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KINX Gel Eyeliner and Get Fresh Face Wipes | Review

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If you have not yet heard about KINX, it is a small and independent makeup company that was created for fitness enthusiasts who live a very active lifestyle. Thus far they offer three smudge-proof gel eyeliners and facial wipes– all of which boast high quality, the efficacy that is promised, and that are a true pleasure to use.
According to KINX,

We’re a makeup company created by fitness freaks for fitness freaks. We believe beauty comes from the inside out. From what we put into our bodies to what we put into the world.

As a grassroots collective, we collaborate with over 100 members of the fitness community to bring you products to help you look your best even in the sweatiest situations.
KINX Gel Eyeliner ($15.00 each from KINX): Eyeliners have always been among my very favorite categories of makeup, and that has been true since I was a teenager (when eyeliner and lip gloss was the only makeup that I would wear). For me, the benchmarks of an exquisite eye liner, notwithstanding finding the perfect color, has always been about its smooth and creamy consistency coupled with smudge-proof longevity. KINX Gel Eyeliners are smooth and creamy gels that glide across the skin effortlessly, deposit color evenly and they are ultra-pigmented. Each of the three shades– Cream, Syrup and Black– do not flake, migrate, smudge or transfer once they set. They have the tenacity of waterproof eyeliners, but without the harshness that often irritates sensitive eyes. When I wear KINX Gel Eyeliners they last all day long without any fading or smudging, and they only come off when I remove them.
Cream is a peachy pink with luminescence.
Syrup is a deep and rich brown.
Black is a deep and rich black.
KINX Gel Eyeliners are conveniently retractable, and they feature a removable built-in sharpener.
According to KINX,

You can tell a lot about someone through their eyes. Which is why our gel eyeliner isn’t just sweat proof. It’s also smudge proof.

The retractable pencil comes with a built-in sharpener so you're always ready to rock. We're also keeping things paraben free—with no harmful chemicals or preservatives.
Top to Bottom: Cream, Syrup and Black
Ingredients Top to Bottom: Cream, Syrup and Black
KINX Get Fresh Deep Cleansing Face Wipes ($8.00 for 30 Sheets from KINX): These wipes are perfect for your gym bag, travel bag or purse to clean your face or body whenever you need to freshen up. They have a pleasant, light fragrance that is refreshing, but not in the least bit cloying. They effectively remove dirt, sweat and pollutants, and they leave skin soft and supple. 

According to KINX,

Our deep cleansing face wipes can help you freshen up in any situation. Use them on your face. Or your body. Or hell, use them on someone else's body!

Wipes come in a small, portable pouch with a resealable flap to keep them nice and moist. Yes, we just said the word "moist."
KINX Get Fresh Deep Cleansing Wipes Ingredients
Overall Assessment: I am so thrilled to have discovered KINX, and cannot wait to try their next creations. If you seek smudge-proof eyeliners and high quality face wipes, then KINX should be on your radar.

$35.00 (a $23.00 savings) for all 3 Gel Eyeliners and the Deep Cleansing Face Wipes from KINX.
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  1. Love the sound of those liners! It can be so tough to find a formula that doesn't tug, but isn't so creamy that it smudges.

    1. The liners are absolutely fantastic! I have been wearing the black one every single day! They have the perfect consistency!

  2. Since they are for active women then I don't feel bad that I never heard of them. LOL. They all look great and especially the brown eyeliner which is a true brown and not a black brown. That would be fun to try.

    1. It's a new line, so you may not have heard of them. These liners are for everyone, but they are effective enough to withstand a serious workout!

  3. The liners look so great! I really like the look of Cream for a brightening effect.

    1. They really are fantastic liners! Yes, Cream is perfect for a brightening effect!


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