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TOM FORD Beauty Lips and Boys Lip Color is back, and 25 of the original shades have been repromoted, and 25 new Metallic Boys have been added! All 50 Lips & Boys Lip Colors $1950.00 or $35.00 each.

The limited-edition collection of all 50 Lips & Boys, a first of its kind collection of lip colors named after men Mr. Ford admires from intimates to collaborators to men he finds inspiring. Each lip color is showcased in sleek, clutch-sized packaging. This decadent wardrobe of rich, specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity. Presented in an exclusive, black lacquered Tom Ford case.

This decadent wardrobe of rich lip color shades delivers maximum impact. Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.

Showcased in a sleek limited edition clutch sized lipstick case, each lip transforming shade, from James to Henry and Stavros to Francesco, amplifies a woman's individuality while generating an insatiable desire to try more than one.

Each of the ten color categories features a range of hues from within the same color family, and sometimes they are bright and clear pure colors, while others are more muted. While each of the shades can be sheered out, I opted to apply heavier swatches for maximum impact and opacity.
Jude is a gorgeous metallic blue-based medium pink.
Austin is a warm peachy pink metallic.
Ansel is a metallic coral pink.
Kingston is a highly saturated metallic deepened fuchsia.
Rocco is a stunning mid-tone metallic fuchsia.
Alex is a cool-toned metallic magenta.
Malik is a breathtaking metallic mauve with warm golden shimmer.
Louis is a cool-toned metallic bubble gum pink.
Drake is drop-dead gorgeous plummy mauve metallic.
Theo is a deep and rich purple-leaning violet.
Jay is a blackened plum.
Demsey is a warm metallic coral.
Hiro is a mid-tone metallic orange-kissed coral.
Jake is a neutral pink-kissed coral.
Daniel is a warm-earthy rusty coral with a touch of plum.
Eric is a deep, warm rusty coral.
Roberto is a stunning, mid-tone warm red.
Tony is a gorgeous blue-based mid-tone red.
Joaquin is a blue-based berry-kissed mid-tone red.
Egon is a metallic taupe.
David is a light golden metallic.
Eddie is a neutral golden peachy metallic.
Derek is a rusty metallic neutral.
Vladimir is a gorgeous light golden taupe.
Roman is a deep metallic brown-kissed taupe.
Justin is a lively fuchsia with blue pearl.
Giacomo is a vibrant mid-tone rosy pink.
Michael is a gorgeous pink coral.
Flynn is a neutral, on the verge of cool-toned, nude pink.
Collin is Indian Rose (a warm mid-tone yellow-based plum).
Addison is Pink Dusk (a warm and muted mid-tone dusty pink).
Pablo is a gorgeous and vibrant hot pink.
Xavier is Violet Fatale (a deep and rich magenta kissed by purple orchid).
Cary is Casablanca (a rich, mid-tone neutral muted plum)
Julian is a rich mauve violet with a pearl finish.
Stavros is a rich, cool purple grey shimmer.
Liam is a rich and slightly muted purple.
James is Twist of Fate (a decidedly warm, mid-toned burnt rust kissed by a touch of pink).
Patrick is a stunning pink-kissed coral.
Rafael is a bright, clean, rich and highly saturated orange-kissed coral.
Alejandro is Slander (a bright and rich blue-based red).
Leonardo is Red Smoke (an intense, rich blue-based red).
Luciano is a rich, blue-based red with pink undertones.
Wes is a rich and blackened blue-based plum.
Beau is Blush Nude (a neutral nude).
Ian is a blue-based baby pink with a luminescent pearl finish.
Holden is Vanilla Suede (a light, golden nude wash of color).
Henry is Warm Sable (a rich, nude mid-tone brown).
Richard is Negligee (a deep brown mauve).
Guillermo is a rich, warm brown plum.


There is no minimum purchase!
To redeem, call Michelle Weinstein (Tom Ford Manager) at (310) 550-5900 x2517

Which are your favorite Boys? Are you buying any?

$35.00 each from Neiman MarcusNordstromBergdorf GoodmanSaks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale'sSelfridges, Harrods (£27.00) and John Lewis (Affiliate Links).

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  1. Oh my, I have too many favorites among all these fabulous options to even mention! I think I need at least one

    1. Aren't they unbelievably gorgeous?! You definitely need at least one, Allison!

  2. Brilliant swatches! I have a couple of Selfridges vouchers thanks to DHL mess-ups, so I'm getting Cary, Richard and Collin for myself and Drake and Xavier for my Mum. I wanted Didier as well but can't seem to find a swatch :(

    1. Thank you, Renu– I knew that you were waiting for my swatches so I worked hard editing yesterday to get it posted for you today! I am so glad that you loved this post! While it certainly must not have been any fun to deal with the DHL mess-ups, it certainly is nice that you have some Selfridges vouchers to redeem now! Lovely choices for you and your mother! Didier isn't part of this new Lips & Boys Collection, but you can see my swatches of Didier from the original Lips & Boys launch here:

  3. Amazing swatches!! I adore the neutrals, Ian is so great (my brothers name actually haha). I've got to get my hands on a TF lippie!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I took SO many pictures, and am pleased with the way they turned out! I love the neutrals as well! I have Ian and absolutely love it! You would probably love Flynn as well– it is one of my all-time favorite pinky nude shades. The Lips & Boys Lip Colors are a nice way to become familiar with the TOM FORD BEAUTY Lip Colors because they are more affordable!

