.

LAVANILA Vanilla Grapefruit Rollerball ($19.00 for 0.33 oz. from LAVANILA and Ulta): This combination of warm Madagascar Vanilla and tangy pink grapefruit is such an unexpected surprise. The vanilla warms up grapefruit and transforms it into a creamy, warm citrus. Purchase Again? I have a full size bottle that I am currently using!

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Perfume ($240.00 for 1.7 oz. from Sephora and Nordstrom): Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge Perfume (sample): I love this scent! According to Tom Ford, "Voluptuous, sensuous and audacious, TOM FORD Jasmin Rouge is a saturated, spiced floral. An unexpected blend of precious sambac jasmine sepals absolute—an ingredient never used before in perfumery—with dusky clary sage and rich spices." Purchase Again? I would definitely consider purchasing a small bottle, but I need to use up a few of my perfumes first.
MegRhythm Gentle Steam Eye Mask ($10.99-$17.77 for 7 masks from Yes Style Global and Amazon): If you are looking for serious stress relief, MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, which stays at a comfortable temperature for 10 minutes, bathes "eyes and the delicate eye area in warm steam. This 'steam bath for the eyes' helps with deep release of the tension of the day and soothes the mind. Purchase Again? I have two full boxes, and I will definitely repurchase when they are nearly empty!

Flowerspice Modern Apothecary Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturiser Rose & Coriander with Prickly Pear and Aloe Vera ($82.00 value from Boxwalla): This ultra-creamy moisturizer is rich, and yet luxuriously light and fast absorbing– it melts into the skin immediately, and it leaves behind no greasy residue whatsoever. It leaves skin remarkably soft, supple, lightly plumped, hydrated and luminous. It has a wonderful scent that is informed by the Rose and Coriander– thus it has a lightly spicy floral aroma that is utterly beautiful. Purchase Again? I definitely will once I finish up a couple of my open face creams, this stuff is sensational!
Artnaturals Hair Argan Oil Conditioner ($26.00 for 16 oz. each from Target): This conditioner, which is enriched with Argan Oil, is formulated to condition and protect hair while moisturizing, strengthening and enhancing manageability. This formula is safe for color-treated hair, gentle enough for curly dry hair, and it doesn't weigh down fine hair. Furthermore, it leaves hair soft, shiny, manageable and adds volume to lifeless tresses. It has a light scent that is clean and not long-lasting. Purchase Again? I already have a replacement bottle!

Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap ($8.00 for 8 oz. and $14.00 for 16 oz. from Ulta and Nordstrom): This Alpha Hydroxy Acid body wash effectively exfoliates dead skin cells without any exfoliating particles, and it does so without stripping the skin in the least bit. It has a nice lather and a pleasant subtle aroma and it leaves skin soft and supple. I only use it where I seek exfoliation, and then use a non-exfoliating body wash elsewhere. Purchase Again? Just as soon as I finish up a few more body washes.

June Jacobs Fresh Squeezed Lemon Cleanser ($44.00 for 6.7 oz. from June Jacobs and Walmart): This wonderfully uplifting aromatic lemon cleanser is lightly lathering, non-stripping, and gentle enough for daily use. It effectively sweeps away dirt and makeup without ever drying or over-working the skin. The nourishing formula leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and supple. Purchase Again? While I would definitely use this again, I am currently swimming in facial cleansers, so I won't need another for quite a while.
Dove Pink Beauty Bar ($2.99-$12.99 for 2-14 bar packs from Target and Walgreens): This creamy cleanser contains ¼ moisturizing cream to help make skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It doesn't strip skin in the least, nor does it leave it taut. Purchase Again? Most definitely! I already have more bars!

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar ($3.19-$12.99 for 2-14 bar packs from TargetWalgreens and Bed, Bath & Beyond): If you have sensitive skin, then you likely seek a gentle cleansing bar that will neither strip, nor dry out your skin, and this bar definitely delivers. Furthermore, this bar leaves skin soft, smooth and not in the least bit taut. Purchase Again? Most definitely! I already have more bars!

Nubian Heritage Olive Oil & Green Tea Bar Soap ($4.99 for 5 oz. from Nubian HeritageiHerbThe Vitamin Shoppe and Swanson Vitamins): This wonderful bar soap has a rich and emollient lather that is neither stripping, nor is it in the least bit drying. In fact, it hydrates and nourishes the skin while the green tea leaves offer gentle exfoliation for the removal of dead skin cells. The aroma is intoxicating and exhilarating, and it fills the shower with its fresh green essence. Purchase Again? Oh yes!

L'Occitane Extra Gentle Soaps ($14.00 for 8.8 oz. from Sephora and Skin Store): You simply can't go wrong with any of L'Occitane's beautiful, and moisturizing soaps. I prefer to buy the large bars since they last for such a long time. Purchase Again? YES!
Overall Assessment: Well, there you have it. As you can see, I used lots of soaps and a little bit of this and that. What did you use up or toss out in March? Any real duds or winners to report?

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  1. Good job with empties. I'm sure you are cleaner than anyone around with all these soaps and cleansers!! I finished a brow serum and a moisturizer. I also had to toss a mascara that I'd started before this began. I tried to use it but it was gloopy. I'm waiting to start any new ones until I can get proper use out of them.

    1. Thanks, Marcia! My product use has definitely been super heavy on soaps and cleansers! Given that LA is the epicenter of COVID cases in California, I am definitely spending a lot of time washing my hands! I am impressed that you finished up a brow serum and a moisturizer! I know what you mean about mascara! I need to go through mine and toss out all of the old ones. I have barely worn any makeup at all– other than a little eye liner when I have Zoom meetings for work!

  2. Wow, you had a banner month! Isn’t using up a deodorant a feeling of accomplishment? I think so coz it takes so long! I will post my empties next week and link to yours.

    1. Thank you, and for linking to me Allison! Once yours goes live I will addc a link to you post in mine! Yes, the deodorant was definitely satisfying for that very reason. I am surprised by how many bars of soap that we are going through each month during the pandemic!


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