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Hakuhodo + Sephora Pro Otsubu Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush

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Among my purchases from the ongoing Sephora Sale is the Hakuhodo + Sephora Pro Otsubu Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush that I just had to have. It's not that I actually needed another makeup brush, because I have more than enough brushes, but I have collected Hakuhodo brushes for many years and couldn't resist this one given its inherent affordability.
Hakuhodo + Sephora Pro Otsubu Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush is a very nice synthetic pointed powder brush with a tapered head that is perfect for contouring, applying bronzer, blush and other powder products. The head is densely packed with soft and fluffy synthetic bristles that effortlessly pick up, deposit and blend powders, and the tapered pointed tip allows for precise control. The bristles are neither too soft, which lends itself to being floppy and ineffective, nor too taut, which lends itself to being harsh and potentially scratchy against the skin. It has a beautiful red lacquered handle (I think that it is wood) and a sturdy metal ferrule with a matte black finish. The brush is well-balanced, comfortable in the hand and very easy to use.
As I have said before, if you are a collector of Hakuhodo brushes, you probably are quite accustomed to using their animal hair bristles, though they do have quite an impressive collection of synthetic brushes as well, and therefore you may already have a preference for animal hair brushes. However, if you are among the many people who prefer to use synthetic brushes, then this brush is definitely worthy of your consideration, and it lives up to Hakuhodo's legendary quality.
According to Sephora,

A revolutionary line of brushes created through a collaboration between the Sephora Pro team and traditional Japanese craftsmen. The brush shapes were chosen for their precision, control, and ability to function as multitaskers.

Otsubu Large Teardrop Pointed Powder Brush is a pointed powder brush to apply powder, contour, or bronzer.

These beautiful brushes feature an innovative synthetic bristle material—the first to benefit from exclusive technology—that creates a softer, fluffier feel with actual bounce while retaining the benefits of synthetic bristles. As a result, these brushes are soft as cashmere, yet deposit more product onto the face due to less absorption and are more hygienic than natural hair. The result of the first ever collaboration between a beauty company and highly-skilled traditional Hakuho-do craftsmen, these brushes benefit from the expertise of the Sephora Pro team and are handmade in Japan using a traditional, 200-year-old manufacturing technique. This ensures the highest quality design, materials, and assembly for astounding results. 
 The whole brush measures about 8 inches long.
 The brush head features soft and densely packed synthetic bristles.
This brush does not contain animal hair and it was not tested on animals.
 The sturdy red box offers elegant presentation, and therefore makes it a great gift.
Overall Assessment:While I certainly didn't need to buy another makeup brush, this Hakuhodo was a worthwhile purchase for me. It is still available, and on sale– therefore ,if you are interested you don't have to miss out. It's beautiful red box and red handle also makes this a nice Valentine's or Galntine's Day gift.

$32.00 (Regularly $49.00) from Sephora (Affiliate Links).
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  1. Looks like a nice brush - love the packaging!

    1. It is a nice brush, and the packaging is perfect if you are giving it as a gift. I really like the brushes from their collaboration.

  2. I'm surprised these weren't a hit when they were first released but it's great that they are available on sale now.

    1. Me too, but my guess is because they feature synthetic bristles, and most Hakuhodo enthusiasts are obsessed with their natural hair brushes– like their Blue Squirrel. It's a shame, though because these are fantastic brushes, and now that they are on sale it's the perfect time to collect them!

  3. Glad these are on sale now, I've heard such great things about them.


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