Monday, December 15, 2014


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Meet the boys today; they’ll be gone before you know it! Don’t miss your chance to shop this limited-edition collection featuring 50 new clutch-sized lip colors. The shades each bear the name of important men in Tom Ford’s life—friends, actors, editors, muses—who intrigue and inspire him. Who will be your favorites?

This decadent wardrobe of rich lip color shades delivers maximum impact. Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity. 

Showcased in a sleek limited edition clutched sized lipstick case, each lip transforming shade, from James to Henry and Stavros to Francesco, amplifies a woman's individuality while generating an insatiable desire to try more than one.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: December 26, 2014. Pre-selling NOW! Call Michelle Weinstein at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (310) 550-5900 x2517 to pre-purchase before they sell out.
Lips & Boys features 50 lipsticks that are divided into 10 distinct categories of color and/or finish. 

There are 15 repromoted colors out of the 50 shades in Lips & Boys. Therefore, 35 of the lipsticks are never before seen. Here are the confirmed repromotes*: 

List of the 15 repromoted shades:
  • Addison is Pink Dusk
  • Adriano is True Coral
  • Alejandro is Slander
  • Beau is Blush Nude
  • Cary is Casablanca
  • Collin is Indian Rose
  • Cooper is Pure Pink
  • Didier is Moroccan Rouge
  • Henry is Warm Sable
  • Holden is Vanilla Suede
  • James is Twist of Fate
  • Leonardo is Smoke Red
  • Richard is Negligee
  • William is Pink Dune
  • Xavier is Violet Fatale
* I was going to swatch the repromoted shades with the core line to illustrate that they were the same, but Michelle Weinstein (the Tom Ford Beauty Manager extraordinaire) told me there was no need since they are indeed the same colors.
Left to Right: Full Size Lipstick ($50.00 for.10 oz/ 3 g), Lips & Boys ($32.00 for for 0.07 oz./ 2 g) and Mini Lipstick (GWP .03 oz./ 1g).
As you can see, the Lips & Boys Lipstick is clutch sized, not a mini.

NUDES TO BROWNS (Left to Right): Holden, Beau, Henry, Gustavo and Pavlos.

Holden is Vanilla Suede (a light golden nude wash of color).
Beau is Blush Nude (a neutral nude).
Henry is Warm Sable (a rich nude mid-tone brown)
Gustavo is a rich mid-tone neutral brown cooled down with with purple pearl.
Pavlos is a rich and intense red brown.
SILVERS TO BLACKS (Left to Right): Casey, Orlando, Peter, Stavros and Alasdhair.

Casey is a white pearl.
Orlando is a champaign shimmer.
Peter is rose gold beige shimmer.
Stavros is rich, cool purple grey shimmer.
Alasdhair is a rich plum that vaguely resembles Bruised Plum– though it does differ.
METALLICS (Left to Right): Kyril. William, *Sebastian, Omar and Blake.

Kyril is a pearl-rich blue-based whitened blue silver.
William is Pink Dune (a neutral warm pearlized nude).
Sebastian is a rich golden copper with pearl.
Omar is a rich rusty copper with pearl.
Blake is complex reddened copper with a rich pearl finish.

*Sebastian hasn't been received by Neiman Marcus– therefore I was unable to swatch this shade.
LIGHT PINKS TO MAUVES (Left to Right): Ian, Flynn, Addison, James and Richard.

Ian is blue-based baby pink with a luminescent pearl finish.
Flynn is neutral, on the verge of cool-toned, nude pink.
Addison is Pink Dusk (a warm mid-tone dusty pink).
James is Twist of Fate (a decidedly warm mid-toned burnt rust kissed by a touch of pink).
Richard is Negligee (a deep brown mauve). Richard is named after Tom Ford's husband.
POP PINKS TO ROSES (Left to Right): Alexander, Patrick, Michael, John and Giacomo.

Alexander is a mid-tone blue-based pink.
Patrick is a stunning pink-kissed coral.
Michael is a gorgeous pink coral that resembles a mixture of Patrick and John.
John is a fetching blue-based hot pink with pearl.
Giacomo is a vibrant mid-tone rosy pink.
FUCHSIA TO MAGENTAS (Left to Right): Preston, Justin, Cooper, Jack and Francesco.

