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evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum Rose | Review

Press Sample (Unaffiliated Links)

evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum – Rose is such a delightful luxury face oil that I declared it among my four favorite oils in the month of August featured here. The reasons for this bold pronouncement are many, but among them are a few notable features: it is a remarkably light and fast absorbing oil that is extremely nourishing, hydrating, and deeply moisturizing. Add to this the delectable refined rose scent and sensual tactile effects, and one is left to luxuriate in this potent amber beauty.

According to evanhealy,

Our Rose Serum harmonizes and regenerates dry, devitalized, prematurely aging skin. It contains essential oils of rose geranium, rosewood, sandalwood, carrot seed. Sweet, rosy-leaf geranium and earthy, vitalizing carrot seed combine to balance and regenerate diverse skin conditions. The silky oil of the rose hip seed is high in natural pro-vitamin A, and is rich in EFA’s. It has been used for centuries by the Indians of the Chilean Andes to treat burned and damaged skin. Combine together with our Facial Tonic Hydrosols to bring vitality, suppleness to dehydrated, sensitive and mature skin.

Our remarkable, certified organic rosehip seed oil comes from the Chilean Andes. Known as rosa rubiginosa or rosa mosqueta, this silky oil of the rose hip seed has been used for centuries to treat sun-damaged, scarred or burned skin.
My experience: As I stated in my Favorite Oils in August post, "Seldom is it that a product makes such an impression on me that it gets heralded as one of my favorites prior to having been thoroughly reviewed, and yet evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum Rose is no ordinary face oil. From the moment that I first tried this during my evanhealy facial with Joan Shure at the Pharmaca Friends & Family Event it was clear to me that this remarkably effective beauty oil was indeed quite special." This stunning amber elixir is nothing short of a miraculous achievement in my assessment because it is tremendously lightweight and fast absorbing, but it is likewise among the most nourishing and hydrating oils that I have ever tried. Not only does it It plumps fine lines and fade hyperpigmentation, but it also evens skin tone and balances the skin. Furthermore skin is left with an unmistakable ethereal glow that one comes to expect from the highest quality luxury face oils, but in this case at a fraction of the price, and it does so without sacrificing a thing. It is an utter delight to use, and the heavenly rose scent is just divine.

The gorgeous blend of precious essential oils are, "added to enhance the action of the rose hip seed oil. Their tiny molecular size and lipophilic (oil-loving) tendency make them ideal for curative skin treatments." There is no question that this combination of oils is both profoundly nourishing and  has highly effective healing agents, and one becomes aware of this very quickly given how receptive the skin is to this amazingly potent face oil. Used alone this oil is truly amazing, but used in conjunction with evanhealy Hydrosols the effects are even more glorious! 

evanhealy suggests that their Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum is, "beneficial for all types of skin. It is especially effective when combined with our Facial Tonic Hydrosols, bringing vitality, suppleness to dehydrated, sensitive and mature skin." Once you try this lovely oil with a Hydrosol you will delight in the the combination, and you will love the way in which the hydrosol pushes the oil deeper into the skin with such ease. I will be reviewing one of the evanhealy Hydrosols soon-- so stay tuned!

Ingredients: Rose hip seed friut oil (Rosa canina seed);* Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil),* rose geranium oil (Pelargonium Graveolens), carrot seed fruit oil (Daucus carota), sandalwood wood oil (Santalum Spicatum), Lavender flower oil (Lavendula Angustifolia), Rose (Otto) flower oil, and vitamin E (tocopherol).* CERTIFIED ORGANIC

No GMOs, petroleum-based products, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. Cruelty free.

Rosehip seed oil is, "rich in the naturally occurring vitamins A and C. It has considerable amounts of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA) containing 80% gamma linolenic acid and linoleic acid. As a result it significantly regenerates and strengthens cell membranes aiding in the prevention of early signs of aging. With daily use, Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum works to fade hyper-pigmentation (brown spots), minimize and soften the appearance of scars, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It also soothes dry, sunburned and sun-damaged skin. This Serum helps to balance excessively oily skin, minimize the appearance of large pores, and purify impure skin prone to pimples. Used on a consistent basis, your skin will look smoother, fresher and more supple."

