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Gurunanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils

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I have something of an obsession with essential oil diffusers, and have several of them in my house. I am working my way to having one in every single room because they are incredibly soothing and pleasant to use. They quickly transform the home into a wonderfully aromatic environment that is a joy to live in.

My latest discovery, the Gurunanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser, is a wonderful and attractive diffuser that is very easy to use, it emits a gracious amount of aromatherapeutic mist, and the LED lights change colors in the most hypnotic manner. Furthermore, this unit is very affordable and can be used with your favorite essential oils to make your home a delectably aromatic sanctuary. I keep one in the room that houses my cat litter box, and oh what a difference it makes.

According to Gurunanda,

An easy-to-use, high quality device, it utilizes ultrasonic waves to diffuse the essential oils. When used with Gurunanda  ssential oil, the nano-particles of the Gurunanda essential oil together with water form a calming mist that disperses into the air without heating or compromising the benefits of the oil. The soothing LED lights create the perfect environment to experience the restorative, purifying benefits that aromatherapy can provide. Its sleek, modern design easily complements any home or office space.
  • Water Capacity: 100ml
  • Light Modes: Red, Green and Blue color changing LED light
  • Overheating protection
  • Auto shut off when water is low - after about 4 hours
  • Includes U/L certified adapter
  • Continuous mode - Mist lasts up to 3.5 hours
  • Intermittent mode - Mist lasts up to 7 hours
  • Size: 1lb.; 3.4 x 6.9 x 3.40 
  • Material: ABS
How to Use: Simply fill with water and add a few drops of one of your favorite Gurunanda Essential Oils.

Additional Information:

The ultrasonic diffuser creates vibrations that are carried to the surface where oil is floating.
The oil floating on the top of the water gets broken down, and then diffused into the air, filling the surrounding space.

The silent ultrasonic technology used in Gurunanda’s Diffuser will instantly fill your environment with the stimulating effects of pure essential oils.

Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation - humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Prevent dry and chapped skin in dry winter months.
Essential Oils:

GURUNANDA Slim Essential Oil Blends: "are 100% pure and natural essential oils of Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Lemon, Peppermint, and Ginger that we bring FROM FARM TO YOU. The Slim Oil Blend helps to benefit the body and maintaining a healthy diet by boost your metabolism, energize your body, and help you manage cravings better."

GURUNANDA Calming Sleep Essential Oil Blend: "is 100% pure and natural essential oil blend of Lavender, Marjoram, and Chamomile that we bring FROM FARM TO YOU. Our Calming Sleep Essential Oil for sleep helps to clear your minds enough to drift off into dreamland more easily. With just a few drop of our GuruNanda Calming Sleep Essential Oil Blend, you can enjoy the sensation of relax and calm to maximize your sleeping hours."

GURUNANDA Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend: "is 100% Pure and Natural essential oil from farm to you. Our Breathe Easy Oil Blend is a natural remedy that can help you wake up with clear nasal passages. Breathe Easy is a blended oil of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Basil, Tea Tree, and Rosemary Essential Oils. Eucalyptus is the key ingredient in cough and throat medicines that can assists with clear breathing. The cooling and warming effect of peppermint promotes overall respiratory health.  Basil, Tea Tree, and Rosemary all have antiseptic properties that can help to cleanse your body."

GURUNANDA Peppermint Essential Oil: "is certified by Laboratoire PhytoChemia to be 100% Pure and Natural FROM FARM TO YOU. If you are suffering from nasal congestion, adding few drops of Peppermint Oil to an essential oil diffuser can immediate clear nasal passage for better breathing. The fresh scent that it emits has a cooling quality, followed by warmth and comfort that you crave when you’re a little under the weather."

GURUNANDA Lavender Essential Oil "is 100% Pure and Natural from farm to you. Lavender Oil is the most versatile of all essential oils, and is most commonly known for its relaxing and calming effects. Lavender Essential Oil can also help to cleanse cuts, bruises, and skin irritations. The Lavender oil fragrance is calming, relaxing, and balancing. Lavender Oil is easily recognizable by its perfectly balanced, floral-herbaceous aroma. When diffusing Lavender Essential Oil with an oil diffuser, you can enjoy the the sensation of calming, relaxing, refreshing, toning, and cleansing. Try our Lavender Essential Oils for natural aromatherapy today and enjoy the sensation of relaxation and better sleep."

GURUNANDA Eucalyptus Essential Oil: "is 100% Pure and Natural from farm to you. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a great remedy for sinus or nasal congestion. When diffusing Eucalyptus Oils with an oil diffuser, its fresh and penetrating scent can help you to breath easier and  give you the relaxing sensation. GuruNanda Eucalyptus Oil helps to relief sore muscles and speed up the recovery process when you are sick."
Overall Assessment: If you are seeking an affordable oil diffuser for yourself, or as a gift, then I highly recommend the Gurunanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser, and their Essential Oils are first rate as well.

Gurunanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser $19.88-$25.99 from GurunandaAmazon and Walmart.

Gurunanda Essential Oils $6.49-$7.99 each and Sets for $20.00+ from Gurunanda and Amazon (Affiliate Links).

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  1. That's a nice design. I need some of the calm sleep oil for my new puppy. LOL!

    1. I love the design! Yes, the Calm Sleep will help you with Palmer!

  2. What a supercute diffuser! Mine changes color too, but I love the "polka dots" on this one. I'm also eyeing the Breathe Easy eo - I could use that for my asthma

    1. Isn't it darling?! I love that s many of them change color. The Breathe Easy Essential Oil is definitely helpful. I don't know how well it would work for your asthma, but it might be worth trying to see if it helps in any way.

  3. I'm finally taking notice of these. Before I kept away from diffusers but now that I realize I can pick the fragrance that would suit my taste I've got a new appreciation for them. My husband could really use Breathe Easy and I know I'd like Peppermint. Plus this one is so nice looking.

    1. I am so glad that you are starting to think about diffusers, Marcia! I think that you and Marty would both enjoy it, and the Breathe Easy and Peppermint should prove most enjoyable and pleasant for the both of you.

  4. that diffuser is so cute!

    1. It's a really nice diffuser, and I agree that it is super cute!


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