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Rimmel London Keep Calm Lip Balm | Review

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As a girl with a penchant for lip balms, I was thrilled to try out Rimmel London's whimsical Keep Calm Lip Balms. I have been testing three of the five available shades: Keep Calm and Shop (Clear), Keep Calm and Play (Rose Blush) and Keep Calm and Party (Violet Blush), and I find all three to be very moisturizing and comfortable-to-wear, and they have the right amount of cushion and emollience that makes them feel great on the lips. They do have a distinct fragrance that might be described as a fruity floral, and you definitely smell it when you lift the cap, and taste it when you first apply it to your lips. However, the taste and scent fades quickly upon application. They are not ultra pigmented, but instead more sheer-leaning balms, but I definitely found that Keep Calm and Party imparted a nice wash of color.
They come in five shades: Keep Calm and Shop (Clear), Keep Calm and Kiss (Pink Blush), Keep Calm and Rock (Berry Blush), Keep Calm and Play (Rose Blush) and Keep Calm and Party (Violet Blush). Of the five shades, I have Keep Calm and Shop (Clear), Keep Calm and Play (Rose Blush) and Keep Calm and Party (Violet Blush).
Keep Calm and Shop is a peachy nude shade in the tube, but it actually appears quite clear when it is applied to the lips.

Keep Calm and Play (Rose Blush) appears to be an orate coral shade in the tube, and it is a very sheer pinky coral on me

Keep Calm and Party (Violet Blush) is a purple-kissed berry with more pigmentation and color pay off than the other two shades.
According to Rimmel London, their Keep Balm Lip Balms are moisturizing with a "touch of fun and flirty colors."

•  Enriched formula with moisturizing oils that calm, soften and protect lips for hours
•  Instantly increases lip moisture by 22%*
(*Clinical study: Percent change from untreated bare lips)
Top to Bottom: Keep Calm and Party (Violet Blush), Keep Calm and Play (Rose Blush) and Keep Calm and Shop (Clear).
Overall Assessment: I really like these whimsical lip balms, and two have already taken up permanent residence in my purse. If you have an aversion to scented lip balms, however, these may not be a good fit for you, but as previously noted the taste and scent fade quickly.

$2.50 for 0.13 oz. from Amazon and Walmart (Affiliate Links).
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  1. I saw these in stores earlier when they were packaged without the blister packs. I'm glad they added the recyclable packs to them to avoid tampering. They are really cute and are on my "to try" list.

    1. Hi Iris! I really like them a lot! I agree that it's better that these are packaged because anything that isn't seems to get tampered with! I really wish all of these drugstore brands would just create testers– it is so much less costly than having to damage out so many products that customs turn into testers! They are definitely super cute balms! :-)


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