Overall Assessment: A stunning amber elixir that is luxurious, effective and utterly delectable! If you love roses and antioxidant rich anti-aging luxury face oils, then this one is not to be missed!

$25.95 for .50 oz. from evanhealy and Pharmaca (Unaffiliated Links).
Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.
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  1. Your blog certainly is THE resource for all face oils :). I love the fact that you cover all price ranges and always have ingredient lists. What's your one most used oil that takes you through all seasons?

    1. Thank you for your very kind words-- it means more to me than you could ever imagine! You just made my whole day! I think that it is very important to cover all price ranges because the benefits to using high quality oils are so numerous, and one does not have to spend a fortune to enjoy luxury face oils! That's a very tough question! I have a short list of my my most reached for oils, but since I live in Los Angeles I am not generally subject to the same types of temperature swings as people who live in places with distinct seasons. We tend to have pretty temperate weather year round-- so I tend to select my oils based upon the particular needs of my skin at any given moment. While I have combination skin I do use oils that are targeted for all sorts of skin types. For instance, Aesop's Damascan Rose Facial Treatment is intended for dry and mature skin-- neither of which describes my skin, but after trying a few samples I saw how beneficial this glorious oil was for my skin and I promptly bought a bottle. It is so nourishing and hydrating, and it makes my skin look and feel amazing, and it never causes me to break out.

      Certainly one of my most reached for beauty oils is the amazing Neroli Infused Marula Oil from African Botanics- it is so lightweight and nourishing, and yet it is moisturizing enough that I can often forego a moisturizer. I also still reach for Rodin's Olio Lusso all of the time because it is such an amazingly nourishing oil that leaves my skin so happy! While I have used both of these oils for quite a long time-- there are many others in my current rotation that make my heart skip a beat when I use them. It's also important to note that I have a ridiculously large collection of beauty oils, and continually buy more since I love oils so much. I do this in part because I am obsessed with oils, but also t provide all of you as much useful information as possible from the ingredients, to the company claims, to my experiences and assessments. Are you looking for a beauty oil with particular attributes? If so what type of skin do you have, and what are your skin concerns? I would love to try and help you find what you are looking for! Thank you again for your lovely comment! :-)

    2. Such a sweet response, Helen! Thank you. I also live in Los Angeles :). The reason i asked for an all-around champion was more based on small bits of "weather" we experience-the occasional Santa Ana winds, the current heating spill and such. I will keep your recommendations in mind. I am mostly looking for something brightening (acne scars from time to time), and soothing.

      I have been using Kiehl's and Tatcha's oils, and love them for their soothing effect. I have also used Tamanu, Rose Hip and Sea Buckthorn oils quite a bit, and they are very hydrating.

      If you have found any favorites with brightening effect on acne marks, let me know, please :).

      Thanks a ton again for such a lovely and detailed response and your time :).

    3. You are very kind, musical! Absolutely my pleasure! Well, knowing that you live here as well makes it much easier to answer-- since we do have our small bits of "weather." Furthermore, your desire to find brightening effects makes it even easier to narrow down the selection. For brightening and moisture I absolutely love The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Firming Serum (reviewed below)-- this was love at first application for me because the results were so shockingly immediate. This really helps even skin tone and over time really helped fade sun damage. My skin is left unbelievable soft, supple and radiant. It really lifts skin, nourishes it and leaves it with a beautiful fresh and dewy radiance (no grease-- it's fast absorbing).

      I would also suggest The Organic Pharmacy Rose Plus Brightening Complex-- while this is not an oil it is a potent antioxidant rich brightening serum that helps fade hyperpigmentation and acne scars-- it evens tone and gives skin a stunning luminescence (discussed here, but my full review is forthcoming):

      Another great oil for fading any acne scars is Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil:

      This is a super lightweight and fast acting beauty oil that gives skin and unbelievable luminous and dewy glow, but without any residue left behind. This is a great anti-aging oil, but unlike most of the other beauty oils on the market-- this one actually contains retinol, and therefore works to fade scars, hyperpigmentation etc. Unlike other retinoid based products-- this oil is very gentle and caused no redness or peeling in my skin. I do tend to use it at night only, and I am always diligent about using a good SPF.

