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PurseN VIP Collection: Weekender Duffle Bag, Travel Tote & Ooh La La Lingerie Travel Bags = Travel Fit for a Queen

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Second only to delayed flights, nothing makes travel more stressful than being poorly organized. Haphazardly packed bags, bringing more than you need, or forgetting to pack important items makes what should be a fun and exciting time one that is instead laden with second guessing, panicky episodes  of digging to find something vitally important, and having things flying out of your suitcase while trying to find your passport. There is nothing that gives me an adrenalin hit faster than trying to find something essential and having little luck in so doing. PurseN has thought through every aspect of travel, and has created an unbelievably organized line of elegant products that make packing fun and finding things easy. 

The PurseN VIP Weekender Duffle Bag coupled with the VIP Travel Tote is about all one could ever need for efficient, pleasurable and stress-free traveling (though PurseN can do many things-- it can't prevent delayed flights).
VIP Weekender Duffle Bag is a spacious and practical, yet outrageously stylish, travel bag that will really go the distance for all of your travel needs. It boasts plenty of storage pockets on the exterior and the interior to make it very easy to find just what you are looking for when you need it. The synthetic material is not only cruelty-free, but really easy to clean if you happen to spill your coffee on it. Like all PurseN products, the VIP Weekender Duffle Bag makes travel unbelievably organized and effortless. There is so much space, in fact, that you really might not need to take any other pieces of luggage.

Outside Features:
  • Quilted Exterior for Style and Content Protection
  • Front Pocket Flap Closure
  • Locking Button Pull Rod with Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Sturdy Round Handles
  • 2 Large end Pouch Style Pockets with Zipper Closure
  • Zipper Flap for Easy Access
  • 1 Matching Luggage Tag
  • Size: 12.5"W x 22"L x 13"H
 Locking Button Pull Rod for convenient travel.
The stylish leopard interior is even found in the Pull Rod compartment.
Sturdy wheels for reliable and convenient travel.
Inside Features:
  • 1 Large Mesh Zipper Pocket on Inside of Top Flap
  • 2 Long Style Mesh Pockets on Both Sides of Bag
  • 2 End Mesh Pockets on Inside Ends
  • Elastic Cross Straps with Clasp
  • Style Hook for Securing Apparel
  • Props Bottom for Balance and Support
The space is ample, and expandable. It is, by the way, completely Zeus approved and endorsed. 
Interior pockets offer ample space to stow away smaller items that can be easily found.
 There are two interior zipper pockets and two without zippers.
 The bottom secures larger items with elastic cross straps with a clasp.
The two Organizing Packing Bags are removable double-sided zipper compartments that are included with the VIP Weekender Duffle Bag for even greater efficacy and convenience! 
Various views:
Styles Available:
VIP Travel Tote (reviewed here)

The VIP Travel Tote is such a brilliant travel companion, and I haven't taken a trip without it since I have had it. I can fit so much in this tote bag, that I often don't need to take any additional luggage. The synthetic fabric expands, but never loses its shape.
Close-up of front pocket with logo.
Outside Features:
  • 1 Front Flap Pocket
  • Top Zipper Closure
  • Back Pull Rod Pocket for Easy Carry on Luggage
Inside Features:
  • 4 Large Pleated Pockets
  • 2 End Pockets
  • 1 Long Zipper Pocket
  • Bottom Panel for Structure
  • 1 Quilted Thermal Lined Bottle Holder
  • Size: 6"W x 24"L x 13"H
The VIP Travel Tote is so well organized that nothing is left to chance. There is ample room with so many individual storage spaces that it is incredibly easy to find just what you are looking for effortlessly.
 The leopard print interior is a stylish detail that makes the VIP Travel Tote pleasurable to use.
I placed the Amour Travel Case (reviewed here) inside the tote in order to give you an idea of just how large the interior is.
Styles Available:
Ooh La La Lingerie Travel Bag folded

Ooh La La Lingerie Travel Bags are the perfect way to carry all of your intimate apparel without having to shove it in interior pockets, or commingled with the clothing that you pack. The inventive design is not only inherently clever, but it also conveniently echoes the shape of the items that it contains-- making it a flawless form-fitting design.

According to PurseN,

The perfect personal accessory for organizing intimate apparel. Constructed with 2 see through mesh pockets that are easily hidden when closed for packing or carrying. Compact enough to fit into any luggage or drawer, equipped with hanging hook when in use and Ooh! La! La! sexy.

How It Works:
  • 2 see-through mesh pockets
  • Closure snap
  • Carrying handle
  • Hanging hook
  • Size: 14.5"W x 23"L
Styles Available:
Overall assessment: PurseN makes the most extraordinary multi-compartment duffle bags and totes that keep you organized when you travel. Their products have categorically transformed my travel experiences from a disorganized and stressful to hyper-organized and stress-free. They are a joy to use and so aesthetically pleasing and stylish that you can't help but love them.

VIP Weekender Duffle Bag ($218.00), VIP Travel Tote ($114.00) and Ooh La La Lingerie Travel Bags ($32.00) available from PurseN (Unaffiliated Links).

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  1. Beautiful pieces but I want the cat!! (and the rolling duffel)

    1. The duffle is awesome I agree, but Zeus does always manage to steal the show! :-)


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