Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mia Tony Ties for the Perfect Ponytail | Review

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I have had long hair for most of my life, and while I wear it down a great deal of the time I do often end up putting it back in a ponytail. Since this happens with some regularity I have been known to keep a hair tie on my wrist, and now with the advent of Mia Tony Ties my wrist and hair sport a much more interesting hair tie. I only wish that I had invented Tony Ties myself!
According to Tony Ties,

Unlike traditional hair elastics, these no-tug hair ties are great for a quick ponytail, comfortable enough to wear all day and will not leave a crease in your hair. Whether you go girly with lace, sophisticated with houndstooth or trendy with skulls and studs, the Tony Ties will instantly update your pony. They even double as bracelets, so you always have a hair tie when needed.

Overall Assessment: As the company suggests,  Tony Ties are "sleek, functional, and great for a quick ponytail." I really prefer these to the standard hair ties that I have been using, and will no doubt be collecting more colors! 

Mia Beauty Tony Ties are available for between $6.00- $7.00 from Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and ULTA stores and online via (Affiliate Link)

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  1. Did you know there are at least two other companies that make these? I love them for my hair and they really do not leave a line. FYI

    1. Hi cpl100,

      I did not know that!! Thank you for letting me know! I absolutely love these things, and so much more than any of my other hair ties! I will keep an eye out!! :-)


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