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Barneys Bag Event: October 15-19, 2013!! STEP-UP GIFTS & More Details! **UPDATE**

Barneys Love Yourself Bag Event is Pre-selling NOW!
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Barneys New York Online has their Own SPECTACULAR Step Up Gifts!! Click here to see what they are doing for the Love Yourself Event!

I know that you have been waiting for details about the upcoming Barneys Bag Event, and here are some for you!! I will be updating this regularly, and am waiting to hear more about line specific Step-Up Gifts.

-The Bag Event will run from Tuesday, October 15 through Saturday, October 19.

-Barneys is already pre-selling- this is the best way to reserve the gift bag for you.

-The minimum purchase to get the gift bag is $250.00 (this is based upon total pre-tax purchases in the cosmetics & fragrance department- not limited to a single counter or line). If you spend $250.00 before tax from the store shipping is free (US only. Shipping fees apply to international addresses).

-You can order online to get the bag, but it will not include step-up gifts. I recommend ordering through a store directly if the lines you are interested in are participating in step-up gifts. Additionally, this way you can be assured that a gift bag has been reserved for you.


-Step-up gifts are line specific gifts beyond the gift bag. For instance, if you spend a certain amount of money with a particular line they will give you an additional gift from their line. They often give full-sized products- making it all the more tempting. You will still get the Gift Bag even if you spend enough in a particular line to qualify for their step up gift.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (if you have more questions- just ask!):

Q: Is the $250.00 minimum for the gift bag before or after tax?
A: It is always a pre-tax minimum.

Q: Is there ever variation in the gift bag contents?
A: Yes, your friend in Chicago might end up with slightly different items than someone in NYC or LA, for instance. Vendors often supply goods even during the week of the event.

Q: Do step-up gift minimum purchase prices ever vary from store to store?
A: It appears that it does happen. That is why I stated that the information that I have provided here is from the Beverly Hills location.

Q: Is it really that important that I pre-purchase what I want?
A: It really is. Things sell out quickly during this event, and they quite often run out of the really hot step-up gifts (sometimes before the sale even officially begins).

Q: Will there be any free international shipping for this event?
A: I was told that free shipping is US only if you spend $250.00 pretax. You may want to verify that if you shop at a location other than Beverly Hills.

Q: If you could give me one piece of advice about the Bag Event, what would it be?
A: Set a realistic budget that you can live with and afford, and stick to it! The Bag Event happens twice a year- you can do it again! Make a list of what you want and do your best to stick to it- otherwise it can become a very very expensive event, trust me.

Q: Is there an advantage to ordering from a store over the phone rather than online (since I don't have a store near me)?
A: There can be. Here's why: a) First of all, if they sell out of what you want online it may take some time for you to receive notification since they sell so much during these events. This can sometimes mean that you find out after the Bag Event ends, and thus you miss out on the event altogether,  b) Sales associates often add in other samples, and often include their business cards so that you can establish a relationship with them (and then they call you to alert you of specials, pull step-up gifts for you etc.). Trust me, this makes all of the difference in the world, and c) You can be eligible for free shipping with in-store over the phone purchases (provided that you make the $250.00 shipping minimum to a US address).

These Step-Up Gifts are those currently available at the Beverly Hills location at (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613.
Michelle graciously sent me a picture of her gift bag, and as you can see it is quite impressive and worthwhile! Thank you so much, Michelle! 
 This is the bag at Barneys!
 This is what I brought home.
 The contents!
Now for the Gift Bag itself!! The bag actually contains far more than is shown in this stock photo. I will update and post as soon as it arrives. It's a cute Camouflage bag with a hot pink zipper. Here's a sneak preview of some of the brands you can expect to see in the gift bag: Cle de Peau, Chantecaille, Revive, NARS, Make, Givenchy, Hourglass, Sachajuan, Radical Skincare, TOCCA, Malin+Goetz, Kevyn Aucoin,YSL, KAI, and more. Sometimes there are substitutions- so the contents of your bag may vary somewhat. Everyone who I have spoken to says this is an awesome bag with a few full sized products and bursting with samples.

The bags contain a mixture of full-sized products, deluxe samples, and regular sized samples.

I have had several requests about line specific step-up gifts from my beloved readers- so here are a few of them (click on name brand to direct you to their page on the Barneys website):

3Lab- Spend $500.00 and receive a full size Cleanser. Spend $1500. and receive a full size W Eye Cream.

Aesop- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Armani Beauty- Spend $250.00 and receive a makeup bag with a deluxe size Eyes to Kill Mascara and generous skincare samples.

