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African Botanics Marula Botanical Body Cream Review

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From the very moment that I tried my first African Botanics product, I was utterly smitten. When I bonded with Owner/Co-Founder, Julia Noik, it was the final step in my resolve that this was among my very very favorite companies of all time (not to mention the fact that I absolutely adore her)! African Botanics products are not just among the very highest quality on the market, but I am fairly certain that they are sprinkled with magical fairly dust in addition to love. Furthermore, the products are so effective and healing that you will be utterly astounded by them. In a day and age when many companies overstate the merits of their products, African Botanics takes a much more modest approach. The result of this understatement is the discovery that each of their products consistently exceed expectations, and the results are always amazing.
African Botanics Marula Botanical Body Cream is "a 100% natural, deep moisturizing, anti-aging beauty treatment, that helps restore skin’s suppleness & softness.  Formulated with omega rich, African Marula Oil, it provides instant relief & comfort as well as intense, long-lasting nourishment to the most dehydrated & lipid-depleted areas of the body (hands, feet, elbows & knees). Restores firmness, tone, while fighting environmental sources of aging."

Marula Botanical Body Cream is a luxurious deep moisturizing, anti-aging beauty treatment that helps restore skin's suppleness and softness. Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells, CoEnzyme Q10, Resurrection Plant and Green Rooibos Tea extracts are combined with a complex blend of omega-rich Marula, Baobab and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils specially selected to reinforce the components responsible for skin protection, regeneration, firmness and elasticity while increasing collagen synthesis. Provides instant relief and comfort as well as intense, long-lasting nourishment to the most dehydrating and lipid-depleted areas of the body.

Essential Elements:

Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells: "derived from the stem cells of Alpine Rose leaves, protect the most valuable skin cells the stem cellsagainst environmental stress reducing signs of aging: wrinkles, redness and loss of radiance while improving resistance to fluctuations of heat/cold and dryness."

Marula Oil: "is Africa’s miracle oil. Hand harvested by women in village collectives from the exotic fruit seed kernels of bio-dynamic Marula trees, indigenous to South Africa. Marula Oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins C + E and Oleic Acid. Heals skin tissue, reduces redness and transepidermal water loss, improves skin’s elasticity and firmness. Ideal for dull, aging skin, sun damaged skin, post treatment, stretchmarks and scars."

Resurrection Plant and Green Rooibos Tea extracts: "are powerful antioxidants that strengthen the skin, improve the barrier function and help protect against wind, cold and dry air."

CoEnzyme Q10: "Skin-protecting antioxidant CoEnzyme Q10 rejuvenates the skin by enhancing the cell efficiency.

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil: "assists the anti-oxidation process of the skin. Helps the body eliminate toxins and restores firmness."

Baobab Oil and Shea Butter: "are high in essential fatty acids which restore hydration levels and increase the skin's moisture retaining ability providing instant and long lasting benefits to soothe and calm dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin."

Neroli, Ruby Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean: "create a fresh and reviving sensation. Enlivens, brightens and protects skin from environmental aggressions."

Unique Properties:
Nourishes, softens, repairs, regenerates and provides antioxidant defense. Your body is veiled in invisible moisture, which becomes obvious in both the appearance & texture of the skin. Firms & smooths skin tone.
100% Vegan
African Botanics Marula Botanical Body Cream provides nourishment and comfort to the skin while simultaneously regenerating dry and dehydrated skin. It effortlessly restores suppleness and elasticity to stressed skin, and works overtime in its ability to intensely boost the  skin’s ability to repair itself. Not only does this magical product accelerate recovery time for traumatized skin, but the anti-oxidant rich formula also neutralizes free radicals that are known to cause damage to the skin as well as cause the signs of aging.

-Protect skin from harmful environmental agents & provides powerful anti-oxidant protection.
-Firms & improves skin tone with natural botanical extracts.
-The sun-gorged aroma of the Grapefruit Rose creates a fresh & reviving sensation.
-Formulated with the finest, purest ingredients in the world.

Directions: "Generously massage all over your body in circular motions for complete skin nourishment. Ideal to use on damp skin after bath or shower to lock in the skin’s natural moisture. Indulge the senses & awaken your skin’s youthful vitality."

African Botanics Marula Botanical Body Cream is definitely a miracle Holy Grail product when it comes to reviving traumatized dehydrated skin. It has a delectable scent courtesy of the beautiful blend of oils-- making the skin smell delicious. The extend to which it hydrates the skin is rather astounding, and it does this task so effectively that it re-texturizes dehydrated and traumatized skin. Prior to use, I noted areas of winter-worn dry and crepey skin-- which normally does not happen to me, but the shift in weather has wreaked havoc on my skin. Where my other moisturizers have failed, African Botanics Marula Botanical Body Cream has excelled in an unprecedented manner. My skin looks supple, soft, silky smooth, and is lusciously hydrated. The cream is thick and rich-- yet it effortlessly sinks into the skin. The results are nothing short of miraculous! If you apply it to warm freshly cleaned skin it sinks in even faster, and requires less product.
Overall assessment: I'm a believer! A+ product from an A+ company. You definitely need African Botanics products in your life! This is an amazing body cream!

$85.00 for 6.76 fl. oz. Available from African Botanics, SpaceNK, Bloomingdale'sDermstore, B-Glowing, SpaLook, & Skin Store, (Affiliate Links). Stock image provided courtesy of African Botanics.

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  1. I'd sooo love to grab this one! I can't act now because I have so many body lotions/butters, but one of these days I'll get something from this brand! It sounds magical!

    1. Hi Sunny! You should definitely put this on your list for the next time that you need a fantastic body cream! This line is just unbelievable-- it's really that great!!!!!! Pure magic, indeed!

  2. This sounds amazing. I am a body oil lover but, lately, I have been so lazy that I even abandoned my body scrubs, which were my oily predilection. I need to try this. It looks exactly like what my decrepit skin needs right now; specially if it comes certified by Lola as holy grail ;)
    Happy Thursday darling Helen!

    1. Hi wefadetogray! It truly is amazing-- I am so smitten with the whole line. I can hardly believe that such magical products exist! I know what you mean-- I periodically get lazy and can't be bothered,, but lately between the African Botanics and Radical Skincare products that I have been using-- I am so elated by the quality-- that I use them even when I am completely exhausted!!!!!!! Next time you walk into a SPaceNK-- you need to slather their products on and see for yourself-- so decadent and delightful! Happy Thursday to you as well! xoxox

  3. Hi Helen :D
    I couldn't agree with you more in your review about this divine body cream! Ever since your review about the face oil from African Botanics I knew I had to try it. Once I received it I fell in love with it & sought to try some other products from this brand, plus it didn't hurt at the time had a 20% off discount so I went ahead & purchased the firming body oil, intense skin repair body balm, along with this body cream. I love everything so far- next up I am tempted to try their eye serum. If it wasn't for your lovely review on the marula oil for the face I would have never known about this wonderful brand! Thank you so much Helen! Happy Holidays!
    xoxox Naomi

    1. Hi Naomi!!! I am so delighted to hear that you feel the same way!! I am so thrilled to have played a part in introducing you to this magnificent line!!!!!! Thanks for the heads-up about the sale at!! That's amazing! I am dying to try the Intense Skin Repair Body Balm. I played with it and most of the other products and simply cannot say enough good things about their products! Their eye serum is on my list as well!! I want to try everything they make!!!!!! Happy Holidays to you as well! xoxox, Helen


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