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Boxwalla Wandering Wood Nymph's Sun-Kissed Alchemy Beauty Box | Unveiling and Review #Boxwalla #EarthwiseBeauty

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If you are still contemplating Boxwalla's green beauty boxes, I highly recommend trying them! They offer a carefully curated collection of eco-beauty products in their subscription boxes, and each and every one of them is nothing short of extraordinary.

Boxwalla June Beauty Box : The Wandering Wood Nymph's Sun-Kissed Alchemy ($54.95 from Boxwalla): features three covet-worthy products from Earthwise Beauty.
According to Boxwalla,

Green beauty products often get the bad rap of being boring & ineffective. The Beauty Box challenges that notion and lets you experience the most effective and nutrient-rich beauty products we have experienced. Always cruelty-free.

In the June Beauty Box we feature the work of artisan extraordinaire Ava Zhan, creator of Earthwise Beauty. 

This sunny summer themed June Box contains products that are refreshing, sun protecting and sun-damage correcting: Nap in the Meadow, Ruby Facial Oil & Farizad's Veil.

Ava's products are so fresh and pure, so alive, so filled with a beautiful energy, they are like the skincare equivalent of cold pressed juices. Along with showcasing Ava's astonishing alchemical prowess, these products also seek to encourage that whimsical alchemist in all of us! We can't wait to share them with you!
Earthwise Beauty Ruby Facial Oil is an ultra-luxe antioxidant-rich oil that is lightweight, fast absorbing and deeply hydrating. It is formulated for all skin types, and it is nourishing tough to use as a stand-alone moisturizer during the warmer months of summer.  It leaves skin soft, remarkably supple, silky smooth, dewy and with pronounced radiance. It has a delightful fruity scent that is informed by the guava fruit, pequi fruit and rose hips, but Earthwise Beauty opted not to use any essential oils– making Ruby very well-suited for people with sensitive skin. While Ruby is an orange oil, it sinks directly into the skin and is completely nonstaining.

According to Earthwise Beauty,

Ruby Facial Oil is fruitiness and antioxidant punch in an extremely lightweight, powerfully hydrating oil base, appropriate for all skin types, from acne-prone and oily to dry, sensitive, and sun-damaged skin.

While this is an incredible multitasking oil when used alone, particularly for daytime use in the warmer seasons, our main goal was to offer a face oil that would work perfectly with Farizad's Veil SPF 30+ Powder. This zinc-oxide-based sunscreen creates a lotion when mixed with a facial oil, and the lotion is lighter and most appealing to use during hot summer months if the oil of choice is just like Ruby: lightweight, hydrating, low on emollients, and a liquid consistency. You can use a generous amount of Ruby and your skin will never feel oily, just more hydrated.

Directions: Massage a few drops at a time onto freshly cleaned, still moist face. Rubbing in with fingertips, creating outward, upward circles, will stimulate circulation and enhance absorption. Or, pour a single use amount into a ceramic bowl, add a serving of Farizad's Veil SPF 30+ Powder, and stir to blend into a seamless lotion. Ruby can also be mixed with Nap in the Meadow Face Serum into a complete lightweight moisturizer (mix one use amount at a time).

Ingredients: Organic Psidium guajava (guava) seed oil (India), organic Silybum marianum (milk thistle) seed oil, Vacinnium macrocarpon (cranberry) oil*, organic whole-fruit Rosa canina (rosehip) oil, Plukenetia volubilis (sacha inchi) seed oil*, Rubus ideaus (raspberry) seed oil*, organic pequi fruit oil, wildcrafted Moringa oleifera seed oil, blue tamanu oil* (India), organic buriti fruit oil, turmeric supercritical CO2 Select extract* (India), vitamin E (from certified non-GMO sunflowers), organic primrose seed CO2 Total extract, organic celery CO2 Total, wildcrafted mimosa flower absolute (artisanally extracted in Grasse, France).*Certified organic.
Earthwise Beauty Nap in the Meadow Face Serum is an ultra-lightweight aloe vera-based serum that sinks into the skin immediately, and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Its gel-like texture and dewy consistency, coupled with its uplifting aroma, work together to create a wonderful tactile and sensory experience. Nap in the Meadow is a lusciously hydrating serum that is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm and soothe irritated, sensitive skin, and its antioxidant-rich anti-aging ingredients soften the appearance of fine lines and protect the skin. It is a really special serum that is truly unlike anything else that I have tried.

According to Earthwise Beauty,

Here is an ultra-lightweight aloe-based serum that looks spearmint-y and smells of a spring meadow to some, and of just-picked strawberries to others. 

