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Empties Post Volume XXVII: November 2014 Edition

 Press Samples, GWP and Purchased by Me (Unaffiliated Links)

I didn't really seek to use up so many sample packets, but somehow I did without even trying. As always, I don't really comment on the efficacy of sample packets unless I have enough of a given product to formulate a real opinion, or if I have full sized versions, and can therefore discuss the product(s) in depth.

Therefore, of these used up sample packets I can tell you unequivocally, based upon long term use, that the Kate Somerville Exfolikate (reviewed here) remains one of my very exfoliants. It does a remarkable job cleaning pores and eliminating all traces of dead skin cells. This is a very potent exfoliant, and if you have sensitive skin you might opt for her gentle version instead.

I am currently testing out Roloxin Lift, and have to say that I am exceedingly impressed by this anti-aging mask, and will be reviewing it soon.

The Radical Youth Infusion Serum is a really really lovely serum, and while I have only been using sample packets I am quite impressed by this serum. It lifts, reduces the appearance fine lines and gives skin a gorgeous dewy appearance.

Finally, L'Occitane's Divine Oil is really divine, indeed. I have a deluxe sample that I have been using, and while it's not enough product to write a full review– it is enough to know that I really want a full-sized bottle!
Rituals Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Ultra Rich Whipped Body Butter (discussed here): This is a delectable rich cream that smells heavenly and leaves skin very moisturized and silky smooth.

Amlactin creams and lotions (reviewed here): If you have dry flaky skin, you will be astounded by Amlactin's ability to exfoliate dead skin while simultaneously leaving skin moisturized. I love using it on my legs and feet.

REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask (reviewed here): This is a fantastic exfoliating peel. The fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin cells and reveal gorgeous glowing skin.

Moroccanoil Body Buff is a delicious orange scented scrub that does a wonderful job exfoliating the skin, and leaves it soft, smooth and supple.

Erno Laszlo Intensive Décolleté Cream SPF 20 feels nice on the skin, but the first few ingredients are silicone, and while that lend itself to a rather velvety texture it felt altogether too artificial on my skin.

Radical Skincare Anti-Aging Replenishing Extreme Moisture (reviewed here): This is simply an extraordinary cream. It is nourishing, hydrating, brightening, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It is one of my all-time favorite creams, and it isn't in the least bit too rich for my combination skin. I really truly love this stuff!

Clarins UV Plus HP Multi-Protection SPF 40 Medium Tint (Untinted version reviewed here): I love this mineral sunscreen! It offers good protection, doesn't leave behind a white film, and doesn't interfere with makeup.

Arcona Magic Dry Ice (review forthcoming): Ah, this is such a lovely ultra moisturizing anti-aging lotion. It feels delectable on the skin, and leaves it lifted, soft and supple. It also softens the appearance of fine lines after prolonged usage. It's an amazing product from an extraordinary line.
The Organic Pharmacy Rose Plus Marine Complex (reviewed here): I need to buy another bottle soon because I whimpered when I used the last few drops of this miraculous serum. It's actually emollient and moisturizing enough that I can get away with using it as a moisturizer during the warmer months of the year.

Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask (reviewed here): This is a very moisturizing and hydrating sheet mask that has quickly become one of my very favorites! It leaves my skin so soft, plump, nourished and hydrated. It is the perfect antidote to the cold and harsh winter air!

Koh Gen Do Pure Cotton is truly amazing! Once you try Koh Gen Do's Pure Cotton pads you will have a hard time going back to regular cotton balls or pads. They are so luxuriously soft and silky on the skin that you won't believe it!
Caress Juicy Escape Body Wash (reviewed here): This is such a refreshing body wash that smells absolutely delicious. It leaves skin soft and supple, and is also great for shaving your legs!

Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave Honey Mango: I couldn't even calculate how many tubes of this we go through in my family! I always buy them in multiples because periodically they are sold out at my local Trader Joe's. It leaves skin remarkably soft and moisturized, and is so emollient that you can get a very close shave.

Shea Yeleen Unscented Black Soap (reviewed here): This is a wonderful unscented soap, albeit rather earthy smelling naturally, that leaves skin clean without stripping. Skin is left soft and moisturized, and is emollient enough that I shave my legs with it.

What did you use up, give away, throw out, or return in November?
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  1. I've used up quite a bit in the last two months:

    -Avon Imari Blossom perfumed deodorant
    -Lucky 107 Cosmetics Frisky eyeshadow sample from the Playboy collection
    -Suny Island Blu Sweet Vanilla Chai conditioner
    -Violette Market's Yvonne's Chocolatier perfume sample from the Diablo Canyon collection
    -Bath & Body Works Country Apple body lotion
    -Arabesque Aromas's The Green Mantle perfume sample
    -Lush Avowash shower gel
    -Philosophy's Hope in a Jar face cream
    -Bath & Body Works Velvet Sugar trial lotion

    I wish we had Trader Joe's; I've heard so many good things about them.

    1. Hi Iris! You did a wonderful job, indeed! I don't understand why you don't have Trader Joe's there– I am quite sure that they would be a huge hit in Canada! I heard that Whole Foods expanded into Canada, but my guess is that Trader Joe's would be well received since it is less expensive than Whole Foods!


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