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Empties Post Volume L: December 2016

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With very few exceptions, nearly everything that I finished up this month came out of my shower. While I am still rounding up my mostly used up products, and while I continue to make a concerted effort to use them up– in December it is clear that the products that were the easiest to finish up were the ones that were accumulating in my shower.

LUMENE Refreshing Cleansing Foam (Reviewed HERE): This is a refreshing, foaming cleanser that is best for use on normal to combination skin. It thoroughly cleanses, without stripping, and it leaves skin bright and clean.

Manuka Secrets Cleanse (Reviewed HERE): is a non-lathering daily cream cleanser that leaves skin thoroughly cleansed and ultra moisturized. It contains nourishing ingredients like Almond Oil, Manuka Honey and Shea Butter that moisturize and protect the skin, and it removes every bit of makeup without stripping the skin. If you have dry skin, or if the colder weather is wreaking havoc on your skin, then this is a great cleanser to try.  It has a warm and earthy scent that is delightful.

Manuka Secrets Day Creme (Reviewed HERE): is a very lightweight and fast absorbing antioxidant-rich daytime moisturizer that provides long-lasting intensive hydration. Manuka Honey soothes and softens the skin, Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture and plumps fine lines, Shea Butter deeply moisturizes, and CoQ10 supports skin's natural regeneration. It leaves skin soft, supple, hydrated and luminous. The earthy scent only lingers for a few minutes before it fades away.

Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave in Honey Mango: This remains an absolute staple in our household, and I buy them four at a time. The formula is ultra-moisturizing and creamy, but it does not clog up your razor. It smells delectable, and it leaves skin soft and silky-smooth. Already purchased several more tubes!

J.R. Watkins Coconut Scented Room Refresher (Reviewed HERE): This is the perfect pick-me up to give your house a fresh scent. Coconut Scented Room Spray eliminates odors in any room of the house, and is great if you have pets. In addition to using this throughout my house, I love to spritz it near my kitty litter box, and it really does the trick.

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum: This is an utterly intoxicating, rich and sensual fragrance. The warm, smoky tobacco is warmed up by the vanilla, and it is one of my most coveted fragrances. I bought a large bottle, and am savoring every drop.

Inspired by an English gentlemen’s club, redolent with spice, this reinvention of a classic fragrance genre fuses creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet wood sap for a modern, opulent, and almost heady impression.

Mirai Clinical Formula Body Spritzer (Reviewed HERE): This body spritzer is intended to keep you dry and to provide superior levels of deodorant protection. It works quite well under the arms, and on the on the feet, and the light grapefruit scent is neither cloying, nor overpowering. It comes in a  small and portable pen-sized spray tube that makes it ultra convenient to use.
Whole Foods Market 365 Fragrance Free Conditioner (Reviewed HERE): The Whole Foods Market's 365 Everyday Value line of shampoos and conditioners are really fantastic quality, and they were revamped earlier in the year making them even better than before. They are very affordable, and you can pick them up easily if you shop at Whole Foods.

Hask Kalahari Oil Color Protection Conditioner (Reviewed HERE): This is a very nourishing conditioner that not only protects and preserves color-treated tresses, but it also leaves hair nourished, manageable, shiny, detangled and frizz-free!

Surya Brasil Sapien Women Leave-In Conditioner (Reviewed HERE): This leave-in deeply conditions the hair, and leaves it shiny and silky. Additionally, it effectively fights frizz and fly-aways.

Honor Haircare Mask: This is a very, very rich deep conditioner, and only the tiniest amount is needed. I mistakenly used a large amount the first time that I tried it, and it was way too much. I had to rewash my hair to remove it, and once I used the right amount I really loved how it deeply moisturized my hair.

Giovanni 2 Chic Blackberry & Coconut Mix Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir (Reviewed HERE): High quality leave-In conditioners are a remarkably effective way to nourish the hair, to make it manageable, and to fight frizz and fly-aways. It is an essential step for my often unruly hair, and I have had great success with this formula. It effectively detangles, fights frizz, and leaves my hair soft and silky-smooth.  The delicious coconut oil and blackberry aroma lingers for about an hour before fading away.