Beauty is Life- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

By Terry- Spend $250.00 and receive your choice of a sample of one of the two new fragrances (your choice of Ombre Mercure or Lumière d' Épices) and a mini Baume de Rose.

Chanel-  No specific Step-Up gift, but if you make Chanel purchases they will give several deluxe samples. I was told by the Sales Associate that they are including a mascara, samples of Sublimage Cream and a few other things in the gift bag as well. Also Barneys does not have Chanel Cosmetics on their website- so there is no hyperlink for you.

Chantecaille- Spend $250.00 and receive deluxe samples. Spend $500.00 and receive deluxe samples plus a Powder Brush.

Clé de Peau Beauté- Spend $350.00 and receive a full size Lip Treatment or Makeup Remover. Spend $500.00 Receive the Lip Treatment or Makeup Remover AND A full size Body Cream or Serum (While supplies last, and substitutions may occur).

Colbert MD- Spend $200.00 and receive a skincare set that includes a serum, day cream and night cream. Spend $400.00 and receive the skincare set PLUS a full size cleanser.

Davines- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Dr. Sebagh- Spend $250.00 and receive skincare samples.

Eve Lom- Spend $250.00 and receive a small Classic Cleanser.

Frédéric Malle- Spend $200.00 and receive a 1 oz. Room Spray.

Fresh- Spend $100.00 and receive a bag filled with deluxe samples.

Givenchy- Spend $200.00 and receive a deluxe sample of Noir Couture Mascara in black.

Hourglass- Spend $200.00 and receive 2 deluxe sized Primers (No. 28 and Veil).

Kai- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Kevyn Aucoin- Spend $150.00 and receive a full size eye brow liner.

Kiehl's- Spend $125.00 and receive a free 8 oz. Creme de Corps Soy Milk Honey Whipped Body Butter. Spend $200.00 and you will receive the 8 oz. Creme de Corps Soy Milk Honey Whipped Body Butter and an Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.

Koh Gen Do- Spend $100.00 and receive a travel set of their skincare products.

La Mer- Spend $350.00 receive generous deluxe skincare samples.

Make- Spend $150.00 and receive a travel size eye makeup remover.

Malin+Goetz- Spend $200.00 and receive a full size hand cream.

Mila Moursi- Spend $300.00 and receive a travel size Dual Action Serum.

NARS- Spend $$150.00 and receive a Mini Orgasm Blush and a Deluxe size Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger. Spend $200.00 and receive a full size Eyeshadow Duo in Taiga. Spend $250.00 and receive a full size Blush/Bronzer Duo in Laguna/Desire.

Natura Bissé- Spend $350.00 and receive The Cure Set (Deluxe samples in box-- a lovely gift!).

Oribe- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Radical Skincare- Spend $300.00 and receive a full size cleanser. Spend $500.00 receive a full size cleanser and deluxe moisturizer. Spend $750.00 and receive the full size neck cream. While supplies last and there maybe be more choices.

REN- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Révive- Spend $400.00 and receive a silver bag with a deluxe cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and more. Spend $650.00 (pre-sale) and receive the aforementioned gift PLUS a full size Clay Mask. Ask for Alexandra in Beverly Hills).

Rodin Olio Lusso- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Shiseido- Spend $200.00 and receive a free full size Benefiance Lip Treatment. Spend $250.00 and receive a full size Retinol Eye Mask.

själ- Spend $200.00 and receive a deluxe sample of Balans Deep Pore Cleanser and Kasmir Saphir Perfecting Mask. Spend $400.00 and receive a 1 oz. Kasmir Saphir Perfecting Mask and a travel size Cleanser.

Sunday Riley- Spend $250.00 and receive a full size Tinted Primer. Spend $350.00 and receive a full size Tinted Primer and a Blush.

Surratt- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

TATCHA- Spend $250.00 and receive a single full-size Mask.

The Organic Pharmacy- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Tracie Martyn Skincare- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Yves Saint Laurent- Spend $150.00 and either receive a bag with fragrance samples, or a bag with the new Youth Serum Foundation and other makeup samples.

I will be updating this post-- so bookmark it and check it frequently for any updates, or added specials!!

I would not suggest waiting until the last minute to pre-order, because some things really sell quickly during the event-- it's a good idea to call the counters that you are interested in to reserve your bag and all of the goodies that you want to buy.

Until then, if you are planning to partake- might I suggest that you set a realistic budget, check your stash, and make a list. I tend to stalk the Barneys website to help me make my list-- so that might work for you as well.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below, and I will try to get an answer for you. This is preferable to emailing me since I invariably am asked the same questions-- so this way everyone gets the answers.

