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Empties Post Volume XXII: June 2014 Edition

When I compare the empties that I generated in June to the previous four months-- it really doesn't look like I finished up much of anything. There are a few obvious reasons that come to mind for this disparity: 1) I was testing out some new skincare products, and therefore was using new full size products instead of well-used favorites; 2) I didn't make an effort to use up lots of samples; and 3) I was so busy with work in June that I didn't give much thought to singling out nearly used up products to finish them up.

That said, I did manage to finish up a few things, and here's what I thought about what I did use:

Perfective Ceuticals Divine Brightening Mask (reviewed here): This is a lovely brightening and hydrating mask loaded with Hyaluronic Acid/Sodium Hylaluronate. After using this mask my skin feels plumped and hydrated, and it looks dewy and radiant!

Radical Skincare Restorative Moisture: I think that I need to buy the full size of this beautiful cream. While I have many of their products, and as you well know Radical Skincare is one of my very favorite lines, I somehow do not yet own this cream. This is an antioxidant rich anti-aging cream that is so potent yet surprisingly light. It absorbs quickly, and my skin looks and feels utterly amazing when I use it. Definitely at the top of my next face cream purchase list!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula (discussed here): I love this two-part maintenance system-- it is perfect for keeping skin in great shape, and is an excellent product to use between professional peels and facials.

Caress Emerald Rush Lush Gardenia & White Tea Essence Body Wash (reviewed here): This deliciously scented body wash not only makes my skin feel soft and smell amazing, but it also makes my bathroom smell delightful!

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Coconut Lime (discussed here): The scent is a delicious blend of Coconut and Lime that will make you think of sipping tropical drinks on a beach. A cute cabana boy serving it wouldn't hurt either! So I digress. It is also very moisturizing and hydrating!

Kiss My Face Cucumber Green Tea Natural Active Life Deodorant: I have always opted for more natural deodorants because those that include ingredients like Aluminum Chlorohydrate have always freaked me out a bit. This is definitely one of my favorite deodorants, and have gone through many of them at this point. I should also note that my underarms are quite sensitive, and this one has never bothered me in the least. Furthermore, it has a very pleasant and mild scent, and is Paraben Free!

Red Flower Moisturizing Body Lotion in Blood Orange: This was in one of my Barneys New York Love Yourself Gift Bags, and I have to say that the scent is delectable. It provides the perfect mount of hydration, and the scent isn't overpowering. The Shower Gel is also a real winner!

Assorted Perfume Samples: The only one that makes my eyes roll back in my head is the Kai Perfume Oil (reviewed here). It remains one of my favorite fragrances, and is so perfect for the warm weather. I have full size bottles, but felt like I struck gold when I found the 5 vials in my bowl filled with perfume samples. I promptly popped them in my purse and used them up. This is an absolute repurchase until the end of time!

Two unmarked samples of a mystery cream that I used on my hands. Nothing to report-- especially since I have no idea what they were!

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion: Nice understated scent disappears rather quickly and leaves behind adequate moisture. Not a big enough sample to have much more to say since I only used it for a short period of time.

Organix Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner (discussed here): Seems really nice, and smells delicious-- but I have long curly hair and these packets only got me though one full use with a touch left to spare.

What did you use up, toss out, give away, or return in June? Any great discoveries or huge duds to report?
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  1. Tocca's perfumes smell so great.

    I used up a lot this month: -Rocky Mountain Soap Company Caramel Twist soap
    -Disney Imagination lotion
    -Rocky Mountain Soap Company MelloYello melon soap
    -Victoria's Secret Iced Peach and Violet body lotion from the Fresh Sorbets collection
    -Lush Noriko soap
    -Suny Island Blu Island Coconut shampoo
    -Suny Island Blu Island Chic soap sample
    -Gibson Girl MInerals Glamour Girl Gold eyeshadow
    -B. Kamins Sun Defense SPF48 sunscreen
    -a few perfume samples (Providence Perfume Divine Noir, Possets Agoraphilia, Providence Perfume Ginger Lily)

    1. You impress me every single month, Iris! It always amazes me that you are able to get through some makeup every month! I agree that Tocca perfumes smell so great. I always play at the display each time I go to Sephora, but always seem to end up with samples that don't work well with my body chemistry! B. Kamins makes such lovely products! How did you like their Sun Defense SPF 48 Sunscreen?

    2. Your collection for finished items is very impressive as well. I liked the B. Kamins sunscreen very much. A little went a long way and it was not greasy,

    3. Thanks, Iris. I will have to try that sunscreen then-- I have been very impressed by the B. Kamins products, and it's great to hear that you liked the sunscreen, and that a little went a long way. Greasy sunscreens are definitely a deal breaker for the face-- so it's good to know that this one isn't! Have a lovely week! :-)

  2. I tried out the Radical Skincare age-defying exfoliating pads that came as a deluxe GWP in a Sephora order a few months ago and really, really enjoyed them. Haven't been able to pull the trigger on the $75.00 price tag (plus duty) though. But I don't hear many people talk about Radical Skincare so I was glad to see its a brand that you use. Thanks for the review. :-)

    1. Hi Kimmy,

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the age-defying exfoliating pads. I am madly in love with the whole line, and they definitely make some of my all time favorite products. $75.00 isn't cheap especially including duty, but what about during the Sephora Friends and Family sale?! :-)

    2. she adds them to her Sephora "Loves" list. Just so I don't forget when the sale comes around. :-) Thanks Lola.


    3. Ah, that Kimmy is such a smart one! That's a very good plan-- then you can pick them up at a great price! :-) I have reviewed numerous other Radical Skincare products that you might want to take a look at if you are curious about some of their other products! I can't sing their praises loudly enough! I am just madly in love with their products! xoxo


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