Preston is a bright cool blue-based pink.
Justin is lively fuchsia with blue pearl (named after Justin Timberlake).
Cooper is Pure Pink, and it is a fuchsia that is a touch richer and deeper than Justin.
Jack is a bright magenta with a purple undercurrent (named after Tom Ford's son).
Francesco is stunning ultra pigmented bright magenta.
CORALS TO ORANGES (Left to Right): Luca, Matthew, Adriano, Tomas and Rafael.

Luca is a light peachy coral with pearl.
Matthew is a stunning mid-toned coral.
Adriano is True Coral (a vibrant rich coral).
Tomas is a stunning vibrant orange with rich pearl.
Rafael is a bright  clean, rich, highly saturated orange.
REDS (Left to Right): Rory, Diego, Alejandro. Luciano and Leonardo.

Rory is a yellow gold pearl. I suspect that it is intended as a topper shade for red lipsticks.
Diego is an intense orange red.
Alejandro is Slander (a bright and rich blue-based red).
Luciano is a rich blue-based red with pink undertones.
Leonardo is Smoke Red (a rich blue-based red kissed by fuchsia). Named after Leonardo DiCaprio.
VIOLETS TO ORCHID (Left to Right): Olivier, Julian, Pablo, Xavier and Liam.

Olivier is a stunning lavender pink with a pearl finish.
Julian is a rich mauve violet with a pearl finish.
Pablo is a gorgeous and vibrant hot pink.
Xavier is Violet Fatale (is a deep and rich magenta kissed by purple orchid)
Liam is a rich and slightly muted purple.
PLUMS (Left to Right): Collin, Cary, Didier, Guillermo and Wes.

Collin is Indian Rose (a warm mid-tone yellow-based plum).
Cary is Casablanca (a rich mid-tone neutral muted plum).
Didier is Moroccan Rouge (a rich blue-based mid-tone plum).
Guillermo is a rich warm brown plum.
Wes is a rich blackened blue-based plum.
All Lipsticks (Except Sebastian)
Tom Ford Beauty Gift with Purchase from Neiman Marcus: Receive a complimentary luxe case your with your purchase of three clutch sized Tom Ford lip colors.
Overall Assessment: Get yours before they are gone! These are gorgeous lipsticks, and the price per ounce is actually more economical than the regular size lipsticks. The limited edition colors are stupendous and well worth getting.

Nordstrom is selling pre-packed sets of three in the luxe gift box for $96.00 here.

$32.00 each (0.07 oz./ 2g) Pre-Order Now from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Launches December 26, 2014. Will also be available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and Selfridges (Affiliate Links).

If you prefer buying it directly though a store, then I highly recommend calling Michelle Weinstein at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills (310) 550-5900 x2517

Which Boys are calling your name?

Purchased by me. All views expressed are categorically my own
Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved.


  1. Oh man, that box is so cute! I wonder if we'll get that here! I'm eyeing Giacomo and Diego :) Thanks for the swatches, Helen!

    1. Hi Sunny! The box is SUPER CUTE!!!! Giacomo and Diego would be STUNNING on you! I do hope that you get the boxes in Belgium because they really are darling! You are VERY welcome!

  2. Thanks for the great swatches! I love the bright fuchsias :)

    1. You are so welcome, Courtney! Yes, I agree that the fuchsias are especially gorgeous!

  3. Such an epic post! Thanks so much for all the work you had put into this. I will link this one now from mine,

    1. Thank you, Sara! I'm so glad that you find this helpful! Thanks for the link-love– I will pop on over to see your review! xoxox

  4. I love your purchase picks, but Holden is really beautiful!

    1. Hi Jessica! We are really on the same page! I love Holden, but didn't buy it because I already own Vanilla Suede (its repromoted shade). I wear Vanilla Suede a lot, and highly recommend it, if you find yourself attracted to this type of color! It is amazing by itself, but it also is great for altering the color of other lipsticks or adding a pearl finish!

