Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush | Review

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The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush is a wonderful cruelty-free double-ended brush that can be used for highlighting, contouring, or my preferred use– the application and blending of foundations and concealers. The synthetic fibers are densely packed, unbelievably soft and they do not absorb, and waste, your precious products.

The larger end features a flat head that facilitates a seamless, airbrushed finish effortlessly. It easily blends out foundations, softens harsh lines from contouring products and even it blends out pigmented blushes and highlighters. While this head is smaller than many foundation brushes, it is both effective and efficient.

The small end has an angled head that makes contouring easy, but it is also the most incredible tool for the application and blending of under eye concealers. Furthermore, the angled head makes it exceptionally easy to get into the small and curved, areas, of the face.

In addition to synthetic fibers, this brush features a durable wooden handle and an aluminum ferrule in a chic shade of rose gold.

I have washed this brush a couple of times and it has neither shed a hair, not has it lost its shape. Though rather obvious, I suggest storing this brush flat rather than upright– since that isn't good for the bristles. Therefore, I store mine in a drawer where I keep most of my brushes.
According to Charlotte Tilbury,

2-in-1 cruelty-free makeup brush. Darlings, this has luxurious application & a premium look! My Hollywood Complexion Brush is a fabulous 2-in-1 multi-purpose makeup contour brush with advanced synthetic fibres, perfect for effortlessly blending your contour.
• 2-in-1 makeup brush
• 100% animal cruelty-free synthetic fibers
• No hair fall-out
• The large flat-top head will allow you to achieve a flawless base quickly & effortlessly, perfect for contour blending & softening harsh lines
• The angled small head is perfect for precise contouring, as well as concealing under the eyes, around the nose or small curvatures of the face.
This product is made with synthetic bristles. It is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and not tested on animals.
Hair: Synthetic Fibre
Ferrule: Aluminum
Handle: Wood
100% animal cruelty free 3-tone fiber
Overall Assessment: This compact brush has quickly become one of my most reached-for tools, and it has proven to be a very worthwhile purchase.

$40.00 from Charlotte Tilbury, Nordstrom, Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Net-A-Porter, John Lewis, Harvey NicholsHarrods, BeautylishBloomingdale's and Cult Beauty (Affiliate Links).

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  1. I love double-ended brushes. They're so handy. This one from CT looks luxe like all of her makeup

    1. I do too, and this one is AMAZING! I adore this brush and am so happy that I bought it!

  2. That looks like it would be great for applying foundation powder too!

    1. I don't often use powder foundations, but I think that this brush is definitely up for the task! It is a really wonderful brush!

  3. I like the shape of the brushes. Good to know they're cruelty-free too

    1. I really love the same of this brush as well. Her whole line is cruelty-free, and apparently all of her brushes are now synthetic!

  4. I like that is has a concealer brush on the other end.


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