      I have also experienced amazing brightening effects from själ saphir concentrate:

      This is a really glorious oil, but it's definitely a splurge at $175.00! It contains a plant retinol complex, a bio marine complex, and a whole host of healing and protective botanicals. This is another one of those wonder oils, and its quality becomes quite evident once you put it on your face. It hydrates, lifts, brightens and makes skin feel unbelievably soft and supple. It's very nourishing and hydrating, and I find that I can use it all year round, and when the Santa Ana wWinds kick up it makes my skin feel tremendously protected and nourished.

      All of the products that I have mentioned can be tried out at Barneys in Beverly Hills, and if you decide to go take a look ask for Ana Osorio in Apothecary and tell her that I told you to go see her-- she's a good friend of mind and she will help you out. Hopefully she will have samples of each of these things for you to try!

    4. I also think that you would tremendously benefit from African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil-- it has a tremendous brightening effect on the skin, and protects skin against the elements. It reduces redness and is great for treating eczema, sun damaged skin, stretch marks and scars. This is also one of the more affordable high end oils with more than double the amount of product than most oils (2.14 oz. for $85.00). My skin drinks this lovely oil up, and is left with a gorgeous ethereal glow. I am currently testing their Pure Marula Oil, and it is likewise quite impressive! If you live near a Space NK you can get a sample of both of these (I know that they stock the line in Century City and Sherman Oaks, but probably have it in Santa Monica as well-- but I would check first.

      This will give you a few oils to contemplate, but I can help you further narrow down the selection to fit your needs even better!

      Have a wonderful day! Hopefully it won't be quite as warm as it has been! Did you have a power outage as well? DWP has been camped out in my neighborhood fixing the blown transformers from all of the A/C over use! We broke LA! :-)

    5. Thank you, thank you! <3

      Yesterday was the first of respite! Yes, the A/C has been running non-stop and dinner has often meant chilled fruit ;). Hopefully the weekend will be mild, so I will make a trip to the beach.

      Also, meow, because your kittehz are so precious! =^.^=

    6. Absolutely my pleasure, musical! I agree that yesterday was far more tolerable! However, I just received my DWP bill and nearly fainted because it was SOOOOOO high, and I don't live in The Valley!

      I trip to the beach sounds lovely provided it's not sweltering!

      Than you-- my kittens are definitely precious babies! Have a lovely weekend! <3

  2. This sounds wonderful! I need to try it since my face is feeling a bit congested. I am currently using the Algenist repairing oil and though I like it for its nourishing properties, it broke me out badly. I think Evanhealy must be the next one to try? I was wondering if you have tried any of the new foundations that are popping out everywhere. I tried the YSL Ink fusion something something and had very mix feelings about it. I am on the hunt for a new foundation and I feel badly tempted by the new Cle de Peau ones. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. As much as I love my Chanel and Armani ones I think I need a change in formulation. Maybe it is the humidity here, the Algenist oil, stress, I don't know really, but my foundations are not looking good on me :(
    many hugs to you gorgeous H! and to your beautiful furries.

    1. Hi wefadetogray! I saw your email and will respond soon-- so sorry for the delay-- I am in the middle of grading, and grades are due tonight.

      evanhealy has lovely oils, and if your skin is congested you might want to take a look at all of the oil-based serums that the company makes to see if one speaks to you more than the others!

      I have only tried this one and the Argan Intensive Facial Serum with Frankincense, and both are glorious! I love the Algenist Oil, but if it broke you out badly then you should probably return it, unless you can use it on your neck and décolleté without incident. If you are allergic to an ingredient or ingredients-- then it's not worth keeping. If, on the other hand, your breakout has more to do with your across country move, and the stress of your postdoc and teaching-- then it might be that your breakouts are more related to the stress of all of these recent changes in your life. This is probably the time to use tried and true things that never bother your skin to see if you can identify the reasons. Plus while you are writing and researching so intensively do you end up putting your hands on your face? If so, do your breakouts correspond to wear you might touch your face. I only ask because I do this unconsciously when I am writing, researching, and grading! Of course, as you note-- the humidity there might be the cause all by itself!