  5. OMG, I'm coming over to play with these! The swatches are so gorgeous. I'm in love with about a dozen of them at least!

    1. Come on over, Allison! I'm so glad that you think that my swatches are gorgeous! I know what you means– I am in love with most of the shades!

  6. Thank you--- for some reason--- the lighting of your swatches--- your skin tone? I am able to "read" your swatches best in terms of what would work on me-- so helpful. An SA from one of the stores doing pre-orders kept encouraging me towards the vibrant pinks and fuchsias-- which to me are jarring with my pale- olive undertones skin. But I was questioning myself for always going with my comfort zone, the reddish browns, and wines--- and then I wore a similar shade (of another brand) and my husband said "That's beautiful-- it makes your skin look green." So I was like-- back to the drawing board on the pre-order. But this helps me see which colors would work.

    1. Hi Alison! You are so very welcome! I am so apply that my swatches are helpful! I always do arm swatches because I find them far more true than lip swatches since the pigmentation of one's lips really impacts the way that a color appears. I try very hard to get the lighting just right and richly layer the lipsticks so that the color is as true as I can get it so that you see the color the way that it actually appears (or as close to it as one can when it's being transmitted through this medium).

      I think that it's important to buy what you feel comfortable wearing– even if vibrant pinks and fuchsias are appropriate for your skin tone there is no point in purchasing them if you don't enjoy wearing them! Where what you love to wear!

      It's funny because some of the colors that I love to wear seem to intense for my husband's taste, and trust me I usually wear either nudey pinks or vampy berries. However, one day I was wearing a muted mid-tone pink, and he thought that it was too intense! Really?! Hardly intense at all, and certainly not compared to wearing something like Tom Ford Bruised Plum, Black Orchid or Black Dahlia! So I just wear what I enjoy wearing, and feel comfortable with! :-) Keep me posted– I would love to see what you end up getting!

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Kristin, They are definitely gorgeous lipsticks!

  8. Replies
    1. You are so welcome! I am so glad that you find these swatches helpful!

  9. What a fantabulous post! I love how you did the swatches in the proper groups with the lipsticks above for clarity, and the descriptions too. So helpful, it could not have been more PERFECT! I thank you from those of us who can't see them in person. I really want to pick up a few, though I'm still undecided as to which ones I want (all of them!).
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! I'm glad that you liked the way that I organized the post. I like things to logically follow and to be organized– I suppose it's an occupational hazard from my day job! I'm elated that it is so helpful to you! That is precisely why I conceived of it as I did– I realize that many many people don't have a counter nearby, and therefore rely on accurate swatches to help them decide which shades will be best suited for their complexions. I would definitely look at the shades that aren't part of the regular core collection first– since you can buy those anytime. You are so very welcome– it was truly my pleasure! Please keep me posted– I would love to hear which shades you end up picking! :-)

  10. These are all so beautiful! I love Tom Ford.

    1. I agree, they are really gorgeous! I love Tom Ford too! :-)

  11. Amazing swatches! Loving the shades you picked!

    1. Thank you, Bailey! I actually thought of you when I was swatching Olivier since you said you wanted to see it! I'm so glad that you like the shades that I picked– they would all look beautiful on you! :-)

  12. Pretty swatches!!! I am so drooling over these lippies. I am a big fan of lippies. Loving the light pinks to mauves.

    1. Thank you, Emma! I'm so glad that you like the swatches! I'm a big fan of lipped too! I agree the light pinks to mauves are truly stunning!