It is a dew-consistency almost-liquid that is close to oil-free, yet it delivers a broad range of benefits in a single product: deep hydration, strong anti-inflammatory action, anti-oxidants, anti-aging benefits, refreshing effects, and even some acne reducing, tissue repairing, and sunburn and sun damage repair. And it makes your toner or mist optional. We recommend using this serum as the first moisturizing step, before a facial oil or oil-based serum.

For all skin types, especially dry, mature, acne, combination, oily, and skin with eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. If you have allergies or skin sensitivities but are able to tolerate products with nonirritant essential oils as active ingredients, you should be able to tolerate this product well.

Select Ingredients and their Attributes:

Turmeric CO2 supercritical extract: "Ava chose this turmeric form because it provides incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, yet is nonirritating."

Yarrow oil: "This deep blue oil from Bulgaria is distilled from white yarrow flowers and is one of the top anti-inflammatory essential oils, along with German blue chamomile and helichrysum. We used all of these oils in Nap in the Meadow, as each contributes slightly different effects. Yarrow oil is nondrying, yet it helps heal acne and balance excessively oily skin, and it soothes inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema."

German blue chamomile oil: "German chamomile flowers are white and yellow but their distilled oil is a dark blue. It is one of Ava's very top ingredients for decreasing skin inflammation (apparent as unhealthy redness) and pain (extremely helpful with painful acne breakouts).

Helichrysum (Italian everlasting): "We chose two different helichrysum essential oils, one from Croatia and one from Bosnia. They each contribute slightly different chemical compositions and scents. Helichrysum oils are very expensive and are the number-one essential oils for revitalizing skin tissue in an utterly soothing manner (helichrysum is so mild, it can be used undilluted on burns). Extremely beneficial for wrinkles, sagging of the skin, other signs of skin aging, scar healing, and sunburn."

Two different lavender species from France: "Lavender oil is one of the top active skin care ingredients, and it is used here to revitalize skin and address persistent dryness more than for the fragrance. For this formula, we chose wild lavender from France, hand-gathered and distilled by an artisan distiller. Its fragrance is very delicate and complex. Our second lavender is also from France and it contributes a sweeter and more floral aroma, without any sharpness."

Rose geranium and geranium bourbon: "High-quality, unadulterated geranium oils with beautiful scents are hard to source. Ava's finds are exquisite: floral yet delicate, never heavy, in terms of fragrance. Geranium is one of the top essential oils for dry and mature skin."

Elderberry extract: "An incredible dose of antioxidants to delay skin aging and reverse UV damage.
Galbanum: This essential oil is made from galbanum resin, an ancient wound-healing agent for slow-to-heal skin conditions and also used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Included here to aid skin tissue repair and scar healing and prevention."

Copaiba balsam resin: "Another healing resin, this one from Brazil, used here to contribute acne-healing properties."

Aloe: "Most of us love aloe in place of water in facial care products, and this cold-press whole-leaf aloe is pure, fresh, and thickened just a touch by natural xanthan gum. It provides skin tissue repair, relief from sunburn, inflammation reduction, faster healing of any irritation, and highly and quickly absorbable moisture."

Directions: Use generously alone or under an emollient product on the face, and under eyes if your skin tolerates the product well on this sensitive area, 1–2 times a day. You can follow with an emollient yet light facial oil or emollient moisturizer immediately upon application of Nap in the Meadow. Shake often to remix. Store away from direct light exposure. Ideally REFRIGERATE, which protects freshness and enhances the cooling, refreshing, and de-puffing properties. If redness or sensitivity appears when you first use Nap in the Meadow, allow your skin to adjust to the product gradually, by using only a thin layer once a day for the first 7–14 days.

Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice*, elderberry fruit extract, turmeric CO2 Total supercritical extract, caprylyl capryl glucoside (naturally derived), naturally derived non-GMO unrefined tocopherol (vitamin E), lavender oil (* and †), yarrow oil*, Italian everlasting oil†, German blue chamomile oil*, potassium sorbate (natural preservative), organic geranium bourbon oil, geranium rose oil*, copaiba balsam resin†, galbanum oil*, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), wildflower essences†. *Certified organic. †Responsibly wildcrafted. Aloe vera certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for purity and content.
Earthwise Beauty Farizad's Veil SPF 30+ Powder is an inventive, and effective, non-nano particle sunscreen powder that you simply mix with your favorite face oil, and as previously noted it works perfectly with Earthwise Beauty's Ruby Facial Oil. When mixed, these two products transform into a lightweight and non-clogging sunscreen that nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin. I am still experimenting with this, and I am quite excited by its efficacy and its lovely texture. Alone, the powder has light and pleasant floral aroma– from which I detect the Rosa centifolia absolute.

