Thursday, June 19, 2014

Press Release Illamasqua Launches New Skin Base Mixers: Add Brightness, Warmth & Depth! Bloomingdale's Exclusive

Press Release (Affiliate Link)

Illamasqua is tackling head on the common concern of color correction by creating Skin Base Mixers, a tool that can create an entirely new shade or adapt yours to perfection. Skin has multiple tones and Skin Base Mixers are the ultimate fix to increase brightness or to add warmth and depth to the skin. They also cleverly adapt to conceal and correct blemishes and colorations that are sometimes concerns for mid to deeper skin tones. Skin Base Mixers are also a handy essential to adapt your foundation shade throughout the season.

With four to choose from, they work in unison with Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation and each shade has its own specific purpose so let our Color Creatives help you find yours:
  • Skin Base Mixer in White: To lift your skin tone and add instant brightness, a few drops of White mixed into your usual Skin Base Foundation or used alone underneath is your point of call.
  • Skin Base Mixer in Amber: To reduce redness and balance an uneven olive skin tone, mix some Amber with your Skin Base Foundation.
  • Skin Base Mixer in Terracotta: To add warmth, Terracotta will blur any unwanted dark pigmentation – aim to apply around the eyes, mouth and hairline.
  • Skin Base Mixer in Chestnut: Chestnut is your go to mixer if you want to add further depth or alternatively create a chiseled under-contoured finish.
Blend your usual Skin Base Foundation shade over the top of the Skin Base Mixer using an Illamasqua Highlighting Brush for a flawless, undetectable finish.

Illamasqua Color Creatives are trained to match you with your ideal Skin Base Mixer. For a limited time only, one Skin Base Mixer is complimentary with every Skin Base Foundation ($42) purchase.

Skin Base Mixers – available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s counters only (Affiliate Link).

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