      I have neither tried the new YSL, nor the new Cle de Peau foundations. The only new foundation that I have been testing is the new Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15, and I am really liking it so far. I received a few samples to test out to see if I like it enough to buy it, and so far so good. It has a semi matte feel at first, but the finish ends up being quite natural with medium to full coverage. This one might be worth trying. I'm also ridiculously happy with the other two Tom Ford foundations, and love the light finish of the Traceless Foundation, and the Foundation Stick is comfortable wearing and leaves me with a flawless finish (and medium buildable coverage:. Many hugs to you as well! xoxoxox

    2. Don't worry about my email my darling. I know too well you may be going insane right now closing the quarter. I had not considered that TF's Traceless foundation. Yet another foundation to add to my list. The Cle de Peau is calling my name badly. So tempted!! I have no way to go and get matched so if I make the 100+ dollars jump I better be sure!
      My skin is going crazy. I always touch my skin a lot but my forehead is full of tiny red bumps and until yesterday I ad a monstrous thing on my cheek!
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Kisses to your babies,

    3. Hi sweetie! THanks for understanding! Almost done grading- WOOHOO! As you know all too well -- there are so many details to attend to when closing out the quarter! I'm looking forward to being able to take a deep breath after the last grade is submitted!

      I definitely wouldn't spend that kind of money on a foundation without being able to try it in person. Online swatches on someone's arm can't give you an indication how shades will look on your skin-- not to mention the fact that individual body chemistry can oxidize colors. Then you have formulas that are prone to oxidizing-- so it's an awful lot of money to spend when essentially buying blind!

      My guess is stress is definitely contributing to what's going on with your skin, and that crazy humidity can really wreak havoc on the skin. I wonder if this is a good time for you to use a tried and true mask to draw out some of the congestion? Of course if the tiny red bumps on your forehead is a rash then a mask might further irritate your skin. I suspect that your skin will adjust and acclimate, but I would try not to introduce new products until your skin becomes less reactive-- at least that's what I would do! You have a lovely weekend as well! xoxoxox

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Anaviglam! Thank you for taking time to stop by and leave a comment! This is a beautiful and luxurious face oil, and it is well worth trying! I am in love with everything that I have tried from the line! :-)

  4. This sounds like a fabulous product at a fair price. I am envious you can use it. I am allergic to roses so doubt I could.

    1. evanhealy products are not only incredibly high quality and luxurious, but they are priced so well! She has lots of different types of oils, and there are numerous beautiful oils without roses. Take a look at her website:

      Take a look in the Serums tab at the top! I fell in love with her Argan Oil infused with Frankincense and Jasmine after Joan used it on me during my recent facial, and I was so wowed by it that I promptly ran out and bought it! It is definitely a line worth investigating! The products are so healthy, and they my the skin and the spirit feel so good! You will be very pleased to know that I am just about ready to photograph my main sample drawer! That post would be coming along sooner than I expected! Thank you for giving me the proper motivation to deal with that mess! :-)

  5. O_O <-- my face when reading this. You got me totally convinced! Now all I have to do is find out if I can get this product here...

    1. Oh, Melissa-- you will love love love this oil! I hope that it's not too hard to find!!!!! BTW, your Sisley Black Rose review finally pushed me over the edge and I ordered a bottle!!!!!!! <3

  6. Such an informative post! I have known about rosehip seed oil for scars from a tv shopping network years ago (which at first I thought was all bogus) but then many people vouch for its efficacy. I have not tried this method yet but it is worth it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lorie, Thank you! I'm so glad that you found it helpful. Rose Hip Seed Oil is definitely a very impressive healing oil. It does wonders for the skin, and I can really see the difference in my skin when I use this evanhealy beauty oil! Have a lovely weekend! :-)

  7. Hello Lola! I just want to share my experience about using the Rosehip Facial serum. I have been using it for the last two weeks and I have a wonderful experience with it. A friend of mine introduced me to the product and I love it dearly. It keeps my face soft and hydrated without making it look greasy. It is a product that would be always a staple for my beauty regimen :)

    1. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with this lovely oil! I'm just thrilled that you are having such a wonderful experience with it! I am too! I agree with your thoughtful assessment completely! It will also remain a staple in my beauty routine as well! It's amazing how soft and supple it leaves my skin, and I agree there is no greasy residue! It's just amazing! If you haven't ventured further into the evanhealy line-- I recommend it highly! I love every product that I have tried!


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