  4. I need Jay (for my son's name) and all the metallics. <3

    1. Jay is absolutely stunning, and all the better that it is your son's name! The metallics really are stunning! xoxo

  5. I ordered a backup of Flynn since I love that one. I also ordered Austin, Jude and Julian. I hope they are good shades for me. I'm wearing Ian today actually.

    1. I knew that you would have to get a backup of Flynn! I am so in love with that shade, as you know! I love your choices, and I think that they will all be beautiful on you! If you find any of them too dark, then just ad a touch of Flynn or Ian to the darker shades to customize them. I love Ian as well!

  6. Hey Sis,

    Hope u r doing ok?
    Whilst not the avid web trawler I once was, do keep an eye on your blog & if it's TF I just have to partake. Firstly, having purchased 3 of the lips & boys (based on web swatches) first time around (Richard,James,Olivier) & not being terribly impressed (prefer the feel & look of the original size lipstick) thought I'd be turning a blind eye 2nd time around! Yes, u guessed it, I was wrong...TF wins again...the swatches look gorgeous & despite me being a matte lipstick fan am loving the metallic finish on these shades (esp the violets & neutrals). I now have both eyes wide open at 'Drake' (although mayb 2much like 'So Vain' which I have & 'Misbehaved' too by the way-super love!) 'Theo' and 'David' plus remember u were particularly impressed by one of the first time round boys-'Flynn' I think so may have to get self ban on pinks was recently lifted by my purchase of 'Virgin Rose' pretty! Now Sis, which boys are you eyeing up????! xx

    1. Hey Sis!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

      I am doing well! How are you?! I knew that being busy with life couldn't keep you away from our beloved TOM FORD lip colors! I, too, prefer the original size lipsticks– but since most of these colors are only available in the Lips & Boys size there really is no other option. That said, their compact nature does make them far more travel friendly when space is an issue.

      Yes, he wins every single time! LOL! I know that you prefer mattes, but I agree with you that these shades and finishes are utterly gorgeous!

      Drake is more violet and clear than So Vain– which is a more muted plum comparatively. So Vain definitely remains one of my favorite newer shades. I love mine and wear it a great deal. Drake definitely seems to be the most popular of the new shades, and it seems to be flying off of the shelves, but it should get restocked quickly enough. Misbehaved is so stunning, as are Theo and David. Virgin Rose is a real stunner as well, and I think that i might have to get that one since I pick it up and swatch it every time that I go to the counter! I think that's a pretty clear indication that my obsession will eventually lead to a purchase. Yes, I am still madly in love with Flynn, and definitely recommend it if you are looking to add another pinky nude to your collection. It is a bit like a more pink version of Nude Vanilla. While they differ, they are both gorgeous neutral nudes.

      I am still contemplating which ones to get, but I am really in love with Malik, Drake, Jay and Jude! xoxox

    2. I hope that you and your family are doing very very well!

  7. Love the all the pinks and definitely have a few faves in violets, reds, nudes!! Love the fun guy names beside each shade...truly is hard to pick one!! ;)


    1. Hi Ursula, Aren't they GORGEOUS?! I never get tired of these beautiful shades! It's definitely hard to pick just one!

  8. Too many gorgeous lippies! I'm craving the pinks and corals. Shocker, I know. lol

    1. Oh yeah, a total shocker, Erika LOL! It's rather overwhelming trying to pick! So many beauties to choose from!

  9. Thank you for the great swatches they are gorgeous!! Do you know what is the gift with purchase? I'm so tempted :)

    1. You are so welcome, Espe! Thank you so much– I am so glad that you love my swatches! I don't know the specifics of the GWP, but I am sure that it will be nice. You should call Michelle to find out, but she's really wonderful and will take good care of you! :-)

  10. I don't own any TF cosmetics... only sunglasses and I must must get my hands on those lippies, they are beautiful.

    1. I have his glasses as well, and LOVE them! His lipsticks are absolutely amazing, and you have to try then at some point!

  11. I didn't think I'd care for the metallics, but I'm loving the violet and neutral groups.

    1. I was wondering how I would feel about the metallics as well, but the moment that I started swatching them I was sold! I love the violets and the neutrals as well!

  12. Kingston and Theo are my two favorites, but all of them are fabulous.

    1. Kingston and Theo are really gorgeous shades, and even prettier in person! I agree that all of the shades are truly gorgeous, though!


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