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Best Purchases of 2019: 15" MacBook Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

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A longtime reader, who is in the midst of her holiday shopping, asked me if I had any favorite purchases this year, and after discussing what we both deemed to be worthwhile skincare and makeup purchases it struck me that by far my best purchases this year were from Apple. Since their products are expensive, I tend to hang on to my iPhones and MacBook Pros for a long time, and I tend to upgrade them to make sure that I have enough memory and speed to last a long time. I decided that it was time to purchase a new laptop and phone, and I am so glad that I did. These are undoubtedly my best purchases of the year. I selected Space Gray for both the phone and the computer because I really like the color, it was fun to match my computer and phone, and it was a nice change from the more typical Silver.
I purchased the new 15" MacBook Pro (2.3GHz 8‑core 9th‑generation Intel Core i9 processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz with 1TB SSD storage) to replace my old 15" MacBook Pro (almost 7 years old), and what an amazing machine it is. I prefer the larger screen because I often have multiple programs running simultaneously, and I definitely needed plenty of storage because I have many large files and photographs for work- in addition to all of the photographs associated with LSBB. This computer is smoking fast and it has so many upgrades that my poor old MacBook Pro seems a bit like a dinosaur comparatively. If you are considering a computer upgrade– you will be blown away by this amazing feat in engineering. I should also note that the huge new tracking pad is a wonderful addition, and the fingerprint ID to unlock the computer is very convenient. 

N.B.: Apple Educational Pricing offers a discount to current and verified faculty, teachers, students and staff. The discount applies to their computers and iPads, but not on their phones, watches etc. Apple Veterans and Military Purchase Plan also offers discounts to verified veterans and people with active military status.

I am going through a bit of analysis paralysis in finding a sleeve to protect my MacBook Pro. Apple has a large selection HERE, and the advantage to purchasing through them is that the sleeves are specifically made for this computer– which means a more precise fit, but I am also looking elsewhere to see if there is anything that strikes me. Amazon has a large collection of them, and so does Etsy– but I still can't figure out which one to get. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!
I was very happy that I received $200.00 trade-in on iPhone 7 Plus, and I wanted the iPhone 11 Pro Max because I knew that I would regularly use all three of the camera lenses, and since I was accustomed to the larger phone size it was clear to me that the iPhone Pro Max would be perfect for my needs. I also knew that 64GB2 wasn't going to be enough, and that 512GB2 was way more than I needed– so I selected 256GB2. Since I use my phone for projects at work and for blogging, it was worth the added investment. 
I also purchased the OtterBox Lumen Series Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max in Pink, and am really pleased with the quality. It is very sturdy, but also quite attractive, and I definitely feel as though my phone is protected.

Overall Assessment: While these were quite pricey, it is essential for work that I use cutting-edge technology when it comes to tech (and to a lesser degree for LSBB). I am absolutely thrilled by these two major purchases. I should also say that Apple offers amazing support, and they even offer complimentary workshops to learn about how to get the most our of your new devices. A+

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  1. I'm due for upgrade for my iphone so I'm thinking about getting the 11. Also, I am planning to get me a Macbook again. Mine got damaged few years ago so I'm just using MAC desktop for now but I want to be able to edit anywhere. Will wait for Cyber Monday!

    1. I think that you will be VERY impressed by the new iPhone 11 and the new MacBook Pro– no exaggeration that it was by far the best money that I spent this year!

  2. Do you think the camera on the new iPhone is better than what you had? I have an X - not sure if I need to upgrade just yet.

    1. Yes, absolutely! However, I had an older phone than yours– the iPhone 7 Plus (with two camera lenses), and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is eons and eons more advanced with a much better camera (with three lenses) than my older 7 Plus. Your phone is much newer than my old one was, so if you are still happy with it, I would probably hang onto it until you are no longer happy with it, and then upgrade. If you are thinking about upgrading, I thin that you will really be impressed by this one!


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