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Napoleon Perdis Cotton Butter Lip Balm Trio (Limited Edition): Review & Swatches

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While at Nordstrom the other day I did something quite unlike me-- I made a true impulse purchase in the cosmetics department! This may seem like nothing, but it just isn't something that I do very often. As I was walking through the aisles I saw this Napoleon Perdis Cotton Butter Lip Balm Trio Limited Edition Set and was intrigued, but it was swatching these babies on my arm and feeling their silky soft texture and amazing moisturizing properties that sold me.
The Napoleon Perdis Cotton Butter Lip Balm Trio "is filled with three ultra-nourishing balms that give your pout the perfect amount of enhancing, neutral color. Each balm is formulated with a blend of cotton-seed oil and vitamin E to nourish and condition for optimal health. The versatile lip balms can be used alone or instantly dressed up by pairing with a lipstick, lip gloss or lip liner." Furthermore, these hydrating balms can be used on the cheeks as well as on the lips for the perfect flush of natural color.
These ultra-nourishing balms combine sheer, lip-enhancing color with conditioning color courtesy of Cotton Seed Oil and Vitamin E in a convenient twist pen. No sharpening required! 

The Cotton Butter Lip Balms are extremely comfortable on the lips and provide a superb amount of moisture. Each shade imparts a lovely flush of color, and while they lean sheer multiple passes definitely intensifies the pigmentation. My lips are left so soft and supple after use that I find myself repeatedly reaching for these beautiful glossy tinted balms. There is a pleasant slight scent that might be described as a fruity floral, but it fades quickly upon application. The wear-time is longer than a standard lip balm, but less than most standard lip glosses. I get a few hours of wear before needing to reapply when worn alone. However, used in conjunction with a lip liner the longevity is markedly improved. The formula also works well as a base for lipsticks and lip glosses, and is beautiful on top of lipstick.
• Cotton Butter softens and moisturizes lips.
• Hectorite (natural mineral sponge) gives silken texture.
• Vitamin E Acetate fights free radicals.
• Polymer Film Former provides a pretty gloss effect while adhering to the lips.
• Jumbo twist-pen component. (No sharpening!)
• 3 different neutral shades.
• Made in France.
Left to Right: Sigrid, Doreen and Kris

Sigrid is a warm chestnut
Doreen is a sheer antique peach nude
Kris is a soft rose pink
Bottom to Top: Sigrid, Doreen, Kris, Doreen and Tom Ford Nude Vanilla (for comparison)
I swatched Tom Ford Nude Vanilla in order to illustrate that Doreen is not a peachy pink, but instead a true antique peach.
I just wish that these Cotton Butter Lip Balms were part of the permanent line because I'm quite obsessed with them, and suspect that I will use all three of them up this summer.
They capture the light and reveal their beautiful sheen.
Overall assessment: I love these, and am so happy to have succumb to my impulse purchase. I am even considering buying a back-up, and I no longer purchase back-ups as a general rule, because I know that I will be using these up! They are currently sold out online at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (though I do keep checking), but they are surprisingly still available at the Napoleon Perdis website. If you are interested and want to see them first-- I would suggest calling Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus because I suspect that there are some left in the physical store locations. The links below provide the product SKUs if you call stores to try and track these down. These are awesome, and definitely worth your consideration!

$45.00 for set of three (each 0.08 oz.) Available from Napoleon Perdis, Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom (Affiliate Links).

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  1. Kris is very pretty. Not too crazy about the other two.

    1. Kris is gorgeous, and definitely my favorite. That said I find the other two are actually lovely and understated on the lips. The formula is fantastic and so moisturizing! :-)

  2. Kris looks like it could my kind of color :-)

    1. I know just what you mean-- it's definitely my kind of color! I have been wearing Doreen a lot though as well! All three colors look beautiful and subtle on the lips! I love this set!


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