Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Resolutions & the Highly Anticipated for 2014

Zeus anticipating 2014

I hope that your 2014 is off to a fantastic start! I do not tend to make lots of resolutions as the new year comes along-- instead I try to reinforce good habits and dissuade overindulgence in anything that has a tangible or unhealthy downside. That said, I rather doubt that I will stop indulging in luxury beauty oils or exciting new lip products in the new year.

Here are a few things that I plan to continue doing in 2014 (and a few things in which I will likely indulge):

1) Using what I have. I will continue to keep myself accountable by revealing my monthly empties posts, and I will continue using my makeup in Project Make-A-Dent. I abhor waste-- particularly when I am the one being wasteful. There is something so satisfying about tossing empty containers in the recycle bin knowing that I actually used the contents rather than pouring my money down the drain.

2) Continue to repurpose products that didn't quite work for me. If, for example, I have a face cream that is far too rich for my combination skin-- then I use it on my face and décolleté. I have used rich eye creams on my cuticles, shampoo misses as body washes, and conditioner misses as shaving creams. I have also learned that many facial cleansers that are too stripping for my face are perfect as shave creams and body washes. If I have a friend who will benefit from a product that I can't use-- then I will give it to her/him. However, often times a miss for me will likely be a miss for them as well. The most extreme case that I had was a horrible shampoo that was far too stripping to use even as a body wash-- so stripping in fact, that I used it to clean my shower and bathtub (and it did an amazing job).

3) Drink less coffee and more water. Pretty self explanatory! When I am spending long hours in front of the computer working I find myself drinking coffee later in the day than I should. I have been replacing those afternoon cups of coffee with big glasses of water instead.

4) Be even more thoughtful about my beauty purchases. I have so much skincare and makeup that something has to be really spectacular to warrant the purchase. Just because it is from a highly anticipated limited edition collection does not mean that I have to buy all, or any of it. I have gotten pretty good about this over the years. I have thought about this issue a great deal and wrote about it in greater depth here.

5) While I stand by what I said in #4 that does not mean that I am impervious to new collections. With all of the buzz surrounding the upcoming Spring 2014 collections, the one that I am eagerly anticipating is the Tom Ford Color Collection for Spring 2014. The 8 Tom Ford Sheer Lip Colors in nudes, pinks, reds and oranges look stunning (preview here). The nudes and the pinks have captured my imagination! I will swatch the collection and then decide if any are must-haves for me.

6) Continue reorganizing my makeup and skincare products. I need to get things organized in a manner that allows me to see everything at a glance (so that I don't forget what I have) and to be able to reach things without creating an avalanche of products.

7) Deep condition hair more often. Because of our busy schedules it becomes all too easy not to give hair a special deep conditioning. I'm not talking about the hair mask in the shower that you leave on while you shave-- I'm talking about the kind that you leave in your hair for an hour or two as you lounge about the house with your hair wrapped in a plastic shower cap and a big towel. During the colder months this will go a long way to keeping your hair in good shape-- especially if your hair tends to be dry or damaged.

8) Try more skincare products from Radical Skincare, African Botanics and Goldfaden MD! These lines utterly blew my mind in 2013. I will have many more reviews from these lines in 2014.

9) Continue to use my many skincare samples in an effort to find a real gem among the masses of tiny bottles, tubes and packets. Samples are such a great way to discover what works and what doesn't. It is a great way to save money on the many misses out there, but I am determined to find an amazing gem that is so great that it warrants being purchased. Clearly the trick is that you have to have enough of the product to see whether it will actually work for you. One small sample packet doesn't provide enough product to give you any real idea of how it will work for your skin.

10) Try a few new organic skincare/bodycare lines. With all of the chemicals and GMOs that we ingest-- it makes a great deal of sense to have more organic products in my beauty arsenal. I am careful to eat organic foods whenever possible-- so adding more organic products into my beauty routine seems very sensible.
Do you have a list? If so, what's on it?

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  1. I am not big on resolutions, either. It is a good idea to reinforce the good habits. I do need to start exercising. Just hate doing it alone. I need to find a work-out buddy.
    You have some really good ideas in your list. Good luck to you this year!

    1. Hi Lizzie! Thanks for stopping by! I agree-- stringent rules or resolutions are just begging to be broken, and it often seems like punishment. I prefer to use a lighter-handed approach without so many rules. I know what you mean exercising alone can be more difficult to keep up in terms of motivation. A workout buddy is a great way to approach it, I think.

      I'm glad that you found some useful ideas in my list! Wishing you a very happy and wonderful 2014! :-)

  2. Zeus is a cutie pie! I definitely need to partake in my own project make-a-dent!

    1. Thanks, Miranda! Zeus is definitely a character-- he's an endless source of amusement in ours household! I find that having project make-a-dent going is a great way to remind me to use things that I don't use often enough-- and at least to rotate them into use with the things that I am currently obsessed with. Keep me posted!

