Wednesday, July 27, 2016

TATCHA Limited Edition Kafu Kyoto Sun Parasol for 2016

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TATCHA Limited Edition Kafu Kyoto Sun Parasol for 2016 ($125.00 from TATCHA. 84 cm in length, 83 cm in diameter):

According to TATCHA,

There is perhaps no image from Kyoto more iconic than that of a geisha making her way along the cobblestone streets, carrying a colorful parasol. Our Kafu Kyoto Sun Parasol captures that magic, beautifully combining expert artisanship with everyday practicality.
Decorated with a swirl of flower petals, this year’s parasol was inspired by the Japanese word for 'flower breeze.' Kafu brings to mind the delicate petals that catch the summer wind and flutter down the streets of Kyoto.

With proper care, your parasol will bring you years of stylish protection from the sun. Store in a cool, dry place inside the included bag. Not for use in the rain.

Made of washi paper, bamboo and tightly woven thread, our Kafu Parasols were handcrafted exclusively for Tatcha by a centuries-old family business in Kyoto. The studio has supplied parasols to generations of nobility, geisha and connoisseurs, and is one of the remaining few creating parasols using traditional methods. Nearly 100 steps are required to make each parasol, many needing special expertise because of the delicate materials.
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