If you want to place an order in store, feel free to call the Beverly Hills Location (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613. There are sometimes some variations in the gifts from store to store- the aforementioned step-up gifts reflect what is being done at the Beverly Hills location.

Are you planning on partaking? If so, what are you thinking of getting?
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  1. SF Barney SA showed me the bag, it is indeed very cute!

    She also showed me the inside, Kevyn Aucoin is a full size eye shadow in brown and there is this full sized dry shampoo or some kind of spray from a brand I'm not familiar with....

    Those were the 2 items that stuck out in my mind....

    1. Hi Jaly, I'm glad that you approved of the bag! Did you pre-order anything?

  2. Love my Rep. at the Flagship store in New York. She is at the Chanel counter and will make sure you get goodies! Chanel is giving deluxe samples (not the tube ones).
    Also remember sales tax it is 9% in Beverly Hills and 4.5% in NYC.
    You can reach Irene at the Chanel counter 202-833-2004

    1. If you call Irene let her know Judith sent you for "extra" special treatment!

    2. The sales tax in NYC (4.5%) is combined with the NY State sales tax of almost the same for a total tax of 8.875%. Still not sure what I want from Barneys! WOuld love to see what the bag looks like....

    3. Hi Nina, I'm still waiting for some pictures. It's a cute Green/brown/gray Camo bag with a bright pink zipper. There is a full size lipstick in there and a full size Kevyn Aucoin something. It looks really cool! Interesting about the tax code difference in NY!

    4. The same is true if you buy Chanel at the Beverly Hills location-- even though they don't have an official Step-Up gift they made it clear that they had all sorts of goodies for you if you purchased Chanel. I love the Chanel Counter at the BH store-- they are so helpful and have always been very generous!

    5. Thank you for posting he picture! I really need to use up my stash and don't know if I'm going to take the plunge - can't wait to hear what you get though!

    6. My pleasure, Nina! I'm still waiting for something a little better than the stock picture. There is much more stuff in the bag than in this picture. There is a full size Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow, a couple of full size lipsticks and piles of samples. I am only buying some things from The Organic Pharmacy-- since I am continually trying more of their amazing products. I will keep you posted! If you do take the plunge- let me know what you end up getting. :-)

  3. Hi Lola! Thank you for putting the info out there for us:) Do you have anyone at the NARS counter in BH that I can drop your name for a referral?

    1. Hi Jennifer! You are very welcome! I don't currently know anyone at NARS-- but you can certainly tell them that I sent you. I cover the bag event twice a year-- so I know a lot of people at that store. WHat are you planning on getting?

  4. cynthia is my rep and the manager at the kiehls counter in nyc. she has always been wonderful to me and even goes as far as to get info and gather products from other counters/brands. her number is 212 - 833- 2560, if anyone wants to call and have her set aside or send you anything.

    1. Sorry I did not include my name if anyone wants to mention. It's Michelle. I have been sending people her way for years, so she will know. She is also very generous with samples of things you want to really try before purchasing or to keep in your gym/travel bag.

  5. Ana at the BH Barneys is the best SA EVER! She's amazing and she can get you anything you need from any counter. She is with Kiehl's but is one of the best informed SA about skincare! Her number is (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613 She the best SA I have ever had!

    1. Ana is amazing indeed! I absolutely adore her- half of the reason I go to Barneys is to see her!

    2. i just pre-ordered and the guy told me i was going to see ana! so excited!!! thank you for the wonderful info!!!! i'll have to tell her i heard wonderful things about her from your blog!!

    3. Yay for you! I hope that he was able to get you everything that you wanted before things start selling out as they do during bag event! I'm glad that you found all of this information helpful! Ana is a sweetheart. All of the SA and Reps at the Beverly Hills store are so amazing and so well informed! I just love that store!

  6. Hi Lola, could you please let me know what SA to talk to regarding the Le Labo step-up gift? A 30ml fragrance from them is almost a $100 value so that would be amazing!! I spoke with Jesse at the Le Labo BH counter last night and he wasn't aware of a step-up. He did say they will give a few free samples (which is nice because they are usually $6-12 per vile at the store).