  3. I also need some organization. Sometimes I think "if I had a proper vanity I'd spend more time on make-up and use more products", but the thing is that it's just an excuse. The key is to organize what you have the best you can and get new habits.

    1. Organization is so hard-- especially when your stash continues to grow!! I know what you mean-- I often contemplate buying some piece of furniture to house everything, but then think that I should be able to be creative enough to make use of the space that I already have-- particularly since so much of it is just poorly organized. That's such an insightful way of looking at it!! I completely agree that the key is to organize what you have, and get new habits. I also think that it is useful to identify whether you have things that you will never use and then give them away, sell them, trade them or something. These things just become clutter that take up space-- this kind of dead weight serves no purpose. Keep me posted!!!!

  4. Oh that easy on make-up purchase and get organized both apply to me too. I just got a cupboard and trying to get the mess on my desk in order. I hope to have a fresh start like that and find the things I need easier. It is a lot of effort though.
    That TF Spring Collection looks drool worthy.
    Happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that I haven't been leaving comments on your wonderful blog lately-- I have been unbelievably busy with work and don't seem to have enough hours in each day to attend to all of the details of my life!

      I'm right there with you! Over-purchasing and under-organizing really makes for one sprawling mess. I find that it becomes so overwhelming and stressful because you get to the point where you begin to lose track of what you have, and where certain things are! I agree-- it really does take considerable effort to accomplish, but on the other side of that divide is some much-needed peace of mind!

      Believe it or not, the TF Spring Color Collection is the only thing currently beckoning me! Let's hope that doesn't change-- that way I can get through the Spring Collections relatively unscathed financially!!!!!!! What is calling to you from the upcoming collections? <3

  5. Well, I just ordered four (4!!!) lipsticks today, so I think that any claim that I have to trying to buy less is clearly out the window, but I do want to force myself to use more of what I already have, rather than just always running for the new. Is that a resolution? We'll see how well it goes.

    Always happy to see Zeus, who needs no makeup whatsoever to look beautiful.

    1. Happy New Year, Kate!!! I hope that you had a lovely holiday season! What 4 lipsticks did you order? I am already drooling for you! I would definitely say that trying to use some of what you already have is a wonderful goal, and indeed a resolution! I resolve to use more of what I already have-- because it starts to get frightening to think of how much I have spent on the many things that have been getting little use! That said, it is so difficult to do this when shiny new things are beckoning me to use them and to forsake all others!!!!!

      Zeus is definitely a pretty boy-- and his swagger would seem to suggest that he has a certain oddly human self-awareness. It's hard not to anthropomorphize a cat who has so many seemingly human attributes! I hope that your kitties are all doing well! :D

  6. I found myself nodding along in agreement as I was reading through your list. I have to admit I don't recall whether I've commented on your Project Make-A-Dent or subsequent update posts but they have spurred me on to find a few products and begin making a concerted effort in using them up. I've started with lip sticks and eye pencils as those are daily use items and will show progress the quickest. I know that seeing almost immediate results will help propel me along. Next up is reorganizing my samples to group like with like and begin making a dent in them as well.
    All worthwhile resolutions with a bit of grace built in! A very good way to start out 2014!
    Happy New Year Helen!

    1. Happy New Year, lov2read68!

      I'm so glad that my list rang true for you as well! I'm just thrilled that Project Make-A-Dent has served to motivate you to make a dent in some of your makeup!! With as much as we spend on the products that we buy-- it's nice not to feel as though they were wasteful purchases! I agree with you completely-- lipsticks and eye pencils are the most fulfilling because you really see rather immediate results, and like you that continually motivates me to use those things. I like your idea of reorganizing your samples in like groups-- that's a very logical way to do it. I organized mine by brand, and then any random things get grouped together by product type. Lots of samples can get to feel a bit cumbersome-- so I just dedicated a big drawer to mine, but since they are all in little bags it's easy to get to what I am looking for without much fuss.

      Thank you for your very kind words! xoxo

  7. hahaha so funny your addendum in no.5 to your resolution no.4 ;) I am eagerly waiting for TF's collection too!
    Happy 2014 darling Helen. How are you faring the winter? Here we are under a massive cold wave, as you may have heard already. I started a new face regimen with 2014: The whole Tatcha system, yet, I have to admit, I was happier with my Koh Gen Do :(

    1. Happy 2014, wefadetogray!!!!!!

      You know that no matter how good that I can behave in the face of so many new collections that all bets are off when it come to that TF collection. I already suspect that I will buy 4 of the lipsticks-- though I am secretly hoping that only one looks good on me!