According to Earthwise Beauty,

Farizad's Veil is Ava's take on a sun shield formula for the contemporary woman: luxurious, non-pore-clogging, light, breathable, flexible, and with a beautiful, sophisticated natural scent.
It is a liberation of sunscreen itself from its typically oily carrier medium. Since most of us have a carefully researched and tested skin care ritual for our skin type, we don't want to add a layer of sunscreen cream into the mix, which could clog the pores or feel unbreathable or heavy.

With Farizad's Veil, you use your beloved daytime facial oil and add just a bit of Farizad's Veil powder to it. It mixes right in and offers a range of protection options depending on how much of the powder you use, without inadvertently adding anything undesirable.

The sun protective ingredient here is highest-grade, minimally processed non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide (particle size 325 nm), which is the healthiest, safest, and most reliable sunscreen ingredient available today (the only other nontoxic option is titanium dioxide, another mineral sunscreen, but it does not offer full-spectrum UV protection; all other sunscreen options are chemical compounds). 

Since Farizad's Veil is a physical barrier, protecting the skin from external factors including the sun's rays, it doesn't matter whether you implement it in your moisturizer or makeup layer. Zinc oxide offers nice coverage and mattifying properties, so you may find you don't even need to use a foundation with Farizad's Veil.

Tips: If you want a light-feel, "second skin" type of sun shield, mix Farizad's Veil with a moisturizing, light facial oil or oil-based serum. Zinc oxide disperses in oils, allowing you to instantly create a protective lotion. We find that when preparing this sunscreen mixture, we use a few more drops of oil or serum than if we were using the oil or serum alone (otherwise you end up with a paste that is hard to spread evenly).

For all skin types, including acne, combination, sensitive, and mature.

Directions: Measure out a single-use amount of the powder (1/32 to 1/16) into a ceramic mixing bowl and add several drops up to half a dropper of your daytime facial oil or oil-based serum. Mix with your fingertips to create a thin, smooth lotion. Apply onto the skin, rubbing in gently with your fingertips to minimize the whitening effect and to distribute evenly. Add a few extra drops of your oil directly onto your face if needed. We especially recommend using our Ruby Facial Oil to mix with Farizad's Veil, as that oil is lightweight, sun-protective, fast-absorbing, and highly appropriate for daytime use in the summer.

Ingredients: Active ingredient: non-nano uncoated zinc oxide 94% (Canada); others: aloe barbadensis whole leaf powder*, Rosa centifolia absolute (Morocco; organic and hexane free whenever available), wildcrafted pink champaca absolute (India; hexane free whenever available), organic Pelargonium graveolens (geranium bourbon) oil, Pelargonium roseum (rose geranium) oil*, wildcrafted frankincense oil (Oman).*Certified organic. Certified cruelty free, vegan, cold process, all natural, handcrafted, fair trade.
Overall Assessment: This is another extraordinary green beauty box from Boxwalla, and I am thrilled by this introduction to Earthwise Beauty. I cannot sufficiently underscore the extent to which Boxwalla is worthy of your attention. I can't wait to see their August box, it is sure to delight. A+

$54.95 (Retail Value $158.00) from Boxwalla. Free U.S Shipping. (Affiliate Links)
Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.
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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to describe the June Boxwalla box and our products in it in such detail. I hope you will enjoy every single item!

    1. Hi Ava! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment– I am touched! I am coveting every single drop of your beautiful products, and can hardly wait to try more of your products! xoxo

  2. I really need to try that spf powder. It's sounds so interesting to put the powder in my serum. What a great box of goodies!!

    1. Hi Stacie, You will be incredibly impressed! This is such a truly amazing box, but Boxwalla never disappoints!

  3. What interesting products. I'd never heard of the line so this box is a true find.

    1. They are truly spectacular products, and Boxwalla consistently introduces me to amazing eco-friendly green beauty brands that I haven't tried before. This is the most amazing beauty box service that I have tried!

  4. What a cool trio of natural products! They sound so different. Love the ultra-lightweight serum and the mixable powder with SPF is so different. Great stuff!

    1. They really are amazing, Allison! This is such a different brand, and from what I have tried– I am truly impressed. This is definitely a brand worth trying, and Boxwalla is a beauty blog worth checking out! The serum and mixable SPF are fantastic, and the face oil is delightful as well!

  5. What a great selection of products! I love the sound of the powder suncreen.

    1. It is a wonderful assortment, and yes– the sunscreen powder is fantastic!

  6. thankyou so much for describing about beauty box

  7. The SPF powder is SO interesting, I've never seen a product like that!


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