  13. I like your picks! I think I'm still going for Liam and Alasdhair. No, Liam and Giacomo. Liam. Um..... I can leave Didier (though I can't stop staring at it) because I think it's similar enough to something else in my stash. Which leaves me with Liam. And Collin. Wait, where did that come from?!? LOL

    1. LOL! Remember that Collin is Indian Rose, which is part of the core collection, and you can buy that anytime. Of course it would be lovely to have in a smaller size, but if you are limiting yourself to a couple of them it might be a good idea to grab some of the limited edition shades that will be gone before you know it! Keep me posted– I can't wait to hear which ones you end up with! :-)

    2. I did decide to go with Liam and Collin. The repromote angle has a double edge. Sure they're not new LE colours, but on the other hand they're still a tiny bit cheaper by the ounce than their permanent counterparts. I appreciate that, since a lot of companies do the reverse and charge more per ounce for smaller sizes. Well played, Tom Ford, well played. Those who have all the core colours still have plenty to feast their eyes upon (or if a personal favourite shade is one of the repromotes they can get a backup or two!) and those of us who are new to the line can get a good introduction at a friendlier price point. Plus if I somehow do manage to use the entire thing then I can still save my pennies and pick up the full size to replace it. :D

    3. A truly excellent point, and I think that is precisely why TF included 15 repromotes of very popular colors! Plus, it is the perfect way to carry your favorite shade in a clutch or a small wallet/tech case. The price point is definitely better per ounce– making it the perfect way to test out the line for those new to it. There really is a much greater chance of getting through one of the smaller lipsticks instead of tossing out what's left of a full size lipstick that is so hard to finish! Please keep me posted– I can't wait to hear what you think about the formula and the colors that you selected! :-)

    4. My cyber monday purchase has a healthy amount of wear already, so I know I really like the formula. Hopefully I'll enjoy these two colours just as much! A gazillion thanks to you for the helpful swatches! I imagine they're probably all going to sell out, but it will be interesting to see what the overwhelming favourites are. I noticed that some shades had already moved from "pre-order" to "backorder" status when I put in for my two.

    5. I'm delighted to hear that you really like the formula! I really love his lipsticks! You are so very welcome– I'm just thrilled that this post was so useful and helpful to you. I'm sure that they will all sell out, but I agree that it will be very interesting to see what shades are the most popular! Interesting that the status has changed! My guess is that a lot of the limited edition shades will begin selling out on the 26th– if not before as a result of the pre-sales. Have a lovely weekend! <3

  14. Lust-alert! I want James, Collin, Patrick and Michael for Christmas. The lipsticks, that is. Seriously, those shades are perfect! Thank you for the massive swatch-project.

    1. Gorgeous, aren't they?! I agree with you– those are definitely perfect shades! You are so very welcome, Renu! :-)

  15. Did you hear me scream right now? Swatch galore right here!!!! Too bad some boys are re-promote albeit named differently. I'm going for the darker shades... violet,plum, brown. Thanks a lot for putting this up!

    1. I thought that was you that I heard screaming my TF Twinsy! :-) Girl, I knew that you were going to go for the vibrant darker shades, and I can't wait to see them on you! You are so welcome! I hope that it helps you narrow down your selection from 50…. :-)

  16. Thanks for this, so great seeing them all together, I'll have one of each please :) Actually I think of them all I am rather drawn to the 3 you bought (what great taste we have) so will keep my eye out for those when they pop up again on Selfridges as I am sure I do in fact need more lipsticks in my collection....

    1. Absolutely my pleasure, Clare! I really wanted to see them all together, and figured that everyone interested in the collection would want to see them as well! What great taste we have, indeed! LOL! I think that those three shades would look amazing on you! Ah, yes– I know just what you mean about needing more lipsticks!

  17. I NEED THEM ALL. First stops - Beau and Pavlos!

    1. I know just what you mean, Brooke! Beau and Pavlos would be AMAZING on you! :-)

  18. This is SO helpful, Lola! Thanks so much! I plan to pick up a few more shades after Christmas so this page is bookmarked! ;D

    1. Hi Jaa! Thanks for stopping by! You are SO welcome! I am just thrilled that this is so helpful to you! That is precisely why I organized it the way that I did! I hope that you are deliriously happy with all of the shades that you pick up! :-)

  19. I'm lusting over their lippies

  20. Omg I couldn't decide between Justin, Cooper, Jack and Francesco... and then I scrolled down to Alejandro, Luciano and Leonardo! The decisions arghhh!

