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Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Liner in Obsidian: An Elated Review and Swatches

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From the moment that I learned about the launch of their new1.5MM Mechanical Gel Liner, Hourglass had me in a frenzied state of eager anticipation. Why? Because I have always had a penchant for eyeliner pencils, and this one sounded almost too good to be true. However, what visionary Hourglass founder, Carisa Janes, envisions routinely becomes highly coveted beauty essentials that all of the beauty mavens scramble to find.
Among all of the Fall Launches that are beginning to drop, the one product that has really captured my imagination is the Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner in large part because it has been touted as, "an exceptionally thin, remarkably soft, and waterproof gel liner." However, as a winged-liner kind of girl this product promises to fulfill my every need and desire in an eyeliner.

According to Hourglass,

The advanced gel formula is encapsulated in a mechanical pencil, offering precision accuracy and ease of application. It's perfect for lining between the lashes, and it doesn’t budge. Unlike traditional gel liners, there's no pot, no brush, and no clean-up required.

Two clicks is all you need to line the eyes and each pencil lasts for approximately 17 to 20 uses. It's important to dispense product as needed – the mechanical pencil does not retract. Remove with a waterproof makeup remover. 

The thinnest, softest, waterproof gel liner. Encapsulated in a 1.5mm mechanical pencil, this liner offers precision accuracy and ease of application. no pot, no brush, no clean-up required. Just two clicks and one stroke creates dramatic definition that resists transfer for extended wear. 
My experience: From the first moment that I began testing the Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Liner I was thoroughly impressed. The ultra-fine tip truly delivers razor sharp precision and absolutely effortless application. I was able to create an über thin and crisp wing with nearly no effort, and lining between my lashes has never been easier. The slender dimensions of both the liners itself and its housing facilitates effortlessly getting into even the tightest spaces with great ease. Furthermore, the formula has a creamy consistency that prevents any pulling, tugging or skipping as you lay down the ultra pigmented deep black liner. The formula is very comfortable to wear, and it actually is moisturizing as Hourglass suggests! Despite the fact that the formula is creamy, once it sets it is truly budge proof-- no exaggeration.

Hourglass suggests that this unique formula has the, "malleability, intensity and staying power of a traditional gel," but without the pot, brush or the necessary clean-up afterward. Given my experience with the 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Liner, coupled with my considerable experience with pot gel liners, I would argue that the longevity of this gel liner exceeds all of the pot gel liners in my collection. Not only does this liner adhere to the skin with great tenacity, but it is truly transfer-proof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, and does not flake, peel or fade. I tried to remove the arm swatch with soap and it did not budge, and it was only a dual-phase makeup remover that removed it-- so it certainly lives up to the claims made. When I tested it on my eyes I applied it at 7:30 in the morning on what promised to be a very hot Los Angeles day. I then ran errands, worked out, logged in a full day of work, and then settled into a low key evening. I checked my eyes throughout the day, and each time my eyeliner looked just as it had after application. I finally removed it at midnight, and I was shocked that it looked exactly as it had when I applied it. Therefore, I can attest to the claims that this liner delivers transfer-proof and long-lasting extended wear. This will surely become a Red Carpet favorite!

This is the ultimate precision liner that provides maximum control. It creates the most beautiful crisply defined lines, and rivals the precision of liquid liners, but in a fuss-proof formula. Do bear in mind that these mechanical pencils do not retract, so remember that two clicks is all that you will likely need.

Finally, I tend to favor black liners for my upper lids, and Obsidian is a gorgeous deep and rich black that is utter perfection.
 Product Claims:
• The precision 1.5mm tip ensures effortless control, and allows for lining in between lashes.
• The unique formula, poured into a slim mechanical component, has the malleability, intensity and staying power of a traditional gel. No pot, no brush, no clean-up required.
• The waterproof, transfer-proof and long-lasting formula delivers extended wear.
• The supple, moisturizing formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly.
• Two clicks is all you need to line the eye. Each advanced mechanical pencil lasts for approximately 17 to 20 uses.
• Only dispense product as needed – mechanical pencil does not retract.
• Free of phthalates, sulfates, talc and gluten. No animal testing.
• Ophthalmologist tested.
The precision 1.5mm tip ensures effortless control, and allows for lining in between lashes.
 Obsidian is a gorgeous deep and rich black that is utter perfection.
Ingredients: Methyl Trimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Polyethylene, Ceresin, Microcrystalline Wax/Cera Microcristallina, Triethylhexanoin, Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate/Hexastearate/Hexarosinate, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Propylparaben, Tocopherol, Iron Oxides (CI 77499).
The liner is already available from Hourglass and Sephora, but will be available in all of the other stores on August 15. It will be available in a package of 3 and sold as a single liner only at Sephora and on
Overall assessment: Thank you, Hourglass-- this is a truly amazing gel liner, and I am absolutely thrilled by it! The only Hourglass news that currently excites me more than this liner is the recent announcement in Forbes Magazine that Hourglass will be opening their first brick and mortar store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice!