    1. Hi Me llamo es Bo-Bo- I don't have a SA contact for Le Labo. The person that told me me wasn't with that line. I think that that they were mistaken about the size, and that they meant that you would receive your choice of samples. I spoke with someone who I didn't know, and they were very busy so I suspect that they simply said the wrong size. My bet is that the $250.00 amount-which coincidentally is the minimum purchase to receive the Gift Bag- was confused with an actual Le Labo Step-Up Gift. Jesse clearly knows what his line is doing. Sorry for the confusion! :-)

  7. Hi Lola! Could you please let me know which SA you spoke with regarding the Le Labo step-up gift? A 30ml fragrance is almost a $100 value which would be amazing!! and unfortunately when I spoke with Jesse at the Le Labo counter at the BH location he said they were only giving free sample viles
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Carrie, I was told by a Rep or SA with another line who I didn't know. I actually think that they gave me the wrong information. I think that they meant samples when they said 30ml, and I think that they confused the $250.00 minimum purchase for the gift bag with a Le Labo Step-Up. Sorry for the confusion! :-)

    2. Thanks Lola! I was keeping my fingers crossed but I knew it was probably too good to be true Haha. I apologize for the double post, I thought the first one didn't go through - Oops. Do you use anything from Le Labo. I am thinking of getting their room spray since the candles are so amazing but was hoping someone else had tried them and something good to say :-)

    3. My pleasure, Carrie! I only wish that had been true!! I think that the person that I spoke to may have been new, and was just confused. That would have been one AMAZING gift! I don't own anything from Le Labo, but have sniffed their beautiful fragrances before. It's only a matter of time before I cave! The room spray and candles are lovely! I don't have enough experience with their home products, but I don't imagine that you could go wrong since it is Le Labo!! You should ask Jesse his take on which products might suit your taste! :-)

    4. Just spoke with Jesse and he was extremely helpful & very very knowledgeable!! I just discovered my love for Le Labo a week ago at their boutique in Venice and I can't say enough of their company - I am truly spoiled now when it comes to scents. I loved their scents so much that I literally dumped all of my scented soaps/lotions because the smell of their fragrances are so wonderful that I don't want any other scents interfering! The fragrances are pricey but I would tell anyone it's a good investment, they are truly unique and QUALITY perfumes.

    5. Hi Carrie! I am so glad that you spoke with Jesse! Wow!! I'm thrilled to hear how happy you are with Le Labo! I'm definitely going to have to go smell more of their scents when I go to Barneys to pick up my purchases at some point this week! They are pricey, but I think when it comes to pampering yourself it's worth splurging on things that you truly love when finances permit! What did you end up ordering? I am in eager anticipation of Vanilla 44-- I know that it is about to disappear soon though-- so I had better hurry and smell it!

    6. I ordered the Santal 26 Home Spray because I'm obsessed with the candle and since I have two dogs a little more fragrance would be a good thing in my home. The Gaiac 10 (Tokyo) perfume and then a Figue 15 candle. If you try their scents try the Lys 41 it is my new signature scent. Honestly I'd be happy if that was the only scent I could ever wear. Today is the last day for the City Fragrances so if you can't make it to the BH store today maybe ask them to put a few samples aside for you or you could also order sample viles from the Le Labo website - their are $12 each but the city scents are only available here every 2 years. Let me know if you end up doing so :-) But make sure you do one or the other, the Vanille smells amazing!!

    7. Wow, Carrie-- you made some really lovely selections! I thought that I had another day for the City Fragrances. I had hoped that I would have time to go today, but I have been emailing back and forth with Barneys (in NY) getting everything that I needed to post for the Online bag event-- and before you know it the day slipped away. I might have to call to see if I can get a sample pulled for me. I definitely know what you mean about home sprays and animals-- between our cats and dogs I definitely rely on using home sprays as well-- I hadn't thought of something quite as decadent as Le Labo!! What a really great idea! I will definitely keep you posted-- you do the same-- I can't wait to hear how gleeful you are about your purchases!

  8. I have never partaked in this event before. I was thinking of buying a fragrance and some skin care, what should I try? something that would make eligible for both a step up and the actual gift bag...the perfume I wanted to buy was Sergre Lutens Chergui as I have heard rave reviews about it but I am stumped as to what skincare I should buy/try?

    1. Hi sanaenver! Serge Lutens makes gorgeous fragrances- that's for sure. What type of skincare to get depends on so many factors. For instance, what type of skin do you have Oily, acne prone, combination, dry, very dry, sensitive etc.? What types of issues or problems are you faced with (breakouts, excessive dryness, sensitivity, rosacea, eczema, allergies etc.). What types of products work well for you? Are you interested in anti-aging products, special serums etc. I personally no longer buy skincare products based upon whether the lines are offering step-up gifts, and that's largely because two of my favorite go-to skincare lines never participate in Step-Up gifts (The Organic Pharmacy & Rodin Olio Lusso). The Love Yourself Bag Event is always lots of fun, and there are so many goodies to be had. What skincare are you using right now?

    2. ...and how is it working for you? Were there any lines in particular that were calling to you?

  9. test comment that keeps disappearing...

    1. Were there more than this and the one above? Odd that they were disappearing on you!


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