    1. Hi Jaze! Thanks for stopping by! All of those shades are so gorgeous, and honestly you couldn't go wrong with any of them! Definitely not an easy decision, but I'm sure that you will really love whatever you get! Keep me posted– I would love to know which ones you end up buying! :-)

  21. Great swatches! I own several of the full size TFs (am very lucky-thankyou hubby!) but still felt compelled to get a couple of these when they released for 1 day at I got Peter & Olivier-both gorgeous colours,especially Olivier as is unusual & had a lovely shimmering finish. I am disappointed in how 'mini' they feel compared to the weighty full size ones & think that a lower price point would have been better for this size which lacks the wow factor of the originals. Having said that,am likely to purchase James when they release again,based on your swatches. Was keen on also purchasing a red as am a regular light pink/nude lip wearer (hence have Vanilla Suede,Blush Nude,Nude Vanille & Sable Smoke in the full size) however can't see a 'true red' in your swatches..all look orange or pink based. Shame TF didn't come out with a mini Scarlet Rouge :(

    1. Hi Nishi! Thank you! I am delighted that my swatches were helpful to you! I'm so glad that you got Olivier as well– it's such gorgeous shade. Your selection is fantastic! I agree that the lipstick bullets lack the same heft, even proportionally, when compared to the normal size tubes, but I have to wonder if that was deliberate since they wanted to keep the size compact for carrying in a clutch. As much as I love the ultra luxe full size bullet– it is a bit too cumbersome to carry in a small clutch.

      James is a gorgeous shade, and since it is a repromote of the Limited Edition Twist of Fate–it's a great choice!

      I think that you are right that all of the reds either have pink or orange undertones, and that there isn't a true classic blue-based type of red. Ah yes, Scarlet Rouge would have been perfection in this collection, I agree!

  22. Hi Lola,

    Yes,true ref. Clutch size...I suppose I'm abit out of things there, with a 1yr old,my going out with just a clutch days are behind me! :) but still I think the price could have been cheaper for the size. The colour range is good though & yes, I missed twist of fate so am looking forward to getting the repromote in form of James. Maybe Scarlet Rouge will make a future appearance in mini form (if I was a regular red wearer who looked good in reds-I'm not & I don't- I would have snapped it up in the full such a gorgeous red). Out of interest, what's your favourite lipstick shade in general & Tom Ford one in particular?

    1. Hi Nishi! I actually can't remember the last time that I went out with a clutch myself– LOL! That is, however, what Tom Ford had in mind when he conceived of this intermediate size between the regular lipsticks and the little GWP sized versions. I wonder if he will do this size again? It certainly is a brilliant marketing strategy to get people who would never imagine spending $50.00 on a lipstick to try his line. It might be a gateway product of sorts! Scarlet Rouge would have been truly perfect for this collection! I'm actually rather surprised that he didn't repromote Black Orchid given its legendary status in the line.

      My lipstick tastes run in opposing extremes! One one end of the spectrum I covet nudes and nude pinks, and on the other end vampy berry shades. By far my most reached for Tom Ford Lipstick on the nude end is Nude Vanilla (mine is worn down to a mere nub, and I am close to repurchasing it). I also really love Vanilla Suede. On the Vampy end I love my Tom Ford Black Orchid, Bruised Plum and the new matte in Black Dahlia.

      Another Nude that I am insanely in love with is the By Terry Rouge Terribly Age Defense Lipstick #100 Terribly Nude:

      I am also currently obsessed with Bite Beauty lip products, Urban Decay Lip Products as well as a few others. :-)

  23. Love love love Nude Vanille & Vanilla Suede. I also really like First Time from the matte range. However, my all time fav is Blush Nude which was also my first TF lipstick. So clever how the nudes are similar but different enough that you end up 'needing' all of them! How great that you can wear the vampy shades too-Black Dahlia looks gorgeous...esp for winter.
    Yes the mini lipsticks are a clever marketing strategy & am sure a good intro to those who haven't been able to indulge in the brand. I now have my eye on the nail polishes esp 'viper' & 'bitter bitch' (fab names!) even though hardly get a chance to paint nails...oh dear!!

