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Boxwalla June Beauty Box Sneak Peek: Three Ways to Savor Summer (With a Little Help From My Friends)

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The Boxwalla June Beauty Box is themed: Three Ways to Savor Summer (With a Little Help From My Friends), and this extraordinary box ships in June. My full review is forthcoming, and you will see it very soon, but here is a sneak peek of what's in this amazing box.

There are three brands in this Box and three full sized products. Retail Value: $185:

1) Nini Organics' Natural Detox Foam ($52): The Detox foam is a finely milled powder. With a few drops of water it transforms into a creamy, foamy mousse. It uses a mild coconut based foaming agent along with deeply cleansing green clay to cleanse the skin. It also contains very nourishing ingredients like neem, spirulina, broccoli and baobab extracts, antioxidants like camu camu & goji. There is also white willow bark that gently exfoliates skin. Even though it is an exfoliating cleanser, it leaves the skin very nourished, soft, smooth, supple and glowy.

Use & Notes: Use just a few drops of water and mix (I usually just mix in the palm of my hand but you can use a bowl as well). You can use this as a first cleanse, if you aren't wearing makeup or a second cleanse, if you are. I like to use it a couple of times a week.

Please Note: The subscriber bottles will come in the newly designed outer boxes that are under production. 

2) Pai Skincare's Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum ($78): This is a light lotion-y serum, water-based serum, that is very calming and soothing. It contains sea aster which calms skin the skin, reinforces the skin barrier and also inhibits the cutaneous neuropeptides that cause the skin to flare up, thus helping to reduce redness. It also contains wild oat which is rich in fatty acids and soothes reactive skin, helping to protect it against environmental irritants.

Use & Notes: I use this after a toner/hydrating mist and under an oil and cream/balm, as you would a hydrating water based serum. It also layers beautifully under Monastery Aloe. It is very versatile - If you experience redness, in addition to using it as a serum, you can also dab on red areas after your skincare routine. It is also useful to layer under more active serum if you want a bit of a buffer while using active serums. 

3) African Botanics' Botanical hand cream ($55): This is a lightweight hand cream that is quick absorbing and non greasy. In addition to moisturizing hands, it also helps even out the skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, repairing and regenerating skin. It combines ingredients like aloe ferox, marula oil, baobab oil, shea & mango butters with green rooibos. tea, swiss garden cress, alpine rose plant stem cells, plant peptides and hyaluronic acid. Together it provides protection & hydration while repairing the skin.

Use & Notes: Since this cream is so lightweight, it is especially lovely to use in the day as it is really easy to reapply regularly throughout the day after washing hands (without having to wait long for it to absorb). It is wonderful to use overnight as well. However, if it is winter where you live, you can also layer this under a thicker balm.
*THIS IS A SUBSCRIPTION*  You will be charged immediately when you purchase. Automatic renewal occurs every two months until you cancel. Make sure to cancel before the 20th of the preceding month. The June Box will ship in June.

To order your Boxwalla June Beauty Box visit: www.theboxwalla.com  

$49.95 from Boxwalla (Affiliate Links).
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  1. It's interesting that they have 3 brands in this month's box. I thought they usually did just one brand. It's a great way to try these out, especially African Botanicals.

    1. They generally tend to do single brand boxes, but I have tried others with mixed brands over the years. Their products are always amazing! The African Botanics hand cream is amazing!

  2. I've tried a few pai products and really liked them. This is a good value for the products you got!

    1. I LOVE Pai! This is definitely an amazing value.

  3. I’m curious about the pigment reducing hand cream. Looking forward to your review!

    1. Their hand cream is amazing! I have reviewed it before: http://www.lolassecretbeautyblog.com/2015/12/african-botanics-marula-botanical-hand.html


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