      I cannot believe the weather that you are having-- the pictures on the news this morning made me shiver! Keep bundled up! Wow, I'm surprised that yo made the switch given how happy you seemed with KGD. We are only 8 days into the new year-- perhaps once your skin truly acclimates to the TATCHA line you will be thrilled-- if not once you finish it up just go back to KGD! xoxox

  8. HaPpY nEw YeAr, Helen!!! Zeus is adorable!

    I don't bother with resolutions as I seem to break them in a matter of hours in years past :(
    I'm with you on the TF collection, can't wait! Also after seeing my sisters Jan InStyle issue the other day I'm kinda interested in Tory Burch's line of lipsticks to be released soon. I hope my local Nordstrom will stock it so I can swatch before buying. Other than that no other collections are screaming my name thankfully! In the past year I greatly reduced my makeup stash by giving away,donating & selling items I knew I wouldn't use often or had too many dupes of the same shades. Not too long ago I purchased a small Original Beauty Box & have made a great effort to make sure I don't buy anything more that cannot be contained in that box! (or on top of it :P) I love it because I can see everything I have & it's all in one place. Though my makeup collection has shrunk, my collection of skincare products grew rapidly in the past month thanks to all the discounts & deals during the holidays D:

    Best wishes for a fabulous 2014 to you & your love ones Helen!

    Xoxox Naomi

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Naomi!!!!!! I hope that 2014 is off to a great start for you! I know what you mean-- "real" resolutions are so hard to adhere to because they seem to be based upon deprivation. I stopped making real resolutions a long time ago. They just seem to set us up for failure-- so what's the point in that?!!!

      I haven't seen the Jan issue of InStyle, but now you have me really curious about the TB lipsticks. The while line has been so highly anticipated, but given my response to the recent launch of the Marc Jacobs line- I will have to wait to see it in person and try not to get swept up in the hype. If your local Nordstrom is a high volume store-- I would bet that you have a fair chance os seeing a counter there at some point.

      I remember when you did that huge stash reduction-- that was such a smart move. It's really nice to use what you have and have what you love to use! Good for you for limiting your collection to your small Original Beauty Box. I know what you mean about a huge and growing collection of skincare products-- I got sucked into buying a lot as well with all of the sales and deals during the holidays. On the other hand, I do a great job of using up my skincare products and comparatively a poor job of using my makeup!

      Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and prosperous 2014! xoxox, Helen

  9. One of mine is also to purchase less beauty products I don't need. I walked away from a few products from VS Pink as I remembered I already had lots of body lotion.

    I'm also trying to use a face masque every week and a lip scrub at least once a week. :)

    1. That's a really good one, Iris! I should really do that one as well! Good for you for walking away from the VS Pink because you already had plenty of body lotion. I worry that things will go bad before I get to using them if I buy too many face and body products.

      Using a face masque and lip scrub each week is a great idea. I always mean to do that, but often either forget or get too busy. Thanks for the reminder! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  10. Yes!!! Love your resolutions - thank you for sharing with us!!! I love seeing what goes on in the mind of Lola :-)

    I haven't declared any resolutions, but things I am concentrating on this year are similar to a few of yours! Really really going to try to be more thoughtful about purchases!! This will enable me to not panic buy as much when there are sales/gwps, to use more of the items I already own and can hopefully either hit lots of pan and/or use up items completely, and it will help keep my stash at a manageable & usable level. I want to continue to monitor and purge on a regular basis the things that aren't getting used.

    I already feel like the panic buying has subsided a LOT, and I'm feeling much more calm and calculated about purchases. Sooo...it's a start!!! LOL!

    Happy, happy new year, dearest Lola!!! Hope you have an absolutely fantastic year :-) xoxoxo

    1. I'm glad that you like my list. I guess the main theme is using more of what I have, trying not to do anything in excess, and trying not to overspend on makeup and skincare that I don't need.

      I'm 100% with you on being thoughtful about purchases. That panic about which you speak is deadly on the wallet, and I have so many GWP items that are sitting in a drawer unused. Yet, at the time of the purchase it seemed as though I really could not survive without the GWP. It has to really be exquisite and/or needed in order to justify the purchase. Hitting the pan feels so great, and for me it simply doesn't happen nearly often enough. Monitoring your stash is such a great idea-- I really need to do that as well. I find it difficult to come to terms with the amount of money wasted when something that I spent a great deal on just sits and collects dust!

      Keeping that panic at bay is the key to shopping smart. That you have managed this so well is much more than a good start-- it is a great accomplishment!

      Wishing you a wonderful new year as well, my beloved Gummy! xoxoxox :-)


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