Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wally's Natural Organic Body Oil | Review

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Just in case you are seek a body oil that is affordable and made from very high quality ingredients, then let me introduce you to Wally's Natural Organic Body Oil! This wonderful oil was formulated to treat scars, stretch marks and dry skin, and while my skin does not have any of these conditions, I can tell you that it is an absolute treat for my skin. Filled with certified organic ingredients, this nourishing body oil is lightweight, fast absorbing and ultra-moisturizing. It has a convenient roller ball applicator, the likes of which you would find in liquid deodorants, which makes application very easy, and it mitigates unwanted spills. It leaves skin soft, smooth, supple, hydrated and glowing. I simply roll it on anywhere that I seek added moisture, and la voilà! It has a light, pleasant aroma that is largely a result of the Calendula and Lavender oils, but it does fade soon upon absorption. One of my favorite ways to use it is to apply it to the backs of my hands before I apply a rich hand cream, and it definitely works wonders in this capacity.

According to Wally's Natural,

Designed with only the highest quality, USDA certified Organic ingredients, this lush, moisturizing body oil will help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and dry skin. Made using an ideal blend of Chickweed and Calendula extracts, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, this fast absorbing moisturizer works in a two stage process. First the phytocoropols carry the oils down into the deepest layers of skin, then the Sesame seed oil acts as a sealing agent locking in hydration that lasts. Care for your skin and keep it looking beautiful the natural way.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, on your third pregnancy, or simply want beautiful skin, Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil has you covered. Nourish your skin and improve the look of scars, stretch marks, and dry and aging skin, this organic formula is sure to keep skin hydrated and naturally radiant, and restore your skin’s supple feel and youthful appearance.
Ingredients: Sesame Seed Oil*, Castor Oil*, Calendula Extract*, Chickweed Extract*, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract*, Lavender Oil*, Vitamin E, Geranium Oil* *Certified Organic Ingredients
Overall Assessment: Not only is this a wonderfully nourishing body oil, but the smart packaging makes it convenient to carry in your purse! I'm impressed, and will no doubt finish this bottle and purchase a replacement!

$11.99 for 2 oz. from Wally's Natural, Target, Amazon and Walmart (Affiliate Links).
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  1. This could be a life saver to so many people, especially pregnant ladies.

    1. It's really a wonderful oil, and I think anyone who uses body oils would really enjoy this one!

  2. That roller ball applicator is a selling point for me! I could use this for dry skin right now.

    1. It is for me as well, Stacie! It's a very nourishing and moisturizing oil, and I am very pleased with the results!

  3. I'll have to remember this brand for my mom. She has a some scarring and dryness she uses oils on and this sounds like it could be perfect.

    1. This would be a great oil for your mom to try, Bailey! The price is right, as well!


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