Suggested Retail Price: USD $45 (Package Of 3) | $16 (Single)*

Available from: *Hourglass, *Sephora, Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman,, Space.NK US & Space NK UK. *Single available at select retailers (Affiliate Links).

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  1. Oh Gosh, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!! I can't get over the gorgeous promo image! I'm hoping I'll be able to duplicate that look!

    1. Hi Sunny! There are lots of beauty products that we can live without, BUT THIS ISN'T ONE OF THEM! You seriously need this. I'm blown away by the quality, ease of use, unbelievable precision, and comfortable wear. It is the most incredible budge-proof, transfer-proof, fade-proof, flake-proof beauty! B L O W N A W A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. ...and if anyone can duplicate and rock that look--it's you! <3

  2. This has been on the edge of my seat with excitement. I currently use NARS Larger Than Life as I've found it to be the best (so far) for me for my water line. Before that I had tested the Mark Jacobs Gel Pencil liner and it just didn't hold up. Don't get me started on the UD 24/7 liners which are great for certain purposes, just not the waterline. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Kimmy! You and me both! I love it far more than I even imagined I would! This is definitely worth trying, that's for sure! I would love to know what you think of it, if you try it! I'm so glad that you found the review helpful! :-)

  3. this sounds fabulous -- everything i was hoping for the marc jacobs pencil gel liner -- but infinitely better because of it's size and no need to sharpen. i tend to lean towards navy, brown and plum over black liner, so i do hope to see some color variety. overall, this just sounds awesome.

    1. Hi Cheryl! It is beyond fabulous! For me, it's like a dream come true eye liner! I only ever swatched one or two of the MJ liners, but never bought any of them. I know that you prefer other colors to black- hopefully they add some more later. This is spectacular though, and if you find yourself needing a black liner with tremendous precision-- then this is the one to try!

  4. well, i do tend to keep one on hand for tightlining. so ... i will probably have to pick one up. i'm truly tired of the gel liner and brush method. it was great when it came out, but progress rules in my world.

    1. This is perfect for tight lining-- it gets in between the lashes effortlessly! I still love little pots of gel, but I have a feeling that I won't be paying that much attention to mine because of this little beauty. It's just so easy and convenient to use! This is definitely a sign of progress, and I have a feeling that these are going to be wildly popular, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if everyone tries to imitate Hourglass! :-)

  5. *flail* *flail* *flail* O_o

    As a lover of both eyeliners and mechanical pencils, the news of this had me on the edge of my seat anyway, but I'm so glad it's even better than I hoped!! Hopefully it will come to the Hourglass alcove in Mecca Cosmetica here so I can try it out in person!!

    Here are some more exclamation marks, because I do'n't think I've used enough!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!111!11!!!!!!1!!!!! :-D

    1. This is definitely worthy of flailing!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you love eyeliners and mechanical pencils you will utterly lose your mind over this AMAZING new eyeliner! I'm nothing short of obsessed with it! It makes me so happy that I can barely contain myself! I really hope that it makes it to Mecca Cosmetica sooner rather than later! YOU. NEED. THIS! <3

  6. Right now, my go-to eyeliner is from Marc Jacobs. After reading your review, I'm going to try this and see for myself! Cat eye is always a struggle for me, haha!

    1. Hi Kath! I still don't have a single Marc Jacobs eyeliner-- so I can't compare them, but you really should try the Hourglass eyeliner at some point. It does so much more than a cat eye I often just do a very simple understated upper and lower lid line with it. I'm a smitten kitten about this new liner! :-)


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