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Luster Pro Light Whitening System

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If you are a coffee or tea drinker, then you probably have a notable yellowing of your teeth that could use the intervention of a teeth whitening system. I drink both coffee and tea, and therefore I definitely use teeth whiteners to help mitigate the effects of those teeth staining beverages.
Luster Pro Light Whitening System features the latest technology for very easy at-home teeth whitening. It includes their patented Dual Power Xenon Pro Light that accelerates the whitening process and that is fun to use!

How to use:

- The first thing that I do is brush my teeth with their Pro-Anticavity Toothpaste
- After I finish brushing, I then use Accelerince– which one uses much like a mouthwash. I just swish it around my mouth for about 10-15 seconds.
- Paint each tooth with the Stain Lifting Serum on teeth (it takes about 20 seconds to do)
- Turn on the battery operated Dual-Energy Xenon Whitening Light and place it in your mouth. It includes a 2- minute timer, and therefore there is no guesswork involved.

From start to finish it takes well under 10 minutes to go through this entire process, and it is fuss-free. Luster Premium White suggests that their Xenon device works three times faster than the typical LED devices on the market, and while I can't verify that (since I don't have an LED version), I can say that this one is quite effective. They include a color strip so that you can compare your before and after shots to establish the extent to which it has whitened your stained teeth. They say that your teeth will be whitened "up to 6 shades in 30 minutes"– which I interpret to mean 15 applications at 2 minutes per time.

I definitely noticed that my teeth became decidedly whitened after using it for a few weeks, and will definitely continue to use it to continue to remove my coffee and tea stains. I should note that I have sensitive teeth and that many whitening systems are too strong for me. Therefore, my results tend to be slower because I seldom use such systems at the suggested intervals, but this system definitely does work for me.
Set Includes:
- Dual-Energy Whitening Light
- Accelerinse
- Stain Lifting Serum
-Pro Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste in Mint
According to Luster Premium White,

Patented Dual-Energy (light + heat) Xenon Whitening Light and Stain Lifting Serum to whiten teeth up to 6 shades in 30 minutes!  Clinically proven professional whitening system with no messy trays or strips allows you to whiten on your own schedule. Xenon Light technology whitens teeth 3X faster than LED

- Gently Whitens Without Sulfates (SLS)
- Enamel-Safe
Overall Assessment: This is definitely an effective kit, and I recommend it. It offers real results, fuss-free application, and it is affordable.

$39.99 from Luster Premium WhiteWalgreens, Walmart, Harmon Face Values and Amazon (Affiliate Links).

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  1. I haven't used a system with the light but I've used Luster and liked it. I'd have to take it slow with the light too.

  2. Replies
    1. I certainly see why, Allison! This is a great set, and so affordable too!

  3. This kit works great, especially for the price!

  4. I had one really painful whitening experience, and am now really hesitant to try others, but this does sound pretty great.

    1. I have too. I have sensitive teeth, and some whitening systems have proven to be quite painful to use for me as well.


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