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Original Astral ALL OVER MOISTURIZER | An Iconic UK Product Now Available in the US | Review

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When the weather begins to cool down one needs to switch out lighter moisturizers in favor of richer and heavier creams that are capable of protecting the skin against the elements while simultaneously providing lots of moisture.

I recently discovered a skincare secret that people in the United Kingdom have known about for 60 years, and I'm thrilled to now be in the know! The Original Astral Cream is a rich and dense creamy moisturizer that will keep your skin quenched from head-to-toe. It took no time to see why this is a wildly popular moisturizer in the UK, but now it is available in the US though Amazon, and once you try it you won't want to be without it!

If you have dry or mature skin, Astral Original is a deeply moisturizing cream for the face as well as for the body. However, with my combination skin I limit my use to my body alone. It is an intensely moisturizing and emollient cream, and while it is very rich I do find that it sinks into the skin rather quickly without leaving behind a greasy film.

Lately I have noticed that my hands, legs and feet have been miraculously transformed from drier than usual to soft, supple, and unbelievably moisturized. Usually this is less of an issue for me because my skin does not have the tendency to be dry, but we have had strange weather that has brought hot days and cooler nights, and it has been wreaking havoc on my skin. Furthermore,  I was down with a seasonal bug-- so my skin was been drier than usual. My hands, through repeated washings, took the brunt of this dryness, and my solution was to use Astral Cream exclusively. The results: silky soft ultra moisturized skin! I already knew that this was an amazing cream, but excessive hand-washing and the excessive use of  hand sanitizers resulted in very dry skin, and the miraculous transformation courtesy of this wonder-cream was proof-positive that this will forever be a staple in my skincare routine!
One of the most surprising aspects of Astral Original All Over Moisturizer is that it is so rich and creamy, but without being in the least bit greasy. It has a pleasant clean scent that defies precise description, but it is very comforting.
According to Astral, it is more than just a moisturizer:

There’s something special about Astral – once you’ve discovered the rich, intensely moisturising formula that gives skin the nourishment, protection and simple care that it needs, you’ll want to use it every day.

Because even though everyone is different and everyone uses Astral in their own particular way – the truth is Astral works for them. And in the 60 years that we’ve been making Astral we’re proud to have taken care of so many people’s skin needs. 

We might not be full of sciency sounding ingredients and overnight promises, but we really understand your skin. Astral Original and Astral Light & Creamy have everything your skin needs for face and body, every day, all in one pot.

We know claims about 'miracle' ingredients can be tempting, but you can't stop the clock. What you can do is give your skin the care it needs now. Find out why Astral is the ideal intensive face and body moisturiser for changing skin. 

Over the many years that this cream has been enjoyed-- people have found it to be a highly effective multipurpose performer of miracles. Here are a few great uses that Astral users enjoy:
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Night cream
  • Clear lip balm
  • Removes makeup
  • Acts as a primer
  • Hand cream
  • Part of a home manicure/pedicure
  • To prevent and relieve the discomfort of cracked heels
  • To help prevent rough skin on feet
  • To stop legs from drying out after shaving
  • To prolong a tan
  • As an After-sun Cream
  • To stop tights from sticking to clothing by reducing static
  • To highlight your legs with a shine for a night out or for the beach
It is also said to be a favorite among make-up artists in the UK who use it to moisturize the skin of the models because it gives their skin has an unmistakably glossy sheen on the catwalk.
Overall Assessment: An iconic cream for good reason, and now that I have experienced this miraculous moisturizer firsthand I will never be without it! This is well worth having as a household staple! An unmitigated A+!

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Astral Cream is widely available in the UK. Now available in the US from Amazon(Affiliate Link).


  1. I'm in for this one too! Took shorter than expected for delivery. Works wonderfully. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. You are so welcome! I'm so glad that you made this wonderful discovery! It reminds me a bit like the old school version of Nivea Cream, but this isn't greasy! I absolutely love Astral Cream, and am so happy to have learned about it! I will repurchase this again and again! I consider this a real treasure!

  2. A friend is going to London in a few weeks and I have advised her to get some while there as she has dry, sensitive skin. I also think this would be appropriate for men due to the minimal scent. It reminds me of Ponds, actually, though haven't had a jar to 'smell' in decades so my memory could be off.

    1. Good call! She should be able to find it quite easily there! I agree that it is good for men as well! Ponds, YES-- I remember that from childhood!


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