    May have to check out the Terry lipstick (thks for the link). I also like Ysl rouge voluptes, Chanel coco shines & Suqqu but staying power is poor! TF reigns supreme for me!

    1. Me too! I absolutely love Nude Vanilla and Vanilla Suede so much! They are both so versatile, and can be coaxed into different hues when used with a lip liner. Blush Nude is a definite beauty! I completely agree with you that it is very clever how the nodes are similar enough yet different enough that one ends up "needing" them all! Yes, I love First Time as well! It's a shame that was Limited Edition.

      I love the vampy shades, but sometimes do tone them down by blotting and adding a lighter gloss, or by topping them with Vanilla Suede. They are definitely perfect for the winter, I agree!

      So much of it is marketing, and tis strategy really does open up an otherwise exceedingly expensive line into one that looks a bit more affordable. Then of course the next thing you know, you have been sucked down the rabbit hole and have to have the full size lipsticks! TF reigns supreme for me as well!

      His polishes are really gorgeous, but I don't own a single one yet. Viper and Bitter Bitch are gorgeous shades, and I agree the names are fab, though there are people who find them offensive, but I guess they are tame compared to the names François Nars comes up with-LOL! I know that you are very busy with your 1 year old, but the little bit of pampering in giving yourself the periodic manicure and seeing a lovely polish on your hands and toes as you run after your baby will undoubtedly give you pleasure!

      By Terry Lipsticks are definitely worth looking into! I love the Chanel Coco Shines as well, and it's so funny that you mention the YSL Rouge Volutpé formula because I am posting a review for Lingerie Pink tomorrow! We are very much on the same page about lipsticks, that's for sure!

      Have a lovely evening! :-)

  24. We are so on the same page regarding nudes/light pinks💄😀 Out of interest,what liner do you wear with Nude Vanille?
    Can imagine nail polish names would be controversial but that's all part & parcel of TF I think! Totally agree ref. taking time out to do a manicure & always hope baby's nap lasts long enough for me to finish & dry etc. Actually now baby is 1, should leave with hubby more often whilst I go to nail bar😀 I don't know what it is though as in head can justify expensive lipsticks but not nail polishes (illogical!) so tend to stick to China glaze (fab colours) & Opi. Having said that,will have to get Chanel Rouge Noir one day-gorgeous!
    Look forward to reading Rouge Volupte Lingerie Pink review...great Barbie pink...mayb abit too pink (if that's possible!) for my liking but lovely anyway. Rouge Voluptes go on like a dream (so buttery!) but slip off in about 5mins so are abit of a let down. I think Guerlain Rouge G's are nice...I have a light pearly pink-Gabrielle-which is lovely but again TF surpasses all. Infact after our little chats, was looking at his colour range again & having exhausted the gorgeous nudey pinks was thinking of venturing into brighter territory for the new year in the form of Flamingo from the permanent range...any thoughts?

    1. We definitely are on exactly the same page with respect to nudes/light pinks, Nishi! More often than not I wear Nude Vanilla alone, but I have also worn it with the following Lip lLiners, and loved the effects:

      Rouge Bunny Rouge in Vasco (pale pink)
      Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil in Native (pale pink)
      By Terry in Rose No. 2 (a rosy mauve)
      Rouge Bunny Rouge in Vasco (a nude pink mauve)
      Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil in Rush (a nude mauve)

      I definitely agree that the controversial names are part & Parcel, and let's face it sex sells! Definitely a great idea to take some "me" time now that your baby is older!

      I think that we all draw the line somewhere on what we are willing or not willing to splurge on. There are so many high quality and affordable nail polishes on the market these days that one can easily maintain a gorgeous mani/pedi on a budget. I justify the splurge if I find a unique color that I really want.

      I'm really smitten with Lingerie Pink, but it's a decidedly cool pink. Again, the color can easily be manipulated with a warmer lip pencil– for instance, a warmer nude liner will take the cool edge off of this cool pink. I love playing with color, and mixing and customizing shades is a definite obsession of mine. To me, that is where the artistic fun resides! I agree with your assessment about the dreamy buttery texture of the Rouge Volupté formula!

