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Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Solo Eyeshadows | SWATCHES GALORE

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Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Solo Eyeshadows are among the finest quality eyeshadows on the market-- they are ultra-finely milled, are silky smooth and apply like a dream, and boast unbelievable pigmentation. Whether you want opaque coverage, or a sheer wash of color-- these beauties are outstanding. Of the 20 shades available, Sephora in Malibu stocks the 12 shades that I swatched. 

According to Armani,

Bold eyeshadows in vibrant colors, inspired by the forces of nature. Eyes To Kill Solo shades come in perfect mattes, elegant satins, and bold pops to suit any wardrobe and complete any makeup look.

Perfect Mattes (Shades 1- 6)
Elegant Satins (Shades 7-16)
Bold Pops (Shades 17-23) 
Row One from the display (Left to Right): 1, 5, 9, 11, 14 & 17

Number 1 (Perfect Matte): A dark sooty black
Number 2 (Perfect Matte): A deep plum-kissed chestnut brown 
Number 9 (Elegant Satin): A stunning shimmering taupe
Number 11 (Elegant Satin): A gorgeous warm grey
Number 14 (Elegant Satin): A complex infinitely wearable mauve pink 
Number 17 (Bold Pops): An electric bright green  on the edge of chartreuse
 Row Two from the display (Left to Right): 2, 6, 10, 12, 15 & 18

Number 2 (Perfect Matte): A stunning slightly muted royal blue
Number 6 (Perfect Matte): A gorgeous take on army green
Number 10 (Elegant Satin): A beautiful champagne nude with shimmer
Number 12 (Elegant Satin): A perfect cool-toned white
Number 15 (Elegant Satin): The ultimate mauve kissed plum
Number 18 (Bold Pops): An unbelievably gorgeous peacock blue
Overall assessment: The quality of these eyeshadows is exemplary. If you love high quality ultra-finely milled and beautifully pigmented eyeshadows-- then these are definitely worthy of your consideration. Even the matte shades glide across the skin effortlessly.  All of the shades are gorgeous, but if you are looking for an an everyday shade-- then Number 9 is a must-- taupe has never been more beautiful!

$32.00 each. Available from Giorgio Armani, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale'sSelfridges & select Sephora locations (not online) (Affiliate Links).

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  1. I have #9 and it is GREAT! I don't see myself going for another shade now, but I do love the one I have with all my heart! ;)

    1. Hi Sunny! #9 is definitely my top pick. I haven't purchased it yet, but plan to! It's definitely the one that speaks to me the most. I think that they are all gorgeous, but I know that is the one that I will get by far the most wear out of! #9 is perfect for you! :-)

  2. It's wonderful to hear the quality is as high as the price. It's funny, but looking at 9 ("taupe"), and 11 ("warm grey"), side by side, 9 looks rather brown, and 11 looks like a very pretty taupe to me. I also like 15 and 18. I'd love to try them out in person. ~Pam

    1. Hi Pam! The quality is quite lovely! I definitely recommend going and playing with them in person when you get a chance. I think that your perception about #11 is pretty darn accurate. It kind of morphs from a regular grey to a taupey grey. It's quite lovely. I agree with you about 15 and 18-- they are just extraordinary! 18 is just breathtaking! :-)

  3. Yes I need #9. I can't say that previous Armani eyeshadows have bowled me over but when I see a taupe like #9 I just don't care!

    1. Yup, that the one! That's the only one that I plan on getting. The other colors are gorgeous, but I won't likely wear them often enough to justify the expense. #9, on the other hand, is the perfect taupe to dress up or down. It's the only one that Sunny has, and she loves it. There is no comparison between the quality of these and their older singles or quads. These are much creamier, more finely milled, and have much better pigmentation. Plus they are so much easier (and less messy) to use than the pretty little pots of their loose ETK shadows. I even like #9 better than Khaki Pulse-- which I know is one of your favorites. Interesting to see the differences swatches side by side. I did it at the counter and really should have taken a picture! I think that you will really like #9 and use it often. I'm still holding out on purchasing any new eyeshadows until I see the TF Fall Color Collection-- since I fear that I will end up with the e/s palette, the blush/highlighter, and a lipstick. :-)

  4. Great swatches, really helpful. I think our eyes all zoomed in on #9 :) I'm trying to decide if i want to get any of the Fall collection so will have to pick up at least one of these as well xx

    1. Hi Clare!!!!!!! I'm so glad that the swatches are useful to you! I agree, #9 is definitely THE ONE! At least these are part of the permanent line so there is no rush to get any of them. So far the only Fall palette that I am considering is the Tom Ford, but I definitely want ti see it first to make sure that it really is something that I really want and will wear (though I suspect that it is :) I'm trying to more selective in all of my makeup purchases these days-- and I need to be reasonably sure that I will really reach for the things that I buy! Which Fall collections are calling to you? Enjoy the rest of your weekend! <3

    2. I want the TF palette as well, actually I am really liking the look of Chantecaille fall as well and Suqqu, though am sure Suqqu will sell out as soon as it hits online. Fall collections are always my favourite so its a costly time :) xx

    3. Hi Clare! Have you seen the swatches of the TF palette yet? I think that it might be too frosty for me-- the colors are gorgeous, but I fear that the shimmer is over-the-top for me personally. I will be awaiting your review if you get it, and that should help make me decide. I agree that the Chantecaille fall looks beautiful, and the Suqqu is just amazing! I agree, the fall collections make this a very expensive time of year! Have a lovely weekend! <3

    4. From the swatches I am thinking it will be a bit too frosty as well but I know I'll regret it if I don't get it like last year's fall palette :) There is also a Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Fallen Angel Palette coming out that looks lovely, and I'm liking the look of the Nude blush palette from Burberry fall as well, the list gets longer ;)

    5. I think that I will have to swatch it in person to decide- I don't want to spend that much if I won't wear it-- no matter how gorgeous it is! I am dying to see the Charlotte Tilbury palette! THe Burberry Palette is gorgeous! So many temptations! I can't wait to read your reviews on all of these pretty things! :-)

  5. Omg ! The 1, 5, 9 look gorgeous. Need to try them !
    Cant resist to a good brown !

    1. Hi Michelle! :-) I completely agree with you-- a good brown is always hard to resist. Your selection is perfection! Number 9 is the one that really stole my heart-- it's soooo gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by! <3


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