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Empties Post Volume XLIII: April 2016

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April, more than anything, was a month in which I primarily used up things in my shower, but there were a couple of items that I finished up that were in my travel bag. This was a light month for finishing things up, but I still felt satisfaction in recycling these empty containers. Ordinarily I would wait until the end of the month to post this, in order to allow myself to finish up a few extra things, but my current close-to-empties will require several more weeks of use– therefore here is the short list of what I finished this month. 

Trader Joe's Nourish Herbal Blend Lemongrass & Clary Sage Liquid Soap: This is another winner from Trader Joe's– it is an affordable hand soap with a delicious scent, and it is gentle and non-stripping on the skin. Trader Joe's remains one of my favorite sources for liquid hand soaps. I will definitely repurchase this!

Whole Foods 365 Baby Foaming Wash (Reviewed HERE): This delightful body wash is ultra gentle on the skin, and it cleans thoroughly without stripping. It also works remarkably well for shaving, and for cleaning makeup brushes. I will definitely repurchase this.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Pomegranate (Reviewed HERE): is the most delectably scented and ultra creamy moisturizing shave cream, and it is an absolute joy to use. From the moment that you spread it across your skin, you know that you are in for a wonderful experience to savor. It is a rich and moisturizing cream that does not turn into a skin drying foam, but instead moisturizes and softens the skin with organic and natural botanicals. Not only does one get the closest shave imaginable, but skin is left soft, supple and indescribably moisturized. Furthermore, the organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil protect and soothe the skin, and as a result reduces skin irritation often associated with shaving. It should also be noted that it is ultra concentrated– so the bottle will last you a very long time.

($20.00 for 5 oz. from WhishNordstromULTAAmazonBirchboxDermstoreSkinStore and Anthropologie)

Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave in Honey Mango: This remains an absolute staple in our household, and I buy them four at a time. The formula is ultra-moisturizing and creamy, but it does not clog up your razor. It smells delectable, and it leaves skin soft and silky-smooth. Already on my next shopping list!

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths (Reviewed HERE): These lightly-fragranced cloths cool skin on contact while they wipe away excess sweat. They leave the skin feeling revitalized because of the cooling sensation coupled with the light citrus scent.  Not only do these smell great, but they also feel wonderfully cooling against the skin, and they are perfect to toss in your beach bag.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser (Reviewed HERE): When I use this cleanser, I find that my skin and pores are cleaned thoroughly without being stripped of their natural oils. My skin neither feels squeaky clean, nor does it feel tight and uncomfortable after use. I neither find the smell of the grapefruit to be overwhelming, nor do I find it too harsh. My skin simply felt deliciously fresh and clean. I have decidedly normal/combination skin with an active T-zone, and while I think this is well suited for combination and oilier skin types I have serious questions as to whether people with drier  or sensitive skin types will find this product too astringent. I suspect that the exfoliating effects of the grapefruit extract may be too active for those with dry and/or sensitive skin (at least for use on a daily basis). 

Koh Gen Do Cleansing SPA Water Cloths (Reviewed HERE): My eyes can be particularly sensitive when it comes to makeup and makeup removers, and I have even found many so-called gentle eye makeup removers to be very irritating to my eyes. When I was first introduced to Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Water and Cleansing Water Cloths I assumed that I would be disappointed as I had been so many times before. However, much to my surprise these products actually lived up to the claims made (in fact exceeded them). Not only did my eyes not sting, but it removes all traces of makeup, and the surrounding skin was left feeling soft and supple.

What did you use up, throw out, give away, or return in April? Any duds or holy grail products to report?

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  1. Trader Joe's goodies (soaps, body butters, and even body washes) are a staple in our household too. They are very pocket friendly, with stellar quality-what's not to like! :).

    1. I completely agree with you. I also stockpile their laundry detergent, household cleaner spray, dishwashing detergent (the pods for the dishwasher and the liquid variety for hand washing). I love that their selection is so well edited, and everything is fantastic quality. I also really love their bar soaps– especially their French Milled varieties. When my shower isn't overflowing with shampoos and conditioners, I also buy their SPA Shampoo and Conditioner for my husband. Pocket-friendly products of stellar quality are rare, but Trader Joe's does this so well! Have a lovely weekend! :-)

  2. I actually finished up something you did - the Whish. I tossed a lot this month because I let things sit for too long and they just didn't seem right. I also finished up two mascaras and a hand wash. Pretty amazing for me.

    1. Wow, that is fantastic, Marcia! I am so impressed that you finished up two mascaras! It takes me forever to finish them up, and frankly I need to go through them and just toss a bunch out. You are so wise to toss out the things that no longer seem right! I suspect that I have a fair amount of things that need to be weeded out for this very reason!


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