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Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil For Healthy Lustrous Hair

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That I am both obsessed with Rahua luxury hair products and ultra-luxe hair oils certainly comes as no surprise to you, therefore you can only imagine the extent of my excitement when I had that good fortune to test the Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil. You will be pleased to know that it is extraordinary, and worthy of having "Legendary" in its name.

I definitely prefer hair oils that contain no silicone, but instead uses actual nourishing oils, and no chemical fillers. Rahua uses a gorgeous blend of plant and flower oils, and it neither contains silicones, nor any chemical fillers. It is ultra-lightweight, and it does not weigh down hair or leave it greasy looking. Furthermore, it effectively hydrates, conditions and smooths hair. In fact, it tames frizz and flyaways and leaves hair soft, manageable and shiny. It can either be applied to damp or dry hair, and can be used from roots to ends. I use it both ways, and it has made a remarkable difference in the manageability and appearance of my naturally curly hair. Additionally, it has a light and pleasant aroma, but it is neither cloying, nor long-lasting.

This beautiful hair oil is the perfect alternative to chemical-laden hair oils, and its formula is perfect for all types of hair.

According to Rahua,

This exclusive Rahua® blend uses light-as-air plant and flower oils—not silicones—to deliver a beautifully smooth, shiny, anti-frizz finish. Rahua, Sacha Inchi, and Morete oils harvested in the Amazon penetrate deeply into each hair strand to heal and strengthen. A powerful way to banish flyaways, heal split ends, and promote shine, this formula is quick absorbing and remarkably revitalizing. Formulated especially for daily use.

Key Benefits:
  • Prevents frizz and flyaways
  • Boosts shine
  • Prevents split ends
  • Nourishes and strengthens
Directions: For root-to-tip treatment: On clean, towel-dried hair, apply one to two pumps to hair from mid-length to ends. Blow-dry or air-dry. To retouch and target key areas: Apply as needed to dry hair.
Select Ingredients and Their Attributes:

RAHUA (UNGURAHUA): Amazonian women have for eons depended on the oil from this tree nut to nurture and strengthen their hair. It fortifies weak, damaged strands, nourishes and maintains hair follicle and scalp health, and its super-fine molecules push color pigmentation deep into the hair shaft, greatly extending color endurance. We use Symbiotic®* Rahua.

MORETE OIL: Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, essential fatty acids, tocopherols, and carotenoids—especially beta-carotene—oil from this Amazonian fruit’s flesh protects hair from damaging UVA rays. We use Symbiotic®* morete.

SACHA INCHI: A longtime food source in the Amazon, these seeds are exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants including vitamins A and E. Sacha Inchi oil works to lock in hair’s moisture and condition and soothe the scalp. We use Symbiotic®* sacha inchi.

ALOE: Used since the time of ancient Rome for its healing properties, aloe smooths, hydrates and nourishes, bringing renewed vibrancy to damaged and lackluster hair.

GARDENIA FLOWER: Symbolizing purity and sweetness, this flower has a sultry, exotic scent. We use the centuries-old enfleurage process to extract the fragrance’s purest essence and maintain its antioxidants.

*Symbiotic® is Rahua®’s signature standard. In order for an ingredient to be classified as Symbiotic®, it must be rainforest grown (wild) in undisturbed virgin forest, harvested and prepared using indigenous knowledge by people indigenous to the virgin forest environment, and it must be purchased at a price that helps to grow and sustain these traditions, build economies, and empower the indigenous people.

Ingredients: 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | Organic Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, Organic Decolorized Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Oil, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Oil, Organic Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Oenocarpus Batua (Rahua Ungurahua) Oil, Mauritia Flexuosa (Morete) Fruit Oil, Plukenetica Volubilis (Sacha Inchi) Seed Oil, Natural Aroma, Gardenia Jasminoides (Gardenia Enfleurage) Oil. Made in USA.
Overall Assessment: As someone with a true and abiding penchant for beauty oils, I can safely say that Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil is covet-worthy. A+

$42.00 for 1.6 oz. from RahuaThe Detox Market, SephoraPetit Vour and Cult Beauty (Affiliate Links).

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  1. I've been hearing so much about this brand. The hair oil sounds divine!

    1. Their products are absolutely amazing, and definitely worth trying!

  2. Sounds like a great option for smoothing my hair out a bit. I tried their shampoo and conditioner when they first came out years back. It's good stuff!

    1. It really is a great pick for soothing unruly hair. Their products are really greater nd definitely worth checking out again!

  3. I've been offered Rahua to test out but I worried about fragrance. I'm having second thought about it now that I read your amazing review.

    1. Their products definitely have natural scents, but it might be worth trying.

  4. I wonder how this would work on my extensions.

    1. Are you able to use natural oils on your hair with extensions, in general, or does it loosen the fixative? You might send your stylist the list of ingredients and ask whether this is a good idea for your hair.

  5. I'm glad this works for you, my hair is too fine hair oils.

    1. It works really well. The oil is quite light and doesn't weigh down my hair, but if lightweight oils still don't work for you, then this one might not work for you either.


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