Novex Bamboo Sprout Extra Deep Hair Care Treatment Cream Mask (Featured HERE): I am a huge proponent deep conditioners, and was looking forward to trying this one out, but as is often the case a single test packet doesn't provide enough product to form a meaningful opinion.
ECO Body Wash Grapefruit + Rosehip Oil (Reviewed HERE): If you love refreshing grapefruit scented body products, then this is a great choice. The scent is uplifting and delicious, but not overpowering, and the formula is non-drying on the skin. Furthermore, this product is free of sulphates and parabens– which I tend to seek out. I definitely intend to purchase a bottle when I finish this one up.

Trader Joe's Hand Soap in Lavender & Chamomile: This is a staple in our house, and I tend to buy them 3 or 4 at a time. It has a very light scent that is a pleasant fusion of the lavender and chamomile that I find quite soothing. It is ultra gentle, non-stripping and thoroughly cleansing. Absolute unmitigated A+

KORRES Chamomile Softening Soap (Reviewed HERE): is a mild, and very gentle,  glycerin-based cleansing soap that was developed for use on the face and body. It has a lovely light floral scent that isn't in the least bit cloying, and it forms a nice lather that leaves skin thoroughly cleansed and almost squeaky clean without feeling in the least bit stripped. I have tried it on my face, body and hands, but tend to prefer using multipurpose soaps on my body and hands. It did, however, do a lovely job thoroughly cleaning my face without leaving it taut or uncomfortable. This bar also works very well for shaving legs and armpits!

Phytomer Seaweed Soap (Reviewed HERE): I have fallen madly in love with this Seaweed Soap, and I definitely need to buy another bar because I miss it already! It does a remarkably efficient job of sweeping away dead skin cells, but it is so gentle that I can use it every single day. I was initially astonished by the extent to which it leaves my skin velvety soft and silky smooth, but now that I have become accustomed to its exemplary performance I cannot imagine myself without it. I don't store it in the shower because I like to allow it to dry out thoroughly between uses.

Cetaphil Eczema Calming Body Wash (Reviewed HERE): I absolutely love this body wash! It is an ultra-gentle soap-free cleanser that has a satisfying lather. It neither strips the skin, nor does it leave behind a residue, but instead it gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin. My skin is left soft, supple and moisturized.
Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel (Reviewed HERE): This is my second time using the Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, and it is by far the most effective foot feel that I have tried. Baby Foot Exfoliant is an all-natural, foot exfoliant that removes dead skin and callouses unlike anything that I have experienced before. It leaves feet unbelievably soft and smooth without any rigorous effort on your part. The formula features 17 types of natural extracts that allow your feet to exfoliate natural and effectively.

Baby Foot is remarkably easy to use, but should obviously be avoided if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. It is a very active and effective enzyme peel that makes your feet molt like nothing you have ever seen before. In fact, it is so effective, and the results are so shocking, that I found it too unsightly to post a picture of my feet after they began to peel in sheets!

Youngblood Minerals in the Mist in Relax (Reviewed HERE): Gives skin a moisture boost with these facial mists. Infused with pure essential oils and vitamins to protect and hydrate skin. Use after cleansing to lock in moisture and after makeup application to set foundation. This fantastic spray contains "vital minerals such as Hematite, Rodalite, and Zincite that provide protection for skin cells, rejuvenate skin tissue, and acts as pure cell energizers." Relax feels unbelievably great on the skin, and it truly has a calming aromatherapeutic quality that leaves you with a sense of well-being, and it does so while making your skin look and feel great!

Spongellé Ginger Bergamot Body Wash Infused Buffer (Reviewed HERE): is dual-sided body wash-infused sponge with the delightful scent that is best described as a warm citrus. Unlike their You Have My Heart on a String body buffer, this one has the same non-abrasive texture on both sides. While it lacks the exfoliator on one side, it still offers enough friction to exfoliate dead skin cells.

What did you use up, toss out, giveaway or return in December? Any real winners or duds to report?

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