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Pai-Shau Haircare for Luscious Locks | Review

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With New Year's Eve, and the new year, rapidly approaching there is a good chance that you could be looking for a new haircare line to switch things up. Also, if you are planning to partaking in the New Year's Eve festivities, you probably need some styling products that can hold up all night (and morning) long! Pai-Shau Haircare, a professional salon haircare line, which is one of my latest obsessions, features fantastic products that will pamper, nourish and style your tresses. Their products are innovative, effective and a true pleasure to use, and therefore I thought that I would share my thoughts about each of their products that I have been testing.

About Pai-Shau Haircare:

Pai-Shau means Passion for Life. The name was inspired by our journey to discover beauty in a different way. Led by passion, we looked to an age-old ritual practiced by cultures all over the world.

For centuries, tea has been consumed for its remarkable healing properties. Deemed as a wonder drink, its benefits are known to lead to a healthier lifestyle and combat the effects of aging. Inspired by their ability to enhance, nourish and protect internally, Pai-Shau discovered how to replicate those same holistic benefits into products made for the hair.

Our Signature Tea Complex, made of African Red Bush, White, Black, Pu-erh and Japanese Matcha Green Teas, is infused into every product for root to tip nourishment, enhanced shine, and weightless moisture. The hair’s natural beauty is restored.

Our T-Sylk Technology maintains the teas’ potency and ensures its nutrients are fully absorbed. Hair is left with a clean finish for versatility and simplicity. Styling becomes effortless. Ideal for every style. Every texture. Everyone.

Pai-Shau inspires trends from an authentic place. We empower others to express individuality and explore their own passions. Self-confidence allows you to embrace the moment, Pai-Shau gives you tools.

All Pai-Shau products are free of gluten, parabens, sulfates and phosphates, with no added sodium chloride. The entire line is residue-free, animal cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny-approved and vegan friendly.
Pai-Shau Hydrating Ritual Replenishing Hair Cleanser ($26.00 for 8.4 oz. from Pai-Shau): This really is an ultra-hydrating shampoo that forms the creamiest ultra-luxe lather, and it is thoroughly non-stripping! It leaves my naturally curly hair soft, smooth, shiny and frizz-free. Furthermore, it is sulfate-free, color safe, and very concentrated– so a little goes a long way. It has a light, pleasant slightly sweet fragrance, but I do not find that it lingers.

According to Pai-Shau,

Formulated with advanced technology, Hydrating Ritual Replenishing Hair Cleanser restores your hair back to its youthful appearance with a unique combination of amino acids and essential vitamins & minerals. Our Signature Tea Complex deeply infuses hair with moisture, restoring its natural shine. The Hydrating Ritual Replenishing Hair Cleanser is concentrated with the highest grade ingredients creating a luxurious lather.

Features: Signature Tea Complex deeply infuses hair with moisture • Luxurious lather that is sulfate free • Combination of amino acids and essential vitamins & minerals • Suitable for all hair types

Pai-Shau Hydrating Ritual Replenishing Cream Conditioner ($28.00 for 8.4 oz. from Pai-Shau): This conditioner is very nourishing and hydrating without weighing hair down, and it leaves hair remarkably soft, supple and shiny. Furthermore, it fights frizz, makes hair manageable and detangles unruly locks with ease. It has the same lovely scent as the cleanser, but it does not linger in the hair for very long.

According to Pai-Shau,

Designed to rehydrate dry, lifeless hair while replenishing its natural sheen. The Replenishing Cream Conditioner contains a proprietary emollient blend of rice amino acids to strengthen the hair while hydrolyzed oat proteins calm the cuticle and restore luster. This velvety formula defies logic by infusing moisture without adding weight.

Features: Signature Tea Complex in combination with rice amino acids and oat proteins to strengthen the hair • Weightless moisture • Suitable for all hair types

Pai-Shau Hydrating Ritual Supreme Revitalizing Mask ($43.00 for 9.5 oz. from Pai-Shau): This is an ultra-rich deep conditioning mask that is very, very moisturizing! For my dry, curly hair, this is a dream-come-true conditioner because it is very rich and nourishing without weighing down my curls. It leaves my hair very manageable, super soft, smooth and shiny. Additionally, it fights frizz and allows me to come my wet hair effortlessly. I should also mention that it has a delectable warm and creamy scent that I absolutely love!

According to Pai-Shau,

A rare blend of high-performance cationic polymers that infuse moisture into the hair while adding an anti-static barrier of protection from the environment. Our Signature Tea Complex penetrates the cuticle, nourishing the hair from the inside out. The Hydrating Ritual Supreme Revitalizing Mask is so unique that our weightless formula actually generates volume in the hair while adding softness and shine.

Features: High performance cationic polymers that infuse moisture in to the hair • Signature Tea Complex for weightless moisture • Provides shine, moisture and sheen to the hair • Suitable for all hair types
Pai-Shau Sublime Hold Hairspray ($29.50 for 14 oz. from Pai-Shau): This hairspray offers medium flexible hold, and it neither flakes, nor does it feel unnatural to the touch. Hair moves naturally and doesn't look hair sprayed.

According to Pai-Shau,

Sublime Hold Hairspray provides a medium flexible hold for effortless looks and tousled hairstyles. Equipped with a 360 degree nozzle, spray at any angle for ease of style. Our Signature Tea Complex provides shine and protection from environmental stressors and allows for the perfect movable, touchable hold that won’t build up.

Features: 360 Degree Nozzle Spray • Great for touchable and movable hold • Suitable for all hair types

Pai-Shau Imperial Hold Hairspray ($29.50 for 14 oz. from Pai-Shau): This is the perfect strong-hold hairspray for people who have structured looks that require all-day hold that medium-hold formulas cannot maintain. It also adds luminous shine without sacrificing hold.

According to Pai-Shau,

Imperial Hold Hairspray provides immaculate hold and shine for your structured looks. Dries instantly for all day hold. Equipped with a 360 degree nozzle, spray at any angle for ease of style. Our Signature Tea Complex provides shine and protection from environmental stressors while keeping style locked in place.

Features: Movable 360 degree nozzle for ease of style • Signature Tea Complex provides shine and protection from environmental stressors • Suitable for structured hair looks

Pai-Shau Royal Abundance Mousse ($26.00 for 8 oz. from Pai-Shau): If you use hair mousse, then you need to know about this lightweight and non-sticky masterpiece. It adds some volume and touchable hold without ever getting crunchy and flaky. It adds moisture and shine, but does so without looking like your hair is loaded with product. It has a light and pleasant fragrance, but it is not in the least bit overpowering, and I do find that it fades rather quickly.

According to Pai-Shau,

Royal Abundance Mousse provides style memory with luminous, weightless volume for your style.  Our Signature Tea Complex nourishes the hair from inside out providing you with amazing shine, moisture rich bounce and touchable hold.

Features: Infused with Signature Exotic Tea Complex to strengthen, nourish and protect the hair with volume and hold • Non sticky and weightless hold • Suitable for all hair types

Pai-Shau Style Soufflé ($32.00 for 8.4 oz. from Pai-Shau): This is an incredibly lightweight and creamy gel-like styling product that moisturizes the hair while offering control over unruly tresses with a light hold and a natural feel. It offers soft volume and shine, and is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair. It has a very pleasant light scent, but I find that it fades quite quickly.

According to Pai-Shau,

A distinct, airy styling agent containing nourishing and reparative extracts designed to give you control and manageability. Formulated for all hair textures, Design Ritual Style Soufflé is infused with antioxidants to retain moisture during the styling process, maintaining the integrity of the hair.  This formula infuses soft volume and memory to your style.

Features: Infused with antioxidants to retain moisture during styling process • Creates Soft volume and memory to your style • For straight, curly or wavy styles • Suitable for all types

Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion ($45.00 for 4 oz. from Pai-Shau): This is a very unique haircare product, and it is unlike anything that I have ever tried. It boasts a "Biphasic" formula– not unlike serums and dual-phase eye makeup removers– and thus it requires shaking before use to incorporate all of the ingredients. It can be used on wet (towel dried) or dry hair to add unsurpassed shine, moisture and thermal protection. Furthermore, it fights frizz, makes hair more supple, smooth and manageable. I am thoroughly obsessed with this product!

According to Pai-Shau,

Biphasic Infusion is a potent rejuvenating concentrate containing the highest content of our Signature Tea Complex. Biphasic Infusion provides extreme shine and healthier looking hair from the very first use. An advanced binary technology drives our Signature Tea Complex deep inside the cuticle to nourish the hair’s structure, attracting moisture and locking it inside. Fortified with antioxidants and amino acids, it surrounds hair with a sheer veil of shielding properties known to provide thermal and environmental protection.

What is T-Sylk Technology and how does it work?  T-Sylk Technology combines the highest concentration of our Signature Tea Complex with a weightless silk concentrate for ultimate hydration. Phase 1 Our Signature Tea Complex deeply penetrates the hair to deliver intense moisture, shine and protection.  Phase 2  Locks moisture in the hair and provides thermal protection for silky smooth shine. This innovative new hair technology is completely weightless and will never build up or coat the hair.  This is what we at Pai-Shau call T-Sylk Technology.

Features: Highest concentration of our Signature Tea Complex • Advance binary technology that works in two phases to super saturate the hair with moisture and lock it inside • Provides thermal and environmental protection • Suitable for all hair types

Directions: Shake well to activate. Add one to two pumps of product to clean, towel dried hair beginning mid-shaft to ends. May also be used on dry hair to smooth and add shine.
Overall Assessment: I am very impressed by Pai-Shau, and their shampoo, conditioner, mask, Soufflé and Biphasic Infusion are a part of my regular haircare routine. It is definitely worth checking to see which salons in your area stock Pai-Shau– because this is a very impressive line.

Available from Pai-Shau and authorized hair salons (find them HERE).
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