      We really are on the same page, indeed! The only Rouge G that I own is Gabrielle, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and the formula. Gemma has been on my list forever, and I will probably cave and get it during the next Sephora VIB Sale. I agree, I tend to prefer the TF formula above all else!

      I think that it's a lovely idea for you to venture into the brighter color territory from the TF core line. Flamingo is such a gorgeous bright pink, and seems like a really lovely way to explore his vibrant shades! If at all possible, it might be fruitful to swatch it in person, and perhaps swatch it on some tissue or paper so that you can "study" the shade to determine whether you will actually wear it, or whether it is the "idea" of it that you like. At this price point– it makes sense to make sure that you will wear it before splurging! That said, if you see it and immediately connect with it– then it's probably worth taking the plunge without over-thinking it! <3

    2. wanna save this reply you did as I love a pencil changing the effect too and since my child is out on her own..I am back to stuff..and i love LOVE LOVE LOVE HAHA LIPSTICK..been dissapointed lately as too many just too fragile.or dry or sheer TF is def on my list and a Nars A..and..a nars lippie liner..and......and hahah

    3. Hi Page! Thank you, I am so glad that you like this post! I love pencils for the ability to change a lipstick color! It's such an easy way to increase your color wardrobe, and to turn a not-quite-right lipstick shade into a much-loved shade.

      I love lipstick too, it's one of my greatest obsessions! TOM FORD definitely makes some of the best lipsticks on the market! I know what you mean, it can be a timely and expensive proposition trying to find the perfect lipstick formulas! I can't wait to hear what yo think about the TOM FORD and NARS lipsticks! :-)

  25. Sorry, mentioned NARS which made me think of his lipsticks. I haven't tried the Audacious line, have u? I love the velvet matte lip pencils (adore matte formulations!) & Barbarella is one of my all time fav lipsticks!

    Ok bye for now my lipstick soul sister 😊

    1. I swatched a few of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks one day at Nordstrom and another day at Sephora, and thought that they had a really lovely texture, and a beautiful assortment of colors. However, I was covering an event at Nordstrom and therefore didn't really have time to stop and shop, and my trip to Sephora was during the VIB event and I got distracted by other things! Currently I only have one of the NARS Satin Lip Crayons in Palais Royale (a stunning berry), but I don't have any of the Velvet Mattes. NARS definitely has some gorgeous lippies, and Barbarella is definitely a gorgeous peachy nude!

      Have a wonderful day, my lipstick soul sister! <3 <3

    2. Hi Nishi, Just checking to see if this comment goes through. :-)

    3. Hey..yes fine now & can reply back. Maybe some issue with my internet connection. Anyway, have responded on the Ysl page. Forgot to ask..have you picked up any more 'boys' ? :)

    4. I'm so relieved!!!!!! So far I have only purchased Olivier, Ian and Flynn! I still haven't taken the time to go pick them up, but will soon! Who knows if I will cave and come home with a few more boys LOL!

  26. I wish you would've swatched the repromoted colours with their original big lippies. I've read that other beauty bloggers find the repromoted ones not exactly the same as the big one. Did you eventually could compare the repromoted ones with their original big one?

    1. Hi,

      After I was finished swatching all of the shades, I was preparing to compare the Lips & Boys repromotes to their original counterparts, but my friend (who is the Tom Ford counter manager) told me not to waste my time because they are the exact same colors (and she double checked). Even if I had, I wouldn't have been able to swatch all of them since some of the repromotes were limited edition, and they no longer had the big versions in stock. Therefore, I didn't see the need to swatch them side by side. :-)

    2. i am 100% sure william and pink dune are NOT the same...there are a few others as well, left swatches from store on arm and at home quickly swatched a few i had - justin is like incorrigible and luciano is really close to vampire kiss, orlando + peter are similar to bittersweet but this could vary on skin tone and just my opinion - thank you, great post!

    3. Hi pbpink, Now I wish that I had swatched the Lips & Boys repromotes against the originals, but as I noted above I would only have been able to do it against shades that weren't limited edition to begin with. You are very welcome! :-)


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