Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Beauty & the Box Traveler Deluxe

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I am so excited about introducing you to the ingenious Beauty & the Box Traveler Deluxe– it is the most spectacular travel product discovery that I have made in many years. If you travel, then this is definitely something that you would love to use during your travels.
If you are planning to travel during the holidays, this brilliant makeup travel case will allow you to carry everything that you need, and it provides you will the perfect way to organize everything that you bring with you. It has pop-up modular pieces that turn into storage cups, and it also has a wonderful folding mirror. Once put together, which only takes seconds, you have a brilliant utilitarian mobile vanity.
I try to travel light, but that is less easy to do during the holidays, and therefore Beauty & the Box Traveler Deluxe is the perfect travel companion during the holidays. It enables you to organize a big pile of makeup and brushes quickly and efficiently. You will notice the see-through cosmetic bag (above) is stuffed full, and it could have fit even more (everything in the bag can be seen in the rest of the pictures shown).
The Set includes
●A stylish black mesh carry case with handle, gold tone all-around zipper 
● 3 POP-UP cosmetic boxes and bases 
● Lift-out, go-anywhere tray with handles 
● High-quality roomy cosmetic pouch with see-through cover for easy access  (10.5” x 5” x 2”)
● Stand alone, adjustable mirror (with its own travel case)
● Overall measurements 11” x 7.5” x 3”
The pop-up boxes, and the mirror, collapse flat so that they take up minimal space while traveling.
The boxes come in three different heights– making them perfect for storing a wide range of products from brushes to eye crayons and more. The feet of each of the boxes fit perfectly into the holes in the tray– therefore it is sturdy and stable.
According to Beauty & The Box,

The Beauty Traveler's unique design includes 3 pop-up  cosmetic boxes that travel flat for convenience. When you get to where you are going, the boxes pop-up intuitively.

Because cosmetics come in all shapes and sizes, organizers and storage solutions should adapt to the differences - one size just does not fit all. In fact, 70% of makeup items are vertical. That’s the key to The Beauty Traveler’s innovation.

Each box is cleverly stair-stepped to hold mascaras, pencils, brushes, lipsticks.  The boxes fit securely into a base which fits into the sturdy, go-anywhere tray, so makeup won’t wobble around or fall over. There’s additional room on the tray for lotions, foundations, eye palettes and more.

The Beauty Traveler frees you up, sets you up and gets you ready for makeup in an instant. Think of The Beauty Traveler As your personal beauty counter.
Barbara Brock, the founder & Chief Executive Officer, asserts,  “As a business woman, time is money and being organized is key. I could never find a truly functional cosmetics organizer that enabled me to be time efficient when I got to my destination. There is an abundance of cosmetic pouches, but only a bathroom glass for my cosmetics."
The neoprene case (shown above) is closed, and stuffed full, and yet it maintains its shape effortlessly.
Case dimensions
 Premium black neoprene case with carry handle (shown below)
Folding, portable free-standing mirror (shown below)
3 Collapsible boxes that pop up instantly  (shown collapsed above left)
Compact mobile tray (shown above and below)
Overall Assessment: I travel a lot, and therefore this is perfect for me, and I love it. This is one of those ingenious products that I will use for many many years. I highly recommend it if you travel frequently, or if you are looking to find the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves to travel.

$85.00 from Beauty & The Box and the Official Beauty & The Box Amazon Store (Affiliate Links).

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  1. I absolutely love mine! I just need somewhere to go!

    1. I certainly understand why you love it as well! You will really enjoy it when you